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Camaros, 240-280 Zs, Transformers, Wakeboard boats, sound systems, moving parts, Jordans, Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and America. Bay Area Ca

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12 May 22:45:54
This is one of 4 Mclarens owned by Jay Leno. This one is a P1. Sickest car in the game. #mclarenp1 #mclaren #p1

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12 May 16:37:29
Can anyone guess where I am?

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06 May 01:13:34
How do you spell progress? S.P.E.E.D.T.E.C.H. C.R.E.W.! These guys were beasts and busted out crazy progress on the 67 #QuickChangeCamaro They installed a Road Assault kit from @speedtech_performance along with upgraded front and rear brakes from @baer_brakes. I can t WAIT to drive this sucker! #67camaro #1967camaro #lsfestwest #forgelinewheels #baerbrakes #bfgoodrich

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27 April 05:51:42
I m not going to get Prowl done in time for LS Fest but, he will be done in time for TF5. Need more Carbon Fiber first. #Prowl240z #240z #1973datsun240z

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17 March 20:47:41
About to powder coat all this stainless steel. Stainless is so nice and powder coating is so cheap. Is this sacrilegious? Am I dumb? Anyone else ever do this?

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11 March 04:43:52
A little man made beauty surrounded by miles and miles of natural beauty. Thanks @stearnskevin for the suggestion. #2012Camaro #zionnationalpark