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26 February 18:47:36
The best thing so far about this winter weekend is seeing my daughter s excitement when experiencing snow for the first time, putting together her snow wardrobe accessories, and working out in the snow (posting later this evening) ❤❄️

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26 February 13:47:06
So happy that I get to spend this cozy weekend up here at Big Bear Mountain. Now off to go buy some warm clothes 😂

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24 February 23:34:45
This post by my husband yesterday moved me so much I had to share. Love you so much ❤ #repost @binais When you find a quality woman, give up all side chicks, unlock your social media and your phone, make her your priority and give her the respect she deserves and be yourself because if you re trying to play any little games she ll see through that like you can see underwear through leggings. A quality woman will explore and strengthen your mind instead of playing with it and she will make you a better man without you even noticing. And for the record - it takes more of a man to stay faithful to one woman instead of having many, don t fool yourself - that will only impress company that you shouldn t be around if you are looking for success in life.

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23 February 11:08:44
7 pounds and 12 inches of skin and fat removed with tummy tuck surgery. Diet and exercise cannot remove excess skin! Full surgery video is still up on IG stories and Snapchat. Warning: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Patient has authorized consent for all videos. #plasticsurgery #tummytuck #transformation #surgeon

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22 February 22:12:22
When people ask me how my med school and residency were... #medicine

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21 February 21:52:36
There is absolutely no substitute for hard work. I love my heels and my glam on but tossing your hair up in a bun, chalk on your hands and getting down to business to lift some heavy iron is very satisfying. #fitmom #fitmd

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21 February 13:08:12
Tummy tucks are one of my favorite and one of the most life changing surgeries I perform. Contrary to what many people think - diet and exercise cannot solve the problem of excess skin, separation of the abdominal muscles or loosening of the abdominal wall. A tummy tuck removes and tightens the excess skin and repairs and strengthens the abdominal wall. Removing the extra skin which can pull and create irritation and sweating and tightening the muscles allows patients to feel more comfortable and more confident. I believe that the most important elements of a tummy tuck from a surgical and aesthetic view are the contour of the abdominal wall, the belly button, the incision, and the recovery. The outcome of these are all technical things that are very very surgeon dependent. I believe the abdominal wall should have a contour that looks like "abs", the belly button should have a natural and oval innie, the incision should be low and thin and the recovery quick. Every detail of the surgery matters to me and I take my time to passionately create a work of art , not just remove tissues (If you ve ever seen me operate you ll understand what I mean). Most of my patients take at most a few days of prescription pain medication and many just take Tylenol. They are walking and eating the night right after surgery. Tummy tucks are one of the most common surgeries I perform and I love them because they so greatly improve my patients lives. Follow me on my Snapchat 👻 for live surgeries many of which are tummy tucks. #tummytuck #plasticsurgery #surgeon #transformationtuesday

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20 February 10:48:41
Knowledge is important. But knowledge without vision and imagination to apply it is pretty useless. Any achievement regardless of size or chosen field has to start in your mind. You have to visualize and see yourself being that person. Talking to many young women, one the biggest frustrations for most of them is not having enough resources to pursue their dreams. Here is the deal - stop thinking about what you don t have and work with what you have. If you are reading this right now, you probably are already on your way somewhere in life whether you know it or not, otherwise you wouldn t be reading my record-long social media captions. You are a huge reservoir of talent and only you can tap into it. Set short term and long term goals. Divide them into a series of small goals. Every day you should have one goal that your should meet. It absolutely doesn t have to be a large one but putting together 365 met goals in one year can lead to something wonderful. Have a kickass Monday. Don t forget that you are awesome. Dr. Cat.

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19 February 23:52:56
Pablo Picasso once said: "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Growing up I spent a tremendous amount of time on arts and music. My parents made sure that I had a broad curriculum that helped me discover a variety of talents. I m so thankful for that. Even though I didn t pursue classical music or art professionally, it still helps me even today break away from every day life and clear my mind for an hour or two a week playing a piece or painting. Although those moments are fleeting, I have fully enjoyed the moment - find little breaks in life that you treasure and they will fill you with joy. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Dr. Cat

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19 February 16:00:23
Many people ask me what the difference is between my product containing Vitamin C versus other skincare products. Vitamin C must be formulated in a way that is stable to be absorbed into the skin and be effective. This is particularly tricky when mixed with other ingredients. There must also be a high enough concentration of Vitamin C present to be effective. Also, only certain molecular forms of vitamin C can be absorbed in the skin and be effective. All of these details are important. As a molecular biology graduate from Harvard and published skin researcher, I cared a lot about these details and I worked extensively with my manufacturer to make sure the Vitamin C in my products was exactly the way I wanted it. When formulated correctly, Vitamin C is one of the most effective anti-aging and skin health ingredients. @mdglam Vitamin C products are stable and effective due to the unique compositions and methods of its ingredient blends. Here is how Vitamin C works. Exposure to harmful UV rays creates free radicals which damage collagen as well as other components of skin integrity - antioxidants like Vitamin C neutralize free radicals and protect from this damage. There have been many double blind placebo controlled studies that have shown that Vitamin C increases collagen in the skin and the integrity of the extracellular matrix of the skin. Studies using optic profilometry which measures skin surface profiles have demonstrated that Vitamin C improves skin texture, fine wrinkling, roughness, and skin elasticity. Vitamin C, which combined with Vitamin E is more effective, is one of the key ingredients in the MDGLAM NIGHT moisturizer. #mdglam #surgeon #skincare #plasticsurgeon #antiaging Ref: Huang CK, et. al. The Truth About Over the Counter Anti-Aging Products: A Comprehensive Review. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. July/August 2007

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18 February 22:34:03
Off to a wedding ❤but will do a quick @mdglam Skincare Saturday Q&A. Check in to my IG stories and Snapchat @beautybydrcat for the answers to your questions. Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday! Lots of love! #mdglam #wedding #skincare