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Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-03-26 15:32:58

26 March 15:32:58
This is my friend @joseinspires and Id like you guys to go follow him and support him. . @joseinspires has an amazing story and is a TOP NOTCH speaker & corporate trainer who was trained personally by @lesbrownspeaks . I met Jose at 10x Growth Con that @grantcardone put on a few weeks ago (which was the best entrepreneur event Ive EVER been a part of or heard of). I was walking by and he stopped me and we chatted for a few and took a few pics....but you know that feeling you get when you meet someone you know is special? He had it immediately and not because he is in a wheelchair either. Jose has an energy. Its hard to explain without speaking to him...and he has a way of you feel like you can literally conquer the world without saying more than a few words. . Give him a follow and go to the link in his bio and watch his video about half way down the page...DO IT RIGHT NOW. You ll start to understand a little bit of what Im trying to communicate. . You ll be seeing A LOT more of this guy! Thats a guarantee!

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25 March 17:09:47
I see all these tactical guys training by running around and shooting like commandos...and thats great...its impressive. . ..but I feel like if Im gonna have to shoot someone Im likely gonna be sitting on my couch with a good beer buzz at home and the dudes are gonna bust in the door and Im going to have to politely uninvite them so thats how I train. #VP9 + #onehand + #13BudLights = #onedeadbadguy #CalmDownInternetRamboItsAJoke #sortof #practical #nottactical #yeahIcanshoot

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24 March 23:47:00
THE FRISELLA FACTOR . My BRAND NEW Q&A based show on my YouTube Channel (AndyFrisella). . You guys know I pour my heart & soul into The MFCEO Project...and we passionately & honestly cover literally every topic when it comes to Entrepreneurship, Success Mindset, Phycology of Success, Personal Development...and basically how to be a successful bad ass motherfucker and kick life square in the balls! . And that wont change. . However, I want to get more interactive with you guys and help you with your specific issues you might be having when it comes to all success related topics. . On The Frisella Factor...Im going to answer your specific questions, in detail multiple times per week. Occasionally we will have qualified guests come on and offer their take as well. . If I use your questions you ll get a shout out on the show and more importantly direct feedback on your particular issue from me. . TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS: . 1. Go to . 2. Fill out the form. . 3. Click Submit. . Its that simple. . Im super excited to get this rolling guys and cant wait to get more interactive with you and help our little MFCEO family of ass kickers do that much more ass kicking! . Its gonna be real. . Its gonna be raw. . Its gonna be specific. . Its gonna be the truth. . Its not gonna be for pussies. . Click the link in the bio and let me know how I can help you! . The first show will be the week of April send in your questions now so we can get this beast rollin! #FRISELLAFACTOR @vaughnkohler @mai_tyler

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24 March 14:51:30
You think someone came and dropped my life in my lap? . You think I bought it from some turd on the internet for $997 who has never built a real business and who couldn t run a snow cone stand in real life? . All we hear about these days is "the grind" "the hustle" and "the struggle". Everyone likes to believe they know what these words mean and that they live them...but when you ask to see the results they throw their hands in the air and shrug their shoulders and say in a whiney voice "I dont know why Im not getting the result". . Yes you do. . You are either: . 1. Working a bad plan. . 2. Haven t worked a good plan long enough. . 3. Aren t doing the work you say you are. . Thats it! . THATS ALL IT CAN BE. . Any other whiny bitch excuse is bullshit. . In 95% of the cases its number 3 thats the issue. . Think back on all the times you choose to take the "easy path" as opposed to the one that required more effort. . Its this fear of work that is the main culprit that is responsible for an disappointing, frustrating and regretful life. . Its a stone cold iron clad fact of life that the greatest reward lies along the path of most resistance. . There is no magic. . There is no "what if". IF YOU DO THE WORK...ON A WORTHY PLAN...THE RESULT WILL BE THERE. . PERIOD. . Yet, everyone choses the easy path.. . Why?. . Because: . 1. They convince themselves that there other factors in play...luck, magic, little success fairies that shit hundred dollar bills on ones head...a million little justifications....lies. . OR . 2. they are afraid of doing the work. . Yes, finding success IS going to require you to do a ton of hard shit. . Expect it. . Would you rather keep being miserable or would you rather be who you REALLY want to be?! . We only get one shot at life and the way it works is: You are a result of the choices you make. . That means you are a result of the choices you have made thus far, if you aren t happy with where you are, reflect on the choices you have made and MAKE BETTER FUCKING CHOICES. . Remember that while you re in your drunken stupor the next 3 days. . You get what you deserve (work for). . Your results tell your REAL story. #THEFRISELLAFACTOR

