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20 June 05:33:27
You don t always need to be strong; sometimes we grow in our weakest moments. You don t always need a plan; sometimes you just need to let go, trust, and see what happens. You can t always be nice without setting boundaries; that s when many take advantage of you. You can t always be productive; sometimes it s ok to kick back and do nothing. You don t always have to care if people don t like you. Let them deal with that problem and just be yourself. It has been a busy day today with two surgeries so I wasn t able make my Monday post earlier but I wanted to remind you that you are going to be ok even if you are not having the most amazing day or week. Maybe that s exactly what amazing is - not having to be 100% amazing at all the time. Dr. Cat

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18 June 21:48:23
I wanted to wish a Happy Father s Day to two incredible men in my life - my husband and my dad. I have so many fun childhood memories with my father - fishing with him in the summer, playing catch in the back yard, how excited he was when he took the training wheels off my bike and I rode by myself for the first time, our long talks when driving in the car, and having him help me with my homework. I also remember how he woke me up every morning with a big hug and a kiss telling me "I love you," and putting my socks on my feet as I ate breakfast. There were so many times my father went out of his way for me and I always knew I could count on him. Seeing how amazing my husband is with my daughter reminds me so much of my relationship with my own father and I feel so much love and joy in my heart when I see them together. My daughter lives life to the fullest when she is with my husband - between the fun games he creates and plays with her, the pranks and surprises they plan together, the songs they make up in the car, the funny stories he makes up speaking as the cat or her toys, and all the things he teaches her - the laughter and love on her face is so priceless. No matter how busy he is, she always comes first. I feel so blessed that my daughter has such a dedicated father and I know that he would do anything on earth for her. I am so thankful and appreciative for my father and my husband. Happy Father s Day today and every day.

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17 June 18:34:51
Our baby girl graduated junior kindergarten this last week and will be starting in kindergarten this summer. We are so proud of her and truly lucky that she loves science, art, music and homework so much. She said she wants to go Harvard to keep the family tradition ❤️ @l4layla @binais

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16 June 03:14:50
I d love to know. Comment below and let me know where you are from. ❤️

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15 June 05:07:54
From today s surgery as seen on my Snapchat: beautybydrcat. This is a young mom who lost 130lbs. As a result of her pregnancy and weight loss, this patient has a lot of extra skin. Her stomach muscles have also loosened. Abdominoplasty will help remove the excess skin and tighten the abdominal wall creating a beautiful and tight abdominal contour. This is one of my favorite surgeries because it is so life changing! Patients are always afraid of the post op pain and scarring, but I do my best through gentle and meticulous technique to ensure an almost painless recovery and an ultra low and thin surgical incision. Patients usually only need Tylenol after surgery and recover very well! @surgeon #tummytuck #plasticsurgery #mommymakeover

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14 June 05:07:45
If you really want to fly you have to let go of things that weigh you down. Whether it s doubt, betrayal, guilt or fear. You either hold on to it or let it go, the amount of work is the same. Never wait until you feel 100% ready. If we wait until we are ready we ll be waiting for the rest of our lives. I can t promise you ll get everything you want but I can promise nothing will change if you don t try. Just go for it. You can t play it safe all the time. If you win, it ll put a smile on your face for a while. If you lose you ll get wiser. ❤️

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13 June 17:42:27
Even though I m always trying to stay positive, the one thing I have an issue with is scales. The scale can only give you a numeric reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, or love. You are more than just a number on a scale or a stubborn love handle on your waist. It s part of you, not the other way around. Healthy eating, working out, and the mirror has always been more honest than just the number on the scale. If you like what you see in the mirror, the scale is irrelevant. Today is a brand new day and you have a fresh start. Start it strong. Out with negativity, in with positivity. #fitmom #fitmd

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13 June 00:58:37
Never feel that you are missing out on anything when you are working on your goals and dreams. Many times that means lost friends, missed parties, sleepless nights, and leaving your comfort zone. People won t get it and that s ok - it will all be worth it once you get that phone call or text from someone you haven t seen in 10 years asking for medical advice. The night is still there, the parties are still the same just different music, and now you have your own VIP section. Oh and the friends, if they were your true friends they would have never stopped supporting you and would have been by your side the whole way - so nothing missed there either. Temptation and challenges are the wall that stands between you and your goals and dreams. You are the one that has the latter and you decide if you are going to use it to jump the wall or chop it and use it as fire wood chop. - Dr. Cat #mondaymotivation

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12 June 03:23:39
When I was growing up - I loved my extracurricular activities, especially when it came to the classics - piano, dance, French, and art. Some of my fondest memories were performing but also I would get lost in the music, dance, and art and it allowed me to express myself in a different way. Now as a mom, it gives me so much joy to see my own daughter enjoying some of the same things. Of all the things she does, dance is her favorite. I feel so blessed to be able to watch her performance, cheer her on, and support everything she does @l4layla ❤️

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09 June 23:45:46
A little quiet moment in between work. Hope you have had a great week and I wish you an amazing weekend. ❤️

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09 June 05:03:20
Throwback to my 40th birthday. It s still hard to believe that I recently turned 40. That s 4 whole decades OMG. People ask me every day how I stay young, and the ones who are familiar with a medical career choice know that it gives you wrinkles, grey hair, and very few good nights of sleep pretty much throughout the entire process. To be honest, it s pretty simple - take care of your skin and use moisturizers, workout and eat healthy, some Botox and a few cosmetic procedures help as well 😉, eliminate everything negative from your life, infuse your life with positivity, be loved and love back. Also, just because you are a particular age it doesn t mean that have to dress a certain way - if you feel young and you want to dress young - do it! Your style should reflect who you are and not be limited by how society feels you should look. Age is a lot in your head and how you feel. I don t feel 40 - not that it s a bad thing to be 40 - but I just don t feel 40. Anyways I had a few minutes to sit and reflect and thought it would be good write lol. Have a good night! ❤️❤️

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08 June 01:08:40
Rhinoplasty is one of the surgeries that is truly life changing. It helps brighten the face and my patients feel it really helps them feel more confident. Especially in today s society where selfies and lighting show even the tiniest of irregularities or bumps, this can make people feel extra sensitive. Rhinoplasty requires extreme finesse and artistry where even a tenth of a millimeter matters. I believe that rhinoplasty should look natural and not overly pinched, overly scooped out, or look like it was done. The goal of rhinoplasty should not be to bring attention to the nose or make it obvious that they had a rhinoplasty, instead it should be to refine the nose so other beautiful features of the face like the eyes and lips shine. Patients should still look like themselves, just a more refined version of themselves. Being double board certified in ENT as well as plastic surgery gives me a unique perspective on nasal proportions and aesthetics. This clip is from today s surgery. More on my Snapchat: 👻 beautybydrcat @surgeon