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19 October 13:18:12
People who go through shit...are the ones that become “The Shit”. . Remember that. . Your life is one big story. . Your struggle. . Your pain. . Your adversity. . Your hardship. . They are all part of the setup for "Championship Scene". . You know that part in every movie where the guy who got his ass kicked over & over & over FINALLY gets to throw his arms in sky in VICTORY! Inspiring everyone he ever comes in contact with for the rest of his life! . Thats you motherfucker! . ...or it could be. . Or rather...IT SHOULD BE. . Understand this concept...Newtons 3rd Law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. . This law is true in the physical sense, emotional sense & spiritual sense. . In other words for every overwhelming challenge you face you come out the other side just a little bit stronger than you went in. . Eventually, after you ve gone through enough challenges, hardships & punches to the fucking face you become a force of fucking nature that NOTHING CAN & WILL STOP...EVER! . ...but you have to be willing to endure the creative force which is... . The resistance. . The pain. . The fear. . The struggle. . The hardships. . The relentless punches in the face & kicks when your down. . Success in anything is far more about grit & endurance than anything else. . What are you willing to endure?

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18 October 17:01:06
If you can honestly look in the mirror and say you know exactly who you’re lying to yourself. . You might know 80% of who you are...but if you think you know 100% of who you are you are locking yourself away from development. . Just like there is a new version of the very phone you are reading this on every year. . There is a new version of you every year. . Life is about constant evolution. . The problem most people run into is that they hang on so tightly to what they are expected to be...that they miss out the amazing nature of who they were meant to be. . Stop basing your life around who you think you’re supposed to be. . Stop basing it around the the standards, expectations or opinions of others. . Stop defining yourself by & holding onto the pains, injustices & unfairness of your past. . Stop being ashamed of things you have done or things that have happened to you when you were a different person and instead ask yourself what you learned from it. . Let your pride go. . Stop trying to “win” conversations. . Learn how to listen. . Learn how to see the world throughout different perspectives. . Let your ego go. . Know there is a lot you don’t know. . Become a student of life. . You are a blank slate. . Create something legendary.

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17 October 20:12:18
#TRUTH Smart people know they dont know much. . Dumb people know everything...and they are quick to let the world know. . Pay attention to who you are getting your info from...if you never hear them say “I dont know” about likely cant trust anything they say. . Admitting you “don’t know” isn’t a liability its a sign of true intelligence & trust worthy character. . #ITSSCIENCE ...and everybody knows ______________. . Via @donkarlito_ ...he posts some solid shit.

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17 October 16:37:10
Business is simple. . Quit overcomplicating it. . Far too many of you are in such a hurry to become a "boss" that you get way ahead of yourselves. . Instead if focusing time, energy, resources, money and lessons learned into creating a better product, better solution or better model than the next get in a hurry to make money. . Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. . Thats all your little green brains can think about. . And thats precisely why you don’t fucking have any. . What if instead of thinking about whats in it for started focusing in on whats in it for them? . What if instead you focused all your energy, time, effort & thought on creating something so fucking cool, helpful & valuable to a customer that customers came and never left...and instead of buying once...they buy for a lifetime...oh and tell every single person they know just how awesome you are too? . What if you could make the unglamorous Retention side of your business the world most effective Acquisition machine? . When your model, solution, help, product, culture, experience is so good that your customers do your customer acquisition for dont have to worry about spending millions of dollars trying convince people to buy...or millions of hours coming up with creative marketing messages to let people know about you. . You want to master business in this post traditional media marketplace? . Instead of being like 99.99% of “entrepreneurs” and focusing on exclusively customer acquisition/ marketing (which Ironically only speeds your death if your product/service/experience isnt up to par...which most arent). Perfect your model, product, service, experience to a point where there would never be a reason to stop doing business with you...and you ll never have a problem finding new customers. Now you re practicing "Retention Aggression". . One customer at a time. . One experience at a time. . Thats the way empires are built. . 🔥☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼MORE ON THIS in the latest episode of The MFCEO Project available at link in bio☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼🔥

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16 October 13:37:44
Don t get complacent once you see a little success and people start rewarding you with praise. . No matter how good they say you are...those same people thought you were stupid when you started. . Stay focused. . Stay hungry. . Never look back. . Don t celebrate progress that other people are beating you at: are you the best in the world? No? Then keep working! . Keep that chip on your shoulder long after youre winning. . And always remember: . Youre never as bad as people think you are when youre just getting going. . Youre never as good as people think you are when your winning. . Meme inspired by @stormstorm3 IG story a few weeks back.

