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26 April 23:54:08
The only person who will ever limit you in this life...stares back at you in mirror every fucking day. . Tag a friend who needs to see this. . Featuring: 1st Phorm Elite Athlete @derekweida . @nodonutshere @dannyjonesfitness @emilyhaydenfitness @big_ty_russ @jenna_fail @derekweida @johnniep_3 @thedblife @marisalarenfit @rachelnicolefit @kaylafassio_fit @kerrihayesfit @kj_theproteinpapi @bikinibosstheresa @realworld_tactical @alex_zedra @passion2befit @bitesizedfitness @prymalcoach @jojo_babie @kingsamjonesiii @anacheri @raydiaz @emilysears @caseylovesfitness @missdollycastro @jessicakillings @jeff @amandaeliselee @jocalife @ariannyceleste @lindseypelas @jojo_babie @jessahinton

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25 April 00:01:50
This wasn t meant for me. . Are you sure? . Or are you just bitching out because you don t have what it takes in your heart to endure the struggle? . Being able to look yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself in situations where something "isnt for you" about exactly "why" it isnt for you is a necessary tool to cultivate. . Because here is the truth . 99.99% of the time people say "this isnt for me" what they are really saying is Im not willing to do the work required and I want something easier. . And if thats the case...success most likely "isnt for you" either. . If you were wanting to run a marathon, but every time you got frustrated, tired, winded, sore or bored you turned around and went back to the starting line would you ever complete your goal of running a marathon? . Of course not. . Life goals are EXACTLY the same. . Success is the same. . Nothing GREAT is s EARNED...its built by your dreams, thoughts, focus & ACTIONS. . The factor that almost always separates those that succeed from those that don t is how many challenges, hardships, obstacles and punches to the fucking face you are willing to persevere through WITHOUT QUITTING. . Yes, the old fashioned way...CONSISTENT HARD still the ONLY way to get where you want to go. . Yes, you are going to get frustrated. . Yes, you are definitely going to want to quit...many times. . THATS NORMAL...ITS SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WAY! . Its hard for all of us! Not just you. How arrogant are you to think you re the only one who struggles & has to fight? . This is part of the success recipe (struggle)...and you have to keep moving in the face of these feelings...because thats what causes the growth. . Every success has a story and these challenges will be YOUR success story! . Everyday you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you willing to DO in order to get what you want? . If the answer is "Whatever the fuck I have to" ll definitely get it in time. . If your answer is anything probably wont...and thats the truth.

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21 April 22:03:41
It takes time. . Be patient. . Win each day. . They add up. . Pic on left was roughly 1 year ago at 330lbs . Pic on right: A few weeks ago at 277lbs. . Most of this progress was made in an 8 month span....and for those that ask Im 6 1. . Slide to left for pic from today at 270lbs. . I haven t been posting a lot on my fitness...but that doesn t mean I havent been Id figure Id update you all. . Am I where I want or need to be? No. . Is this a fun post to make for me? No. . I should be a lot better than I am...I have a LONG WAY to go...but Im hell of a lot better off than I was a year ago. . I was down to sub 260 around the first of the year and after a year straight of dieting...was getting real stale. . I decided to switch up my food & training and and put back on 20lbs and was back up to 280lbs. . Now Im back at 270 on the dot and my goal is to be that weight I am what I would consider very lean (for me sub 10% body-fat). I feel the best in that thats my goal. . Just wanted to remind you guys that this is not an instant thing. . It takes time. . It takes consistent effort. . It takes consistent focus. . It takes the right tools. . It takes a thousand little mental victories. . Do the work. . Do it consistently. . Dont waiver. . Stay focused. . ....and most of all BE cant bake a cake twice as fast by turning the temperature up twice as high. . For you new people...remember can take your body roughly 8 weeks to adjust to a new need to anticipate this lag time...and understand that after that point your results will accelerate tremendously! Most people quit before this point. . Don t. . Im not a professional athlete. I have extremely limited time to train & eat. I am as busy as anyone on earth. If I can do this can you. . If you are looking make a change go to the link in my bio and lets do this shit together! . PS: @therock Im still coming for you....then we are gonna get a lift in :)

