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24 February 13:49:03
You want more opportunities? . Try becoming the kind of person people who hold the keys to those opportunities want to do business with. . One of the biggest reasons for lack of success in life is the lack of action because of the thought that a "better opportunity" than you currently have is right around the corner and is going to fall into your lap at anytime. So we wait. . Quit fucking waiting! . Its not going to happen. . Its up to you to make your own opportunities. . Knock on doors. . Bang on doors. . Kick down doors! . Life is short, you cant afford to wait around for people to notice have to do shit that FORCES them to take notice. . Think of all the opportunities lost because of the choice to take the "easy path" as opposed to the one that required more effort? . Successful people (in any area) understand that the greatest reward usually lies along the path of most resistance. Everyone choses the easy path and then cries about the lack of reward at the end of that path. . You want to be like everyone else? . Yes, finding success IS going to require you to make sacrifices and be uncomfortable. . Expect it. . If you are frustrated, mad, disgusted and sick & tired of where you are...quit trying to just "get by" with minimal effort and quit waiting for the "perfect opportunity". Thats the mentality that has gotten you to this place of uncomfortableness in the first place. . Would you rather keep being miserable or would you rather be who you REALLY want to be? . Think about it. . Still want to take the easy road? . Fine...but dont bitch, cry & whine about your lack of reward at the end or spout that entitled weak minded bullshit about how people who have DONE THE WORK and built the life they desire are somehow morally less than you. . Quit lying to yourself, quit waiting and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN! . Listen to the entire episode: "Opportunity Through Motion" of The MFCEO Project podcast at link in bioโ˜๐Ÿผ . Its well worth 5 min of your time.

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20 February 16:00:01
Im not big on being recognized, but when its by an iconic brand such as @forbes Ill admit its pretty fucking bad ass! . This feature article is not a testament to me...its a testament to the amazingly talented and hard working team @1stphorm & @s2faction that comes to work on a daily basis and kick ass! . I hope when you guys read this you realize that these types of recognition are about you FAR MORE than they are about myself or @cklein78. . Love you guys. Thank you for everything!!! Couldn t be more excited to go down this journey with you guys! We have a VERY LONG way to go. This is just the beginning. . Full article at link in bioโ˜๐Ÿผโ˜๐Ÿผโ˜๐Ÿผ

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17 February 17:02:29
Id like to introduce you to my longtime friend and kick ass entrepreneur Amber (@giautomotivegroup). One thing I know for sure is that female entrepreneurs do not get the recognition they deserve and Im going to make it part of The MFCEO Project mission to bring more attention to the ladies who are straight killing the game by profiling them on my page & podcast. . Amber @giautomotivegroup is a single mom of two who has built one of the best exotic car aftermarket auto performance shops in the world from the ground up in a 99.99% male dominated industry. . She has worked on my cars as well as most of my friends cars as well. . She is a entrepreneur, mechanic and one of the Queen Bees of the entire automotive industry and although she doesnt get dirty too much anymore with the wrenches...she can and she 100% for sure can out drive you too! . @giautomotivegroup is doing something really bad ass for women who are interested in the automotive world and I want you to check it out below and give her a follow: . GI Automotive Group is excited to announce an incredible contest for women who want to learn how to create a career in automotive! . One lucky girl will be selected to receive a round trip flight to Los Angeles, three days accommodations in Beverly Hills and the opportunity to accompany the Gi Automotive team, Angie Mead-King and Amber Blonigan, to GTCon! . During the three day visit to Los Angeles, Angie and Amber will also assist the winner with other career related opportunities in the automotive world. . Who can win: Women 21 and older located in the United States or Canada.  Sorry boys, this contest is for females only, we will have other fun things for you to do at the show! . How to win: Girls, in 500 words or less, tell us a little about yourself, whatyou would like to do in the automotive industry and why you feel you should win! . Email your entry to with the subject line GTCon Contest. . When is the deadline:  April 21, 2017 . What you win: A round trip flight, three days accommodations in Beverly Hills and entry to GTCon. Link to register in bio on @giautomotivegroup page. . PS: Thats HER McLaren 675LT shes sitting on.

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16 February 21:15:07
When you have huge goals and always working for progress its very easy to lose sight of what you have and how far you ve come. - Im not one to celebrate. I don t look around and think "Im the best" or think Ive "made it" in any way shape or form. All I see when I look at things is whats left to be done....which is a TON. Its no different than day number one in my mind. To me...thats all thats relevant. - The problem with this mindset is that although it keeps you focused and on your always feel like a failure for not being far enough down the road. - I don t expect many people to understand this. Honestly, I feel most people celebrate far too much and for things that do not deserve to be celebrated. - This message is for those that support me in EVERYTHING I do. - I love you guys with all my heart. - Im sorry Im not wired differently and sometimes wish I was...but ultimately I think Im good with the way Im wired...and I think its going to be to the benefit of us all that this is so. - I want you all to know that Im trying to be better. - A better friend. - A better leader. - A better man. - Im sorry I have a hard time relaxing and being social. - Im sorry I get so fucking crazy sometimes when things arent moving the way I want. - Im sorry I can be so hard & cold. - I hope you can see that these things come from a place of love & responsibility to those that depend on me and look up to me. - Im a work in progress...just like anyone else...and I want ALL of you to know how much I appreciate & love you...even though I dont say or show it nearly enough. - I get up everyday and focus on the future and what we are working on building and thats it. - I want us to change the world. - But just know Im working on enjoying the ride too. - Whether you ve bought our products at @1stphorm or @s2faction, listened to our podcast, worn our apparel, worked in our companies, liked, commented or shared my statuses or just shared a positive word about us...THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MYSELF, MY TEAM & WHAT WE STAND FOR! - I love you guys!

