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My car is like 40% done I skate and I write music 🤓

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 (@calatn0) Instagram photo 2017-02-08 21:20:11

08 February 21:20:11
Don t worry child if you re out there I will find you make no mistake

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04 February 20:40:10
Went to the docta today hopefully everything s good!

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18 January 13:35:36
Play this song at my funeral and I doubt you ll cry #darkfuneral

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16 January 23:39:31
We had fun

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10 January 20:19:48
#supra #supragramm #suprafootwear my 3rd pair I got those zumiez ltd Ed. Black and gold some grey and black ones that are totally destroyed and now these I love this shoe I still wishes they made the double e s

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09 January 10:02:10
I m about to go to the dentist I am so fucked years and years of not going all in one trip this is not going to be fun