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14 August 15:33:04
FACT: Everybody was a nobody before they were a somebody. . Every single person you see as a "big deal"...every celebrity, athlete, entrepreneur...ALL THE PEOPLE you see as "living the dream" all started out as a "nobody". . The only difference is: they GAVE THEMSELVES PERMISSION to be great and DID THE WORK REQUIRED. . If you re waiting around for someone to come along and give you permission to be re going to be waiting for a very VERY long time. . The fact is...we are here for a very short time...and we are all gonna die. . If you aren t working day in & day out to build your ultimate life....what the fuck are you waiting for? . Nobody will believe in you until AFTER you ve done it....or are at least well on your way....and then the same people who will laughing and telling you youre crazy will be saying "I always believed in you" and asking you for a job 🤔. . Dont let your little delicate panties get in a bunch because your friends laugh at you when you say you want to own a Lamborghini (like they did to me) or build a great business/career or build an extraordinary life...instead make a mental note, save it inside and use it as internal fuel when you find yourself wanting to quit or cut a corner. . The good news is you don t need anyones belief or permission to be great! . You don t need the worlds permission to be great. . You don t needs your friends permission. . You don t need your parents permission. . You don t need your girlfriends permission. . You don t need you boyfriends permission. . You don t need your spouses permission. . You don t need your teachers permission. . The only permission you need is from that motherfucker who stares back at you in the mirror everyday...and a willingness to DO THE FUCKING WORK...longer, harder and better than ANYONE! . Now what are you gonna do? . Are you gonna go buy another "success program" looking for the secret recipe that doesn t exist or read another meme about someone else s life or dream for another day about how you ll "start tomorrow" ...or . Are you going to go out RIGHT NOW and do something that brings you closer to YOUR greatness? . Its your choice.

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12 August 13:43:18
All of us have these moments. . Not just in physical training...but in any area of life. . We are pushed to the limit and thinking "Fuck this shit". We are on the brink and questioning everything about ourselves: . Why am I doing this? . Is this really worth it? . Do I have what it takes? . Why does this seem easier for others? . Why is this so hard for me? . What do I really want from this? . Am I as strong as I pretend to be? . In these moments we have two choices: . A. Give in and leave all your life s potential, impact and greatness on the table...and be like everyone else. . B. Push back as hard as you can, choke motherfuckers with your success....and become a fucking legend. . Its time to make a choice. . Its the choices we make in these moments that ultimately end up defining us.

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11 August 17:10:19
Winners will always point at tangible items like work. . Losers will always point at intangible items like luck, talent or circumstances. . Are there raw talented phenomenons out there...sure...but not enough for you to use as an excuse to sit on your ass & let life have its way with you. . For every raw talent phenomenon in any area of life...there 100 who made it on sheer will, determination, relentless tenacity and hard fucking WORK. . 📷: @brianleetull

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09 August 16:25:33
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08 August 22:03:40
ATTENTION PLEASE: I dont often repost things but this just hit me hard and needs to be shared for many reasons... @therock . Please watch & read: . A special request just came in from a very special and strong young boy. 12yr old Justin, from Lawton, Oklahoma. Don t quite know what to write here, other than I love ya lil buddy and Im so grateful you re such an AWESOME fan. We re all sending you endless love and positive energy. Stay strong. Your big buddy, DJ. #HopeForJustin ™@therock

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07 August 18:43:30
You know why you likely arent living the way you want right now? . Because you don t understand what REAL COMMITMENT means. . Want real success? . Make a REAL COMMITMENT. . Most people "try things" and the minute it gets hard or it takes longer than they expect they quit and say "thats not for me" and start over with a new thing. . They repeat this cycle over & over & over in life and end up at 50 years old with a shit life they hate bitching about how the world "screwed them" when in reality they screwed themselves because they couldn t make a REAL COMMITMENT to being great at something. . Burn the fucking ships so there is no going back. . If you give yourself the option to quit and do something else...there is a 99% chance you will. . You have to train yourself to quit quitting when it starts to hurt. . Thats when the magic happens. . See what you all don t understand is this: its always hardest, hurts the most and most competitive in the beginning. . Anyone can start something. . Few can finish something. . If 100 people start a race that last 5 years and covers 1,000,000 miles you are competing against 100 in the beginning. . As the race continues people quit. People decide "its not for them". Peoples "priorities change"...and by year 3 there are only 10 people left. . Now instead of competing against 100 its 10 and you re still going. . Not only are you still are now equipped with experience that provides knowledge & skills the people who "just start things" will never possess giving you a lifetime upper-hand in just about every way possible. . In todays "instant gratification" world Commitment is a lost attribute. . Which also makes it that much more valuable. . Be someone who understands how to truly commit and go all in. . Its the ultimate competitive advantage.

