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15 January 13:14:47
The dumbest person in the room is the one who knows everything. . Remember that.

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13 January 15:16:06
Entrepreneur is the new rapper. . Its the cool hot thing right now. . Explain to me how someone who has never built a real business is qualified to SELL you advice on business? . Explain to me how a 19 year old kid is somehow qualified to be a life coach when they haven t been through any life? . There are more people pretending to live a life that isn t really their life with the intention of getting the money from your pocket into theirs than ever. . The internet is a predatory place. . Exotic cars. Jets. Stacks of cash. Mansions. There is nothing wrong with these things (stacks of cash will always be major douche baggery to me) if they are someones REAL LIFE...but in most cases it isnt. . Everyone seems to be a baller and with some sort of pitch to get you on their level. . Do your homework. . Are the people your looking for advice from credible? . Have they built real businesses in the real world? . Is the lifestyle the show their real life or is it a staged image to get them to appear credible? . There are plenty of credible people out there to learn from...and many of those people give most of their info out for free...but there are far more pretenders. . There is nothing wrong buying a program/book/attending a seminar from someone who has accomplished things in the real world...but if their only means of income is selling you a "program" on how to "get rich" and thats how they make all their money that should throw up a red flag for you. . Entrepreneur is the new rapper. Remember that.

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12 January 14:45:25
"Im doing my best" is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears. . That phrase drives me insane. . 99% of the time that phrase is used by people as a whiny, crybaby excuse to justify them appearing to "try" at something that they are doing a piss poor job at. Its mainly used by the "hiders", "get by-ers" and "good enoughers" in life. . You re not doing your best. . You know why you? . Because its impossible. . "Your best", "my best"..."anyones best" is a moving target. . Its a sliding scale of effort combined with skill. . You are (or should be) constantly learning through your experiences good or bad...and if you re paying attention those experiences create new skills & fine tune existing skills on a daily basis. . With improvements in skills...comes a new "best possible outcome" which means "your best" is a constantly growing, evolving and moving target...which very few people can hit on a consistent level. . With constantly evolving potential comes constantly evolving skill sets....and round & round we go on the self-actualization & evolution roller coaster. . What does all this mean? In short, if you are really doing "your best" todays best will never be tomorrows best and no matter how well you execute there will always be that little bitty tiny gap between you & "your best". . ...but thats the game. . Thats the chase. . Thats the hustle. . Thats the fun. . Thats the excitement. . Thats the juice! . That gap & you chasing it is where EVERYTHING THAT IS AMAZING IS CREATED OR ACHIEVED. . Wrap your melon around that for a minute. . We can always give our best effort...but we can never actually "do our best". . Remember that the next time you whine "Im doing my best"....because the truth is you re probably not even close. . 🚨NEW EPISODE ALERT 🚨Check out the newest ⚡️Thursday Thunder⚡️episode of The MFCEO Project for more on this very topic at the link in my bio☝🏼️☝🏼️☝🏼️

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12 January 13:07:40
Get in the trenches. Get dirty. Have a great time doing it. Just like my little dude @thedailyotis

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11 January 20:41:54
Fuck other peoples limits. . Fuck your limits. . Surprise everyone...even yourself. 👊🏼

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11 January 16:05:43
What if the person who inspires you were too afraid of what others might think that they lived small to avoid the criticism? . There would be no athletes. . No actors. . No authors. . No musicians. . No successful entrepreneurs. . No philosophers. . No explorers. . Really THINK about what this world would be like! . You only have so much daily energy and when you choose to spend it worrying about others negative opinions regarding your path you build a prison for yourself from which there is no escape. . Your energy needs to be spent on PRODUCTIVE & POSITIVE ACTION relevant to you specific goals. . A life lived to other peoples standards is a life never truly lived. . If you re not living the kind of life that causes at least a little bit of jealousy and envy from others you re just not trying hard enough. . In fact, Id be willing to bet that you are afraid of being who you really want to be for fear of stepping outside society s comfort zone and being criticized. . Jealousy, envy and negative unwarranted criticism are ugly emotions that unfortunately are an absolute reality of success. . They can come from strangers, "friends" and even family...and it sucks...but its a cost of doing business. . This is one of the main things that keeps people from doing big things. . Not because "they" stop you...but because YOU STOP YOU. . Im not going to pretend I myself didnt struggle with this for a long time....but then I came to realize something profound: . It is my responsibility to shine. . It is my responsibility to lead an awesome life. . It is my responsibility to show what CAN be done. . It results in a tremendous amount good and inspiration for others. . The criticism you get is a gauge of just how bad ass your life actually is. . Its not just about you...its about your story and the message you send to the world. . Its about your legacy. . So...if you have trouble getting over the hurdle of others negativity just remember its your OBLIGATION to live an awesome life to show others they can do so as well. . Someone did it for you... . Its time to repay that favor.

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09 January 19:23:28
Humans are not meant for "the easy path". . We are meant to be tested. . We are meant to be challenged. . We are meant to struggle. . We are meant to be scarred. . We are meant to lose. . Learn to love these facts...and greatness will find you. . Losers sit in the corner, play it "safe" and look for the best way not to lose. . Winners look for the best way to win and understand that losing is essential to winning regardless of how many beatings they take. . When you remove the remove the learning. . When you remove the remove the progress. . When you remove the remove the skills needed to win. . Accept & appreciate your beatings...and use them to your advantage. . Losing will teach you far more about winning than winning ever will. . Quit cowering in the corner. . Nothing good happens there.

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08 January 20:08:57
Today did not suck. . HUGE THANK YOU to @giautomotivegroup & @petrolgirl for giving me the grand tour of Malibu!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 . Probably gonna need to come back!!

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05 January 15:56:51
"I deserve" is the most whiny, cry baby phrase in the English language. . Remove it from your dialogue. . You deserve exactly what you have in life. . If your life is amazing...its a result of your actions. You deserve it! . If your life blows big donkey dick...its a result of your actions. You deserve it. . Period. . Live in reality not ll be a lot happier & successful for it. . New ⚡️🔥THURSDAY THUNDER🔥⚡️ episode of The MFCEO Project is posted at link in bio☝🏼️ and I promise you some of the delicate flowers are gonna have their feelings hurt after this one. 😂😂😂