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Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-06-22 16:04:26

22 June 16:04:26
You may not be the smartest. . You may not be the fastest. . You may not be the strongest. . You may not have the best of circumstances. . In fact, for 99.99% of us the above statements are true. I know they are for me. . For most people the above is enough reason to never even try....which is sad. . Because there is one thing we all have: . Potential. . All of us have that. . Most of us look at "the other guy" and assume he is better, smarter has something we don t. . And sometimes they do. . Most of the time they don t. . Im most cases the only thing "they" have that you don t is an understanding that if they do the work they are going to be better than they were yesterday.....and a willingness to DO THE WORK. . In many cases they do the work day in & day out long enough that they come very VERY close to fulfilling their true potential which is where greatness is born. . If fulfillment of your own true potential in all areas of life isn t the definition of success in life...I don t know what is. #IAM1STPHORM #WEDOTHEWORK #COMINGFORTHATPOOLPARTYPROCARD Great lift this morning and Ill follow that with a HIIT cardio workout this afternoon. Since people will ask: Im 6 1 and sitting right at 270 right now. Working toward 250ish.

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22 June 01:57:33
Read this and think about it. . Most people think that a mediocre life is easier...less stressful and easy living compared to aiming high...and its not true. . Its actually a lot harder & more stressful to live an average life based upon the sheer number of people you are competing with. . The goal is to rise above that group as quickly as possible. . How? . Do more. . Care more. . Quit cutting corners. . Do the things others arent willing to. . Fix problems...all of them. . Aim a little higher...and your life will become exponentially better, more lucrative...and EASIER than being "average" once you have risen above the noise at the mediocre level. . Something to consider.

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20 June 15:19:05
Negativity is highly underrated. . Everyone whines and cries about how hard they have it. . They hide from it and try to avoid it. . Everyone wants to sound all noble and proper and say things like: "Youre doing it for the wrong reasons" if you want to shove every ounce of every doubt & disbelief that ANYONE ever expressed to you down their fucking throat. . I say bullshit....EMBRACE IT! . Negativity is an amazing fuel for success when you know how to harness it. . Every time I feel burnt, frustrated, lazy...I draw on those emotions to get my ass in gear and start moving the direction I need to go. . Unfortunately, the world is a mean place...especially if you have big will do EVERYTHING it can to get you lose belief in yourself, become insecure and accept a path you dont really want. . Then it will tell you that you should be grateful for that path. . It will push you to the brink and make you question EVERYTHING about yourself. . And when that happens you have two choices: . A. Give in and leave all your life s potential, impact and greatness on the table...and be like everyone else. . B. Push back as hard as you can and choke motherfuckers with your success....and become a fucking legend. . Its time to make a choice...and my vote is for making all those people who told you/tell you all this negative be bragging how they knew you 10 years from now. . 🔥This clip is from: "On the Brink" a BRAND NEW episode of The MFCEO Project available at link in bio above👆🏽🔥

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20 June 00:54:22
You guys tell me all the time: "Andy, tell me your book recommendations!" . Well here you go: . You guys have heard me recommend this book before on The MFCEO Project...and this is one of my favorite all time books ever. In a lot of ways it saved me. . The reason its so beat up is because Ive read the shit out of it over the years! . Its written by my friend @attackathletics ... you should be following him. . Tim Grover was/is the performance coach to the best of the best: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, D Wayde and a lot of other ALL TIME GREATS. . I want you to go buy this book...Ive put the link in my IG bio above👆🏽it will be one if the greatest investments you make in your life! . I also want you to go follow him: @attackathletics . In the land of "success coaches" who have done nothing but started an Instagram account...this man stands above EVERYONE when it comes to mindset & performance coaching. . PS: If Youre attendeding @1stphorm Summer Smash this coming Saturday you re going to get a chance to meet Tim and hear him speak along side myself & @brandonrumbaugh!

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19 June 15:27:33
The seeds you plant into your mind today spout into your reality tomorrow. . Fill your mind with negative. You become negative. . Fill your mind with positive. You become positive. . Fill you mind with success. You become successful. . Fill your mind with average. You become average. . Fill your mind with mindless activities. You become mindless. . Fill your mind with shit. You become shit. . Fill your mind with gold. You become gold. . You cant be mad about not harvesting the seeds you dont plant. . Audit your thoughts: . What do you think about more? . How hard you have it? Why you cant? How unfair things are? . Or . How awesome your life is going to be once you do the necessary work?