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16 February 19:05:59
You are not a fucking victim. . Unless of have decided to be. . Whining and giving all these terrible/comical/pathetic/sad bullshit excuses about how life isn t fair and other people have it easier and how their circumstances are more difficult than everyone else s isnt going to change anything for you. . Here is a fact: Life isn t fucking fair! . Some people do have it easier! . Your circumstances may be more difficult! . So what?! Thats reality! . Put on your big boy pants, stop being a little delicate precious flower & deal with it! . I don t know who told you it was supposed to be different or easy...but "they" lied. . Millions of people have done what it is you want to do with more difficult circumstances than you. . Millions of people pray every night to only have your challenges. . That is a fact. . Society doesn t feel sorry for quit feeling sorry yourself. . You are where you are because of the decisions you have made up until this point...and ten years from now you ll be where you ll be because of the decisions you make from here on out. . Period. . There are very few guarantees in life but here is one: People who make millions of excuses NEVER make millions of dollars....or accomplish much of anything else for that matter. . Stop looking for the reason "why you cant" and start looking for how you can! . Instead of thinking how hard your journey is...think how great your story will be! . Instead of asking "why me?" ask "how d I get so fortunate to have this opportunity?" ll be amazed at how life changes for you. . OR you can keep waiting for "fair".

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14 February 18:11:47
17 years ago on our first day in our original retail store we sold $7 worth of product . One single bottle of product . I still remember the customers name: Nick Vespa . I drove a 93 Jeep Wrangler . Chris drove a 79 Ford Pickup . It took us 8 months to have a day over $200 . It took us 6 years to get a 2nd store going . After 10 years we still had days where we had ZERO transactions . We had no investors . We had no bank . We had nothing . We started the store of 12k we had from summer jobs and our credit cards that we got for filling out the credit apps on campus so we could get the free t-shirts . We had no money for marketing. We didnt have ads . All we had was an understanding and belief that if we did what was right by people and helped them get results people would take care of us by coming back and bringing their friends and to this day thats still the core of how we do business . A lot of people think we are a big corporate company but thats not true. What we really are is just a couple of Missouri boys who started a business in 1999 and grown it into a few different companies and have stuck with it no matter what . We spent many nights in the back of our 1st store on matresses we got from salvation army and a couch we got from my dad thinking of how the hell we were ever going to make it in this business. At the time, we were each working three other jobs at the time just to keep the store open . Fast forward to today and our many companies collectively do 9 digit annual revenue AND MORE IMPORTANTLY we have over 100 individuals and their families that survive from these companies and WE RE JUST GETTING STARTED . Humble beginnings? You have no idea . So when you sit around and wonder "How the hell am I ever going to do this?" Realize that EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER BUILT ANYTHING starts there...and it takes YEARS to move out of that place mentally and into a place of confidence . Millions of people have succeeded with more difficult situations than yours and beginnings more humble than yours . If I can do can you . Dream . Plan . Execute . Dominate . Repeat . Dont ever fucking quit . Its that simple . PS: Today we drive whatever the hell we want

Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-02-13 14:39:51

13 February 14:39:51
How do you feel deep down in your heart when you see other people winning, succeeding and kicking ass in life? . Honestly. . That feeling is a great indicator of the direction you are headed. . NOT ONCE EVER have I met a successful person in life who truly hated on others success. NEVER. NEVER EVER EVER EVER. . In fact...the most successful people I have met are the ones who get the most excited for others successes. . Coincidence? I dont think so. . Why is this? . Two reasons. . 1. Because successful people understand one thing very VERY well: What one man can do...another can do. . 2. Successful people understand that you get back what you put out into the world. Positive thoughts equals positive results and vice versa. . Think about your first reaction when hearing of ones could be the reason its not you they re telling the story about. . Sure its normal to get a little jealous sometimes or make excuses as to why it might be perceived to be "easier" for them...because we all are competitive and others success can remind us of the distance we still have to travel...but its how you ultimately use that feeling that determines the direction you go. . When I see someone killing reminds me that I TOO...can (and will) kill it. . It gets me excited. . It gets me motivated. . It energizes me. . It reinforces my belief. . The best part is... I end up benefiting from the way I chose to use my emotion....and it ultimately makes me happy...which is contagious. . Next time you see someone else doing something that makes you a little jealous...use it to fuel your positive momentum forward instead of being a pouty little crybaby bitch. . Others success should serve as a benchmark for what you are capable of achieving and ultimately surpassing. . There is no room for negativity in the success equation. . And learning how to control, manipulate and use internal or external negative energy to progress is one of the KEY traits of success. . Let go of "fair"...and get to fucking work! . What one man can do...another can do. . Remember that.

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10 February 16:11:10
You want to get back at all the people who discouraged, talked shit & didn t believe in a life so fucking awesome and be such a great person that when people talk shit nobody believes it.

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09 February 19:22:54
Teaching my baby girl "the look". I think she has it down. #CHARLEYBEAR @thedailyotis #tbt