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22 September 10:05:37
South-East Governors Forum (SEGF) Letter of Appreciation The South-East Governors’ Forum (SEGF) led by the Director-General of the Secretariat, Prof. Simon Ortuanya, paid a Visit to DAWN Commission in Ibadan on Monday, 11th September, 2017 to establish networks and relationships with DAWN as well as become conversant with the processes and procedures for running a Regional Organisation. #ibadankiniso #ibadan #dawncommission

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22 September 09:46:42
A fast rising rapper and singer by name Samuel Uchendu popularly known as Sammiecolt has followed up his debut release titled V.S.O.P which was earlier this year with a collaboration featuring the DMW rapgod Dremo(@dremodrizzy) on a song titled "Ibadan City". . . This is a song specially dedicated to the biggest city in west Africa and fortunately the both artists on the track were born and brought up in Ibadan city though Sammiecolt has an Igbo origin which could be traced down to Abia State but he still insisted on doing this track for his city due the love he has for the city. #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 September 09:20:17
"You this Hausa boy, you want to bring down the government of my husband; you want to disgrace him out of power? Una no fit! God no go allow you.”— Former First Lady, Patience Jonathan to former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal in April 2012, page 42, chapter 2 of the book "Against The Run of Play", by Olusegun Adeniyi. #ibadankiniso #ibadan #forthesakeofhistory #HistoryVille

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22 September 09:14:40
Guess who? #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 September 09:14:04
Happy 71st Birthday King Sunny Ade God bless your new age #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 September 02:31:37
Prevention is better than cure.. #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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21 September 03:23:42
OYOWMA, under WestAfricanENRG has been in charge of waste collextion and disposal in Oyo state. The process is still in progress, as we have to get creative in dealing with certain lingering problems showing up in the process of implementation. Between July and August, we have moved over 13,000MT of waste from the nooks and crannies of Oyo state, and, with the support of more partners, you inclusive, we are poised to do even more in the coming months. This also shows an enhanced capacity of the contractors, and a better understanding of the strategies required to efficiently monitor and administer their operations. We have engaged contractors covering all the areas of Oyo state and removing domestic waste from homes, offices, medians, markets, etc. We can be reached on 09099581501 and 09032136608, or via email - oyowma@westafricaenrg.com , on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/WestAfricaENRG ) and @WestAfricaENRG across all the other social media channels. We are currently engaging Landlords’ and Residents’ Associations in all the various estates and streets across all the local governments in Oyo state; we are hoping that this enables us create partnerships that make it easier to carry out the process of waste and revenue collections on a holistic, more widespread and effective basis. #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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20 September 12:00:33
FLASH: Nigeria s Attorney General gets court order proscribing Indigenous People Of BIAFRA (IPOB) therefore designating it as a terror organization #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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20 September 10:05:59
More than 50,000 people in Japan are over 100 years old. #ibadankiniso #ibadan #fact

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20 September 09:35:15
My British friend just asked me, What is ASUU? ....I told him it s an annual festival in Nigeria where students don t go to school for several months 😁😁😁 Abi i lie? #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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20 September 03:03:03
TODAY IN HISTORY 1943— General Sani Abacha is born in Kano, Nigeria. He would have been 74. General Sani Mohammed Abacha, the most popular Kanuri person in the world was arguably regarded as the most patient man on earth. A man of diminutive stature: just 5feet 4inches. You would be thoroughly stupefied at his height. A man of fire, iron and steel. The General lorded absolute power and unbridled authority over 120 million souls. Not even Generals dared cross his path. Those who did knelt and wept before him while he offered them tissue paper to wipe their salty tears. Not even a plea from the Pope could melt his heart. Mandela begged him to no avail. Then, in a resigning tone, Mandela described him as an arrogant brute. No one messed with Abacha. He was gentle. Listening. Cunning. Daring. Attentive. Dangerous. Brave. Abacha was Brutal. It will thrill you that for all his evils, he accepted who and what he was. Indeed, the history of Nigeria is incomplete without a succinct recourse to the man Sani Mohammed Abacha. To some he is a hero, to others he is a tyrant. To many more, he just had flaws that he was too carefree about protecting. Many believe there are worst administrations than that of Sani Abacha. They just succeeded to push fresh sands over traces of their corrupt feet, thereby covering their tracks to extinction. Golden question is, who was Sani Abacha to you? #ibadankiniso #forthesakeofhistory #ibadan #HistoryVille