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05 August 11:25:34
Team 1st Phorm taking on the Boulder Colorado Ironman today! Extremely proud of this group of MEN! Unofficially the largest (physically) Ironman team ever! Lol #IAM1STPHORM #clydesdales

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04 August 16:46:38
Im not a bodybuilder. . Im not a model. . Im not a celebrity. . Im not blessed with amazing looks or crazy good genetics. . Im just a normal dude who runs a handful of companies. . This shit isnt easy for me. . In fact its hard as fuck. . I get anxiety every time I know I have to do my HIIT cardio because I fear it so much. . Fuck...I hate it. . The one quality I am fortunate enough to have cultivated is grit. . Once I make a decision...nothing can stop me. . The worst possible obstacles can pop up and I will prevail...every single time. . This is why I have ultimate confidence in my vision for myself, my companies & my life. I KNOW with 100% certainty that my only limit is my own ability to think bigger. . You may be thinking: "Yeah, but he was born with that quality and I wasnt" . Go back and read what I wrote: "fortunate enough to cultivate". . Grit is a skill...a discipline if you will. . Its not a God given quality. Its something you produce within yourself by being so laser focused on a goal that no matter how bad you dread the work that needs to be fucking DO IT! . The more times you do the things you dont feel like doing...the more your ability & confidence in your ability to overcome hard things grows (GRIT)...the goal being ULTIMATE GRIT which leads to ULTIMATE BELIEF im yourself that you will accomplish ANY FUCKING GOAL you set for yourself. . What do you need to do RIGHT NOW that you dont feel like doing? . GO DO THAT. . Start building that grit & belief in yourself immediately because no other skill/trait/quality will be more valuable to you long term.

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03 August 21:26:50
As I was scrolling through multiple pictures cool for #TBT I came across this screen shot of I text I received a few months back...which is 1000 times cooler than any of that other shit. . Want to "be a boss"? . All you clowns who claim to "be a boss" pay attention. . This is what "being a boss" is about: . As a Entrepreneur creating a system where the people who work for you can not only survive...but progress, grow & THE MOST REWARDING THING you will ever experience...and personally...I believe its an obligation. . Not everyone will succeed...but creating the opportunity IS YOUR OBLIGATION. . This is a text I received from a guy a lot of you know well... @will2win50 ...the day he bought his first house a few months back. . Will, who was 25 when he bought this house...came to work for us when he was 21 and had literally $100 dollars to his name. . He started at one of the entry level minimum wage positions in our company and busted his ass LITERALLY EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY since the first minute. . He is now a working a high rank/high responsibility position in our company and establishing himself as a leader more & more every single day. . Will is one of the hardest working, most positive, driven and all around awesome guys you will ever meet. . He s the first guy to raise his hand to do whatever it takes and understands what CREATING VALUE means! I am 1000% certain there is not ONE SINGLE PERSON who knows Will that has a bad thing to say about him. Not one! . Thats "Being a boss"...taking ownership & control of your life and making shit happen with the opportunities in front of you...with a big fucking smile on your face! Thats what "being a boss" is!

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03 August 12:58:53
WATCH THIS👆🏽 . Nobody is out to get you. . There is no person thats coming to your home, boarding up door and keeping you from doing amazing things. . These people "holding you back" DONT FUCKING EXIST. . They are an excuse. . They are figments of your imagination. . Fear of what people might think or say or actually saying it is not the same thing as people preventing you from doing things. . You dont have fucking have that little voice in your head that causes you to freeze up and not take the action you wish to take and ultimately FORCES YOU into a life that you didnt want. . Which makes YOU your biggest hater. . Yeah...let that sink in. . Are you that big of a pussy that youre going to live small to avoid what people "might" say. . If you do what everyone else does...dont be surprised when you look like everyone else, earn what everyone else earns, drive what everyone else drives, live where everyone else lives and have the same life everyone else has. . When we first started in business people constantly laughed at us. . Some to our face, some snickered, some held it in...but you could always see their true thoughts in their eyes. . Nobody believed. . Everyone thought we were crazy. . And you know what...those are the same mother fuckers telling us how proud they are of us and asking if we have any openings for jobs. . I am thankful for the laughter. . I still welcome it...because had it not been there I probably would have quit a thousand times. . Let them laugh. . Let them talk shit. . Let them say you will never do it. . But most of all...learn to take satisfaction in jamming those words of criticism & doubt right down people s fucking winning with a smile. . There is nothing more satisfying than accomplishing what others tell you you cant. . Instead of letting people kill your drive and bowing down to their limiting thoughts and negativity, toughen the fuck up and learn to use peoples doubts, criticisms and negativity to fuel your fire. . Get pissed off and then get out there, DO SOMETHING and show these people what the fuck you are made of. . 🔥 BRAND NEW EPISODE of The MFCEO Project at link in bio👆🏽🔥