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22 March 00:32:22
Facebook. . Instagram . Youtube. . Snapchat. . Podcasts. . Email. . Google. . Skype. . Text. . Email. . THE FUCKING INTERNET. . Do you guys ever stop to think how fucking equipped you are to become a success in WHATEVER you chose to do with your life?! . I had a fucking beeper...and Yellow Pages. . Google that shit. . There is NO FUCKING REASON you cant learn the skills you need to learn...usually FOR become a master of your craft. Whether that be as an entrepreneur or someone who wants to become an extremely valuable & well paid member of an organization. . You know why I talk about the fucking work so much? . Because 99.8% of you just wont do it. . Its simple. . Its gritty. . Its not sexy. . But its 100% the skill/habit/factor that keeps you where you are now and FAR FAR away from where you want to be. . Never in the history of this earth has there been more opportunity, more resources & more tools available to you. . NEVER. . And you still tell yourself some story about how you dont have this..or dont have that...BULLSHIT. . You dont have the fucking heart, grit & determination to go out and do it! . I challenge you to prove me wrong...but Im betting you wont. . The door of opportunity is wide fucking open...don t expect someone to come drag you through it. . BRAND NEW episode of The MFCEO Project "Through Hell" is available at the link in the bio 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 . #NOTFORPUSSIES #DELICATESNOWFLAKESBEWARE Send me your questions/topics to:

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21 March 18:36:02
WOW!! THANK YOU Forbes! ...and more importantly THANK YOU ALL READING THIS! . #1 on the Top 11 Instagram Accounts Leading Their Indusries! . When I started Instagram in 2014, I honestly had no clue what it was. I thought it was a photo editing app. . The only reason I started it was because I was at an industry dinner with a bunch of other supplement company owners and one of them was talking about the success he was seeing through Instagram. I got pretty drunk that night...but the next day I remembered him making fun of me, talking shit and condescending me in front of the group for not knowing what Instagram was. . Im very thankful he did that. . Because that was the day I set out to build not only our companies but my personal brand through social media. . Think about that. . Three years ago I wasnt even on IG. . When I think of all the success, opportunities & relationships it has brought into my life its overwhelming. . The massive growth of @1stphorm on a global level, The MFCEO Project, Invitations to speak & co headline events with the biggest & best names in the world: @garyvee @grantcardone @thesharkdaymond amazing family & network of people that has been created through 1st Phorm culture, athlete searches & Legionnaire program...these people have become some of my very best friends and most valued relationships on earth, new business opportunities with amazing entrepreneurs like @danfleyshman & @money being recognized by iconic publications like FORBES, INC, ENTREPRENEUR etc.....I could go on & on. . ...and NONE OF THAT would have happened had I just let that guy talk shit to me and not gotten pissed and gone out and done something about it. . Getting pissed, being competitive and wanting to ram shit down other peoples throats is amazing fuel when you know how to harness it. . I thrive on it...if you hadn t figured that out. . You should try it. . Take all that frustration & pissed off energy and pivot it into PRODUCTIVE ACTION...and see how far it takes you...because I can tell you for a fact the more successful you become...there will never be a shortage of people talking shit, taking jabs and flat out hating...and for that I am forever grateful.

Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-03-20 23:21:17

20 March 23:21:17
"Thats not my job" or "I dont get paid enough for that." Do you say these things? . Well, if you definitely need an attitude realignment. . It kills me how so many people (especially younger people) out there are "too good" or "above" performing certain jobs when they haven t even done anything in life. . Not that your level of accomplishment should affect your willingness to do what needs to be done because the reality is ALL jobs are important and nothing is beneath you. . Having any other attitude is going to severely limit your if you think this better get used to that piece of shit you roll around town in. . Successful people do what needs to be done. . They do it with pride. . They do it the absolute best they can. . They do it without having to be told. . Period. . There is opportunity in everything. . Learn to see it and take pride in being the best. . If there is an opportunity for you to shovel the best shit shoveler there is and take pride in it. . I don t care how much or little your bank balance is you are not "too good" for any job. Just as you are not "above" the people who preform these jobs. . I dont care who you are. . Working is a privilege. . Be thankful in your opportunities and work to be the absolute best and be willing to do whatever needs to be done....with a big ass smile on your face. THATS how you get more opportunity and THATS how you become successful. . If you are one of these "thats not my job" people dont be surprised when you stay in the exact same spot you are for life...and dont throw rocks at another guys nice house or car because he was willing to do that job you passed on because it was beneath you. . *This isnt some posed fucking picture. EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN OUR COMPANY does what needs to be done...regardless of their "title". Toilets need to be cleaned. We clean them. Floors need to be swept. We sweep them. Whatever needs to be done...WE DO IT. This pic was taken at 6:15pm today. If I can sweep a floor after 17 years so can you...but chances are Im going to do it better! 😜

Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-03-19 18:42:47

19 March 18:42:47
Veni Vidi Vici. . I turn down far more speaking engagements than I accept. I prefer to spend my time with my team growing & developing the people I ride or die with on a daily basis in my own companies. They deserve it. . However, when @grantcardone asked me to come be a part of the first ever 10x Growth Conference...I didnt even have to think twice. I absolutely HATE the state of "Entrepreneurship" right now where every knucklehead on the internet is selling "Get Rich Like Me" bullshit info courses by people who have never even ran a fucking snow cone stand to people who quite honestly dont know any disgusts me at my core. . This event was REAL ENTREPRENEURS who have built REAL COMPANIES in REAL LIFE...and Im all about being a part of sharing the reality of REAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP. The lineup was literally LOADED: @thesharkdaymond, @attackathletics, @therealbradlea, @realkevinharrington, @lewishowes, @lesbrownspeaks and many others including of course @grantcardone. . If you were in attendance, you know what I spoke about was very practical and useful and if you make what I spoke about a priority it will not only be worth the price of the ticket, but will LITERALLY make you millions & millions of dollars over the next decade and beyond. Yes, I can get you hyped with the best of them...maybe better...but "getting hyped" doesn t make you money. EXECUTION & perfection of practical, useful techniques does. . I just want to express a genuine heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you that came to see me. I was so overwhelmed by how many of you came from all over the world that showed up to see me...from New Zealand, England, South Africa, India and of course all over The United States...I left feeling very surreal about meeting and interacting with you all. The fact that you spent your time & money to come to this event and meet me personally is unbelievable humbling and appreciated! You guys made this experience amazing for me...I hope you all got the same from the event. . I also want to thank @grantcardone for having me. I had an amazing time brother and Thank you again for the amazing gift & card you gave me! Ill always think of you & event when I look at it.

Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-03-17 21:41:19

17 March 21:41:19
Honored to open for @thesharkdaymond today. Amazing human.

Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-03-17 14:01:25

17 March 14:01:25
Bienvenido a Miami. . 10x Growth Con w/ @grantcardone & @thesharkdaymond . Looking forward to seeing you guys in just a bit. 🔥🌎 . #IMAYORMAYNOTHURTSOMEFEELINGS

Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-03-16 16:48:14

16 March 16:48:14
Before there was @1stphorm. . Before there was an amazing headquarters facility. . Before people believed in us and supported us. . Before there was the cars. . Before there was jets. . Before there was "The MFCEO". . Before people paid to hear me speak. . Before Forbes. . Before INC. . Before there was 120 AMAZING employees. . Before there was thousands of outside reps & retail partners. . Before the 5 other companies we own. . Before all of that shit you see...there was this. . Two broke ass kids with big dreams and no reason for ANYONE to believe in us. . You want to know where WE came from? . This is a picture of the original S2 (Supplement Superstores @s2faction) store in 2006 at this point this was our only store. . This is the one Chris & I lived in. . Keep in mind it took us 6 years to even get the store looking like this...imagine what it looked like on day one in 1999....and you want to quit after 6 months...FUCK think I feel sorry for you?! You don t deserve it. . Humble beginings isnt a humble enough a description for us. . You think anyone believed in us at this point? . Just remember...along your journey people are going to question you, theyre going to doubt you, try to discourage you, try to stand in your way...and plain think you are fucking nuts. . Let them. . Let them talk. . Let them think you are full of shit. . Let them think you will never do it. . But most of all...learn to take satisfaction in proving people who doubt you wrong! . Shove it down their fucking throat with your actions. . There is nothing more satisfying than accomplishing what others say you cannot. . This mentality is the driving force of the ultra successful in life. . Instead of letting people kill your drive and bowing down to their limiting thoughts and negativity, learn to use other peoples doubts and negativity to fuel your success. . Get fucking pissed...and get out there feed people their own words on a platter made you your own blood, sweat & tears.....and most importantly BELIEVE. #IAM1STPHORM #S2FACTION #tbt 🔥🌎! . #LETSSEEWHEREYOURINTERNETGURUCAMEFROM #THEYDIDNTPAYTHESEDUES #BORNONTHIRDBASETHINKTHEYHITATRIPLE #PAYTHEMTOLEARNHOWTHEYDIDIT😂😂😂

Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella) Instagram photo 2017-03-15 23:21:22

15 March 23:21:22
Look at this amazing photo of my 06 Heritage Ford GT by @eastonchang. . Look how beautiful that car is. . Its timeless. . Its history. . Its emotionally moving. . Its art. . It was cool 10 years ago and is going to be cool 100 years from now. . And just think...when the first guy at Ford said "We are going to build a race car to win Le Mans" people laughed their ass off. . In fact...EVERY SINGLE great accomplishment in this world...ALL OF THEM were doubted, dismissed & laughed at when first spoken aloud. . So what makes you think you get to skip that part?