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15 August 22:53:28
Back to school - I remember the feelings of excitement I felt starting each new year.  New clothes, new books, new experiences, there was always a little fear of the newness mixed in with the anticipation.  As a mom, I now experience the stress but excitement getting my daughter ready for her new school - between carpool, bus, picking afterschool classes, lunches and uniforms - back to school is definitely a busy time.  For all those of you out there whether you are starting a new year or helping a loved one get ready, here is a gift for you!  You deserve it!  25% off everything on MDGLAM.com. Use the code: BACK2SCHOOL at the checkout. The offer ends on Tuesday August 22nd at midnight PST. You will look forward to your skincare routine at the end of your busy day getting ready for the new school year.  Even if you feel like you are running around all over the place - no one will know since your skin will have that MD GLAM @mymdglam polished glow. #mdglam #backtoschool

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15 August 20:18:00
Hi there beautiful. This post is dedicated to you to tell you that you are beautiful if no one told you so today. Butterflies can t see their wings. They can t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well. If you ever question your beauty always remember that there is someone watching from the side admiring something about you. Just look past what you believe is wrong, really take a good look with your closed eyes, and see how beautiful and strong you are. ❤️ #youarebeautiful

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14 August 18:02:52
Happy Birthday princess @layla 💖

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14 August 17:45:27
Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend. I celebrated my daughter s birthday with all her favorite things in one place. It makes me so happy to see her smile and happy. I can t believe @layla is turning 5. Time flies by so fast. The most beautiful moments that we want to hold onto for as long as possible always seem to flash by in a heartbeat. As you chase your dreams and goals this week don t forget to enjoy who and what you already have. Thank you to @poolside_collection for this wonderful matching set for me and my baby girl @layla

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12 August 01:52:53
Worry less. Smile more. Listen carefully. Take responsibility. Accept what you can’t change. Embrace the lessons. Love your life. ❤️

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11 August 10:11:49
The plastic surgery consultation is when you first meet with your surgeon, discuss the things you want to fix or the surgeries you are considering. When people call into the office, some of them wonder why the consultation isn’t free. The consultation is probably one of the most important steps in the entire process. During that visit, I really take the time to understand specifically what my patient wants to change and what is bothering them. Many times, they think they want one procedure, but that procedure won’t actually address their problem. I also perform a detailed history and physical. In the physical exam, I determine what the correct procedure is for them to address their concerns. I look at old scars that may affect wound healing, complications, and feel for any physical findings that may affect the final result and help the patient understand what to realistically expect from their surgery and I go over the most common questions and concerns people have. The consultation fee is $500 and goes towards the surgical procedure. Because of the time it takes to do the consultation, there are only so many patients I can see in a given day. I’m in surgery at least 3 times a week, so that leaves only a few hours on a few days that I can see new consultations. I do all my consultations MYSELF – not a nurse, consultant, or office staff. logistically, I only have time to see patients who are serious about surgery. If I could sit and talk to people all day, that would be great and I would probably enjoy meeting everyone who was interested in talking to me about plastic surgery, but then my patients would never get operated on! I take time with every single one of my patients and value the quality of our relationship that starts with the consultation. We also offer video consultations for out of town patients. My next available appointment is end of November/December and I book surgeries several months in advance after that initial visit so please plan ahead. We do have a waiting list as well. There are only 9 available surgical days for this calendar year. For scheduling please call 310-858-8808 or email help@beautybydrcat.com

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10 August 14:49:00
We took our daughter @layla to the same place we got married 7 years ago. @binais 💕

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09 August 14:12:47
I believe that ambition, determination, perseverance, and hard work are some of the essentials to success. I am blessed to be where I am now with my career and my life but I also think it is important for people to remember that success does not come overnight, nor does it come easy and I, like everyone else, have had to struggle and fight. It took an enormous amount of sacrifice, studying, and always doing extra to go above and beyond to get a perfect SAT score, then to get into and graduate from Harvard, then medical school at UCLA, and then two competitive surgery residencies (16 years total). Just like anyone else, I had moments along the way where I felt tired, discouraged, frustrated, or that the finish line felt too far. Maybe it was during that all-nighter trying to finish a paper, maybe it was that organic chemistry exam that was extra challenging, maybe it was spending Saturday night in the anatomy lab dissecting a cadaver, maybe it was the 5th page in the middle of the night covering facial and hand trauma in the ER having not slept for 2 days in my surgery residency. Whatever that moment is that is bringing you down, we all have them. I often get emails and messages from students or young people asking for advice on life or how to become a surgeon. The best advice I can give is to always stay strong and never give up. In those moments when you feel the most tired, the most frustrated, or the most disappointed - dig deep and find the strength to keep pushing ahead. Know that those moments are the ones that define you and your future success. The biggest steps are the hardest to climb but once you do, you have climbed so much higher. If the path towards your dreams were easy, then anyone could achieve them. What will set you apart is your ability to overcome the most challenging moments, and embrace them. Know that you have the strength within you. Ambition, determination, perseverance, and hard work. #nevergiveup #bosslady #plasticsurgeon #mdglam

