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Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-19 19:47:19

19 November 19:47:19
Muscles. Music. And Mascara. Never found a shirt that describes me this perfectly! 💪🏼🎶👀 ••••••• Posting this vid about knowing your max! Here was my 3rd set of lateral raises with 25lbs hitting 20 reps on each arm. Sometimes your body may need a short rest or you’re reaching your max. And of course you want to keep pushing and going but once you start using improper form it’s not benefiting you to keep going. First two rounds I hit 20 reps on each arm and then the last round I hit 15 once I felt my form coming undone. #liftheavy #liftsmart #sundayworkout #staunchnation

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-18 15:00:08

18 November 15:00:08
Good morning fit fam! • • You guys know I’m all about positivity and trusting that God always has a plan. Well some change of events happened this morning that I could’ve easily been upset about and ruin my day BUT I chose to see past that and not stress or get upset about things I can’t control. Once something happens it’s over and done with and the only thing to do is move forward! And that’s exactly what I did. • • Got my face beat by @glamorouslooksbysophy and bronzed and golden by @glowinggoldtanning prior to that this morning and decide to come home and enjoy this gorgeous weather and lay out by my pool. • • I’ve been increasing my macros (carbs especially) since my show and have been loving the results already seeing some growth. It’s also super important when it comes to supplements to make sure you’re drinking your BCCAs during your workouts to help burn fat for fuel rather than your muscle! You can get the most delicious flavors from @staunch.nation and save some $$$ using code Andrea10 (my fav flavor is coconut strawberry 🔥) So here’s a tool pic of me flexing my hardest 😉 • • Hope you guys have an amazing Saturday and remember to always see the light in every situation because even when it doesn’t look like it, it’s there! 🌞 #stayblessed

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-17 13:04:13

17 November 13:04:13
#foodforfuel The most important meal of the day.. my carb and protein filled breakfast 🍓 Been getting a lot of dms about my breakfast and I’m loving this combo right now and thought I’d post it to answer you all at once! All you need is: • Almond or Peanut butter • Oats • Berries • Egg whites • Cinnamon Any type/brand doesn’t matter just on your preference! I add the egg whites for more volume and protein. Mix it all together and enjoy! 🥄

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-16 21:10:59

16 November 21:10:59
What’s your favorite muscle to train? I used to hate upper body because I was so weak but now I love lifting heavy and seeing those shoulders pop 😉

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-15 16:20:47

15 November 16:20:47
Omg North posted this pic of me.. but since you’re already here.. go click the link in my bio and watch my new vlog from this shoot and my cheat meal 😋 #humpday #newvideoalert #thatpromotho

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-14 18:27:34

14 November 18:27:34
FREE ICE CREAM What it looks like after downing a whole pint of artic zero.. that food baby ain’t that bad huh? That’s because of how low in everything @arcticzero is! And I’m happy to announce a November giveaway!!! All you have to do is tag 2 friends below along with what you’d pair your **free** pint of delicious arctic zero with and my top 3 fave combos will get a dm by me and a handwritten letter with your free icecream voucher mailed to you! Let’s see what ya got 👀😋 #azpintsquad #arcticzero #lactosefree #freeicecream #weallscreamforicecream

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-13 15:17:34

13 November 15:17:34
I didn t wake up like this, I don t have a crazy fast metabolism, I wasn t always lean, I didn t starve myself, I didn t work out sometimes, and this most definitely didn’t happen over night. What I did do is work endlessly for the past year and I m not even near where I want to be yet. Getting skinny may be hard, but getting strong and lean is 10x harder. You see people just see the end result, they look at someone and say wow I want to look like them and hey maybe some of those people have great genetics and are blessed with natural amazing bodies they don t have to work for but that wasn t the case for this girl. If you want something you have to work day and night for it and I knew that going into this. I love being drenched in sweat and my heart beat racing, I love putting up more weight, I love seeing my body make minor improvements every week, I love feeling good and looking good from the inside out and I love inspiring people to get up and be active and live a healthier lifestyle. Yeah you have to make sacrifices sometimes but it s all worth it to me in my opinion. Yeah i may be a little crazy because I love it so much but I still do like to go out and have a good time but I just make better choices, I don t drink anything besides water (and almond milk #life) and I aim for the healthier options on the menu. (Nothing wrong if you drink or eat junk but there’s moderation in everything and i just personally don’t like to) I train 4-6 days a week. I never cheat myself during a session. This all takes patience, commitment, determination, and discipline. But most importantly you should know it IS possible for anyone (including you) to reach their goals but it all starts with one question... how bad do you want it? #mondaymotivation Shot by: @jaco_photo

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-12 16:24:37

12 November 16:24:37
The only person you will ever be is yourself.. rather than being envious of people, chasing someone else’s reality, be happy being yourself. Love being you. Nobody else can. #sundayvibes Lashes by @lashscouts

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-11 15:17:09

11 November 15:17:09
#swipeleft Let’s talk about these post show gains 💪🏼🍑 I know most of the fullness is due to the water weight coming back after the show but it is filling up nicely! I was always one of those girls afraid to lift heavy weights or even weights in general scared of getting “bulky” but unless you’re on some of that “unicorn juice” with how low testosterone levels are in women it’s going to take you yearsssss to get huge like that and that’s only if you’re training to be! Lifting weights is so important because it’s an efficient way to burn fat while also building muscle. And the only way to grow a booty (without going under the knife) is to build a booty and you’re not going to get one just by doing cardio. I’m one of those girls that when I drop body fat my butt disappears but ever since I started lifting heavy and incorporating more glute exercises into my workouts my little booty and I are getting places 😉. So fuel your body and lift those weights because who doesn’t want a nice booty and biceps? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #bringonthegains

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-10 14:13:09

10 November 14:13:09
Happy Fri-yay!!! How do you like to train? I looooove plyos. Great way to break a sweat and knock out some great HIIT cardio while incorporating weights and of course it’s always fun doing it with your fit fam! Little clip from the 5am challenge this morning with @jojo__riley @angievaglio @madelonga @rosewarner @vcreations1 @may_leen02 @paulandreaa__ 💪🏼

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-09 21:41:05

09 November 21:41:05
Getting these booty gains back! Killed my 5am session yesterday morning in my @team.staunch gear and got through it with the beyond delicious @staunch.nation peach mango pre workout 🤪 use code Andrea10 for 10% off all their products! #staunchnation #staunchsheila

Andrea Carmona (@andreacarmonaa) Instagram photo 2017-11-08 17:01:24

08 November 17:01:24
Happy #humpday! My little booty and i just dropped a new video on YouTube of my peak week and show day! Link is in my bio🍑💋 Shot by: @unique_memories_photography