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15 October 11:47:28
Describe this image in one word. . I think my word is: Tested . @davidyarrow has some AMAZING shots on his page. This one speaks to me on many levels. Thank you for producing such amazing art!

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14 October 12:05:10
SOUND ON 🔊☝🏽: Do you get your feelings hurt when people tell you: "You cant."? . Do you get pissed? . Do your soul burn on the inside? . Good. . It means your alive inside. . It shows you give a fuck. . Now you have a decision to make: . A: You can either be like most people and whine & cry about how nobody believes in them...and live a life that proves all the nay-sayers right. . Or. . B: You can do everything you can in your power to shove people words, thoughts & opinions about you down their fucking throats with your actions & results! . A or B. . Thats it. . Those are your choices. . One of the best things that happened to me this year was making a new great friend in @marksmellybell. . We were connected through our mutual friend, athlete & all around bad ass @realworld_tactical. . This is a guy who has come into my life and FORCED ME to level up...and I know if you asked him he s say the sane thing about me. . Those are the types of friends you want. . Fuck everyone who says you cant. Make it your mission to make them look at the fucking floor in shame & embarrassment for doubting you when you walk into a room. Surround yourself with people who tell you the truth and push you to be your best self and who are committed to the mission of maximizing EVERY LAST DROP OF POTENTIAL! . Make sure you are following @marksmellybell. You will not regret it! Even if you dont lift (shame on you) you WILL take a lot away from his messages! . This audio clip from The MFCEO Project Episode 179: "100-0: Its a Lifestyle" that can be found at

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13 October 12:11:09
Special thanks to @frisellamoji for the bad ass fan art! . Pay attention: a couple kids from overseas working to get noticed with their business to do business with myself & our team. They got our attention & They got in. . There is a valuable lesson here for any of you looking to make an impact & get noticed by ANYONE. . Whether you work within an organization and are looking to expand your role & value or you own a business and are looking to get noticed... . Nobody owes you an opportunity. . The burden is on you to create one.

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12 October 17:20:04
"Oh he s so talented" . Listen to today s 14 minute podcast why this phrase & line of thinking is 100% ABSOLUTELY holding you back & sabotaging your success. . Today s Thursday Thunder episode of The MFCEO Project: "Talent VS Choice" is available now at link in bio.

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12 October 12:27:52
Whats riskier? . 1. Dreaming huge and chasing those "impossible" dreams that nobody else can see or believes with every fucking ounce of your soul...KNOWING that you are going to "fail" many times and be embarrassed, frustrated, disgusted, stressed, tired, burnt out all while facing extreme criticism from your friends, family and the rest of society...for the CHANCE...of living your dream life. . 2. Following "the rules" set out by the world, taking what they give you (scraps) and dealing with the fact that all your dreams, hopes, wishes and true potential as a human will never materialize....and eventually facing the reaper thinking "I wish I had..." and being able to do nothing about it. . Settling is a tough pill to swallow and this topic always pisses people off...but its always the people who have already mentally given up that are angry...and they should be...but not at me for pointing it themselves for not having enough intestinal fortitude, courage, balls or work ethic to make their life TRULY MATTER. . This isn t just about making money either. This is about self-actualization and fulfillment of potential & purpose. . No opportunity comes without risk. . People who succeed see the size of the risk as parallel to the size of the opportunity and take calculated risks to keep moving forward. . People who dont succeed see the risk as a big scary thing that could hurt them, run & hide and suck their thumbs in the corner. . If you don t think staying in the same place you are now could hurt you worse and is a bigger risk than forging ahead and dedicating your life to WORTHY passions that aren t seeing the world through the right pair of lenses. . You are either moving forward or backward. . If you are "maintaining" in your thoughts & actions right are getting passed and the world will eventually take a huge bite of your ass. . So roll the fucking dice. . The worst thats gonna happen is you learn something thats gonna get you closer to where you want to be. . Its not: What will happen it I do this? . Its: What will happen if I dont? . BRAND NEW EPISODE of The MFCEO Project: "Talent VS. Choice" ☝🏽posted at link in bio☝🏽

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11 October 19:26:51
You have four choices in life: . 1. Wish for it. . 2. Whine for it. . 3. Pout about not having it. . 4. Work for it. . Only one gives you results.