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08 August 16:50:53
I came across this image from a few years ago and I can t believe how ripped I was. Working out is truly one of our best friends when it comes to staying young, healthy and happy. Throughout my years of working out and trying different training methods I ve noticed that nothing works better for me than staying around free weights and basic exercises combined with some high intensity cardio. I was a fashion model when I was younger and I remember hearing from our agency that veins and muscle was absolutely a big no. Somehow that got stuck in my head and a big portion of my life I was afraid to eat protein or go close to the the free weight section at the gym. That changed when I met my husband @binais and he talked me into eating more, smaller meals but more frequently, also he grabbed my hand from the cardio machines and took me on a romantic walk to the free weights. I loved the results I was getting and the way my body changed and got stronger as I was eating more and healthier. #fitmd #fitmom #plasticsurgeon

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07 August 17:46:55
I keep seeing social media flooded with images of oversized butts that are clearly not the result of genetics or squats. I m concerned that because these images are so prevalent that people are starting to think this is normal and think butt injections aren t a big deal. In my practice I have seen many many girls coming in for repair after botched butt procedures - infections, cysts that requires drainage creating large dents, big uneven lumps, hard scar tissue that feels like pebbles, oversuctioned lower backs, and areas where the skin died. I m so frustrated by people going to foreign countries for "discount plastic surgery" or unlicensed practitioners and non board certified plastic surgeons here in the states and having silicone or other illegal injections placed. Some of the women I ve seen don t even know what material was placed in their body. These procedures in the worst cases can result in embolism leading to infection with loss of legs that have to be amputated and even death. Implants placed in the butt are different from the breast - they tend to get infected, shift or extrude. Brazilian butt lift where your own fat is used and transferred to the butt is a much better and safer technique but even then has to be done with technical skill and care to minimize complications and also be performed in a way to create a naturally full look that is not fake looking. The fat must be transferred drop by drop in its own space and not over filled or it starts to die. The way that the fat is harvested and processed is also very important. I have a three step fat harvesting process that optimizes the survival of the fat. I believe plastic surgery should enhance your natural beauty, and create feminine curves not create something that looks super fake and is dangerous. @surgeon #plasticsurgery #bbl #botched

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06 August 23:56:52
BE AWARE of Natural & Organic labeling. Those are two words that many companies have found to do miracles for their marketing strategy. A lot of people ask me if MD GLAM @mymdglam products are organic and natural. I did investigate having 100% certified organic products - especially since most of the food I eat is organic and I am very conscious about anything I use in or on my body. However, as I researched organic products, I learned that skin products are very different from food. Unlike food which is kept in the refrigerator and eaten within a few days, most skin products are kept in the bathroom for weeks and months where the conditions in skin products (moist gels or creams, sugars from natural plant ingredients, and warmth) encourage mold and bacterial growth. That is why it is important for them to contain preservatives to prevent these thing from growing. That being said - most of the plant based ingredients in MD GLAM products are organic, but the products themselves are not 100% organic because safety is my number one priority. Also, not only is the definition of "natural" hazy, but the term is loosely regulated, so any cosmetics company can use it to mean whatever they want it to mean. For example, many antioxidants are naturally derived, but by the time they are extracted, purified and processed, they are far from their natural beginnings. Ideally, skincare products should contain a mix of beneficial naturally-derived and synthetic ingredients. When properly formulated, these ingredients work in harmony to give your skin the best that natural and synthetic has to offer, and you ll see the difference. Please don t fall into marketing traps when companies use certain terminology to get your attention. I m very proud that I have created skincare products that are clean and safe. They are free from paraben, sulfate, cruelty, dye, alcohol, petroleum, petrochemicals and no animal testing (Leaping Bunny certified) and contain organic ingredients. As I have said many times, if I wouldn t feel comfortable using something on my own daughter, I d never feel comfortable recommending it to anyone! @mymdglam #mdglam #skincare

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05 August 23:26:40
If you listen you will hear. If you look you will see. If you touch you will feel. If you try you will be. ❤️