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21 April 00:06:49
LISTEN UP! If you listen to NOTHING else I say...listen to this: . Success is far less about how productive you are when you "feel like it" and far more about how well you can execute when you don t. . Learning how to close that gap is the ultimate productivity habit. . A common assumption among people that struggle is that "successful people" either have it easier or possess super human powers that keep them "in the zone" and running at high levels every single day. . And while it is 100% TRUE that successful people run at high levels every single day. . Its not because they are special or gifted or have it easier. . They have bad days. . They struggle just like you. . The difference is they have developed a habit & a discipline for themselves that pushes them through the days on which they struggle and keeps them producing at high levels even when they do not feel like it. . They have created a thought pivot that triggers productive action. . For example: "Im too tired to respond to those five emails...Id rather watch The Walking Dead" . That thought triggers them to immediately jump up, respond to the 5 emails and send out 5 more on top of it. . This can apply to all areas of life. . Think how much progress you would make if every single time the pussy inside you started talking you out of what you should immediately went and executed on that action and added a little bit on top of it. . Powerful shit? You bet your ass it is! . Learn how to close the gap of execution by developing this discipline...and you literally CANNOT LOSE. . IF YOU FOUND THIS POST VALUABLE TAG A FRIEND who needs to hear it as well. . πŸ”₯πŸ”₯NEW EPISODE ALERTπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ . The MFCEO Project THURSDAY THUNDER is LIVE! . Link in bio☝🏼️☝🏼☝🏼

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20 April 22:42:43
CAPTION THIS PHOTO of @thedailyotis . Im going with: "Dad...I wasnt me"

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20 April 01:03:07
Humility is EXTREMELY overrated....yeah I said what? . Think about it. . Its society s idea of "Humility" is what kills most dreams. . If you do anything in life that resembles you stepping up and doing anything remotely successful be ready for a barrage of comments from the peanut gallery (people who aren t doing shit) about how your not humble, not modest, arrogant and a million other comments about what you re "supposed to be" and aren t. . Sure, being humble serves a few extremely important purposes...recognizing that no matter where you are on the success scale you aren t "better" than your fellow man...the ability to recognize you can always learn and always be better....and a few other solid purposes. . But for far to many of let societies definition of humility cripple you and paralyze you from taking action and building the life you truly desire....and there is nothing noble about that. . If you take one thing from this please let it be: . YOU WERE BORN TO SHINE. . YOU WERE BORN TO BE GREAT. . YOU WERE BORN TO IMPACT PEOPLE IN YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY. . YOU WERE BORN TO BE A BAD MOTHER FUCKER WHO STOPS AT NOTHING TO SQUEEZE EVERY LAST DROP OUT OF THIS LIFE. . And those things are gonna take massive amounts of self belief. . They are going to take massive amounts of swagger. . They are going to take massive amounts of confidence. . In short...they are gonna take fucking BALLS! . Don t let the "humble stones" being thrown force you into a life of mediocrity. . Its better to be stoned to death than to be a scared little hypocrite living under the protection of the "Humble Tree". . Humility is a help you learn & improve not an excuse for lack of action/giving up/judgment of others. . Just because its popular to be "humble" dont let that concept make you think you there is something wrong with being successful. . Remember this: you have to be good before you can be humble about it. . πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Don t forget to submit your questions for my new YouTube show "The Frisella Factor" at AskTheMFCEO.comπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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19 April 00:23:08
You want to do something. . You have never done this thing before. . You want to be great at this thing. . You havent put in the study hours. . You havent put in the practice. . You havent put in the work. . You havent put in the time. . You know youre going to be bad at this thing when you start. . And since its incomprehensible for you to be bad at something in front of other decide to do nothing...and continue on with an existence that is unfulfilling, boring, irrelevant and leaves you with nothing to show for your life....oh...and broke too. . All because your ego is so fucking over inflated & fragile that you arent willing to look bad when you first start out. . Makes a lot sense. πŸ˜‘πŸ”« . πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯BRAND NEW EPISODE πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯of The MFCEO Project available at link in bio! πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½