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19 June 00:58:22
Ill be the first one to lift you up, give you a helping hand and give you the shirt off my back. . ...but try to stand in my way. . Ill make you regret being born. . _______________________________________________________ . *Most don t "GET" this mentality. They think its mean, ruthless and just "not right"...but this is how I think on the inside when I smile in the face of competition...any kind of any area of life. . Its a sample of my true internal dialogue...its a peek into my soul...its why I am where I am...and its why no matter what I WILL NEVER EVER FUCKING STOP. . We get fed all this "everyone wins" bullshit they try and force down our throat these days. . And that s exactly what it is: complete & total bullshit. . NO. . Everyone doesnt get to win. . ITS NEVER BEEN THAT WAY! . Winning comes down to having the right attitude, the right mindset that draws the best possible effort & work out of you...and FOR ME that is an insatiable desire to crush, demoralize and rip the fucking heart out of everything and everyone who has ever stood in my way...ever....and 98% of the time thats the person who looks in the mirror at me every morning. . Am I fucking crazy? . Maybe. . Is it the truth? . Absolutely. . Maybe...just can help you understand that with the right attitude and mindset you are THE ONLY PERSON who can even remotely come close to stoping YOU....everything & everyone else is irrelevant. . Are you broke? GOOD. . Are you pissed off? GOOD. . Are you under a mountain of pressure & stress? GOOD. . Are you scared shitless? GOOD. . Instead of pouting and stomping your feet like a little bitch baby...turn those emotions into PRODUCTIVE ACTION and see where you are a year from today. . You should be fucking terrified to stand in your own should everyone else.

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18 June 18:24:19
Want to wish my Nephew/Godson Enzo a Happy 1st Birthday! You are definitely much better looking than your Dad @mrfrisella ...smarter, faster, stronger & funnier too...I guess thats nothing to brag about but Id say youre on the right track little homie.💪🏼

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17 June 15:01:54
This is an accurate description of how I feel about french fries. . I ❤️🍟 . Who s with me?! What food would you send this meme to?

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17 June 00:31:56
Its not what you do 9-5 M-F that makes dreams come to life. . Thats what you do survive. . Its what you do the other 128 hours available to you in a week. . Thats what you do to thrive. . You re either getting better or you re getting passed by someone who is. . Its your choice. . So before you bitch and moan about how unfair life is to you...consider the truth just aren t putting in the fucking work that other people are. . PS: Its Friday night. There is a very specific reason I posted this at this exact time...because what you are doing right now and planing on doing the next few hours is a very strong indicator of where you re going to end up in 5-10 years. You re decisions dictate your future...remember that.

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16 June 22:00:11
ENTREPRENEURSHIP is NOT for everyone. . It just isn t. . Statistically less than 8% of the population are entrepreneurs. . Does that mean you re screwed? . ABSOLUTELY NOT. . THINKING LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR within the framework of an existing organization is EXTREMELY VALUABLE & LUCRATIVE...most times more so than the average entrepreneur. . Many people shy away from my podcast The MFCEO Project and many other extremely valuable entrepreneurial & personal development resources because they do not consider themselves entrepreneurs nor do they see themselves becoming entrepreneurs. . Huge mistake. . Today s marketplace rewards value, contribution & progressive performance thinking & execution. . This is not 40 years ago where you clock in...clock out and get your 2% adjusted living raise every year and you ll be able to live comfortably. . Today s businesses are STARVING for valuable contribution from employees. . Will you likely get fired if you don t do your job the way you are supposed to: Yes. . Will you move up into a lucrative career by doing the job you are supposed to: Absolutely not. . No matter what you do the modern workplace isn t looking for stale, worker bee, robots with their hopes and dreams beaten out of the illustration above indicates...its looking thinkers, doers and people who are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of the organization...and THAT is why THINKING LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR is so important...if you are looking to become a valuable, well paid asset of an organization. . Many of you are receiving this message and many of you are going to pull the "poor little me" card and blame your organization for your lack of progress. . To those "poor little me" people I say: if youre ok with not putting in the work to find an organization that rewards the contribution Im talking about then I sure as fuck know you arent making the effort to learn the skills Im speaking of and putting them in play right save your bullshit excuses for your drinking buddies and remember who told you the way it was 20 years from now when your life is a complete shit pile. . A good book on this topic is "Linchpin" by Seth Godin.

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15 June 01:50:16
Someone who I hadn t spoke with in a long time asked me today how life was going for me. . I thought about it for a minute or really thought about it. . How is life really going for me? . My answer was simple: . "It couldn t be better. Im surrounded by the most amazing people 24/7. At home. At work. Everywhere I go. Im surrounded by the best possible people I could ever imagine" . ...and thats it. . Thats life. . Thats what makes it amazing. #IAM1STPHORM EXTRA CREDIT: Can you find me?

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14 June 18:12:20
If you know my whole ll understand why this is so powerful to me. . You are here for a reason. . Remember that. . Stole this from my buddy @lewishowes . If you are curious to what I mean go listen to the 1st episode of The MFCEO Project.