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17 April 21:43:08
I had this inspirational quote all ready to go...but I trashed it because sometimes you just gotta post photos where you look jacked & juicy as fuck. #nottanyet πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ . #270lbsofTwistedSteelandSexAppeal #MACHINEGUNMONDAY #HKG3K #fullauto #ROBERTFRANK

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16 April 03:00:39
Many of you who know me understand that Lamborghini is a special brand to me. - Hell...I still feel like that 10 year old kid with a picture of a Lamborghini hanging on his a lot of ways I guess I am. - Im just a normal guy from Missouri who started out selling baseball cards and light bulbs door to door to get a new living the life I do and experiencing the things Im so fortunate to experience is surreal to say the least. - Today I took a drive in my rarest, longest tenured & maybe favorite Super Trofeo Stradale. - A lot of things run through my head on days like this. - Most of which are "How the fuck did I get here" I still feel like a stupid 19 year old kid with huge dreams. The kid that got laughed at by people when he opened his "little vitamin shop" with his best friend. - Along the way Ive had a lot of help. - Every time I needed some fuel for the fire..I got heaping doses of it. - There are a lot of people I could never repay for the influence they ve had on my life. - Im sure you think Im talking about the role models, my parents, mentors etc. - And while I certainly am indebted to, appreciate and LOVE all the positive influences and ride or die brothers & sisters who have stuck with us over the years. - Im not talking about them at this moment. - No. - I can never repay those that made/make my journey harder. - Im talking about those who tried to stand in the way. - Im talking about those who told me no. - Im talking about those who didnt/dont believe. - Im talking about all those who laugh/laughed. - Im talking about all those told me to be realistic. - Im talking about all those who told me to get a real job. - Im talking about those who told me I was fucking crazy. - Thank you for teaching me strength. - Thank you for teaching me self control. - Thank you for teaching me patience. - Thank you for teaching me self-belief. - Thank you for teaching me all of your chirping, words & shit talk cant affect me unless I let it. - Most of all THANK YOU for making everything so much harder and keeping my fire stoked! - Please keep betting against me. - If it weren t for you...Id be just like you.

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15 April 17:13:09
If you ve followed myself & @1stphorm any length of time now, you know we ALWAYS do things bigger and better than the last time... and #SummerSmash2017 will be no exception. . Why don t we go to the Olympia & Arnold so you can stand in line shoulder to shoulder to meet us for two seconds & quick photo? No. Thats not us. . We prefer REAL QUALITY TIME with our friends & Phamily. This is OUR expo! We do it right here at 1st Phorm Headquarters in St Louis Missouri...and its an event like NO OTHER! . Come meet & hang out with the entire 1st Phorm Team and see the Phamily as we come together to celebrate our commitment to this movement! . We ll get together, have some seminars, workouts, guest speakers and a DAMN GOOD TIME🍻🍻🍻! β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € This year will be unlike any other and we can t wait to show you what we have in store. Tickets go on sale THIS TUESDAY April 18th at 6pm CST on There are only 300 Golden tickets available and it s first come first serve. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € Can t wait til see all of you again, set your calendars, your alarms, and whatever else so you don t miss this! . PS: Rap Battle between myself, Big Ty Russ, KJ The Protein Papi, Donny Brown & Sal Frisella starts at 8pm. . #iam1stPhorm @andyfrisella @nodonutshere @dannyjonesfitness @emilyhaydenfitness @big_ty_russ @jenna_fail @derekweida @johnniep_3 @thedblife @marisalarenfit @rachelnicolefit @kaylafassio_fit @kerrihayesfit @kj_theproteinpapi @realworld_tactical @alex_zedra @passion2befit @bitesizedfitness @prymalcoach @jojo_babie @kingsamjonesiii @anacheri @raydiaz @emilysears @caseylovesfitness @missdollycastro @jessicakillings @jeff @amandaeliselee @jocalife @ariannyceleste @lindseypelas @jojo_babie @jessahinton @danfleyshman