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22 November 16:28:32
For me, loyalty is staying true to my values and principles...it is not sticking to people no matter what. My friends are typically people with shared values and principles. I can predict where my true friends will stand on any subject and get it right 95% of the time. So if I stay loyal to them it is because I am being loyal to my values and principles. When you go rogue as a friend, I believe it is my responsibility to call you to order on the basis of same shared values and principles. That is loyalty. It isn t blind support. It isn t "You re right so long as you re friend or family," for this is the hallmark of servility. Many people believe this kind of blind loyalty strengthens their friendship, yet it weakens their friends...it exposes them to real harm while providing a false sense of protection. I surround myself with fiercely independent minds, folks who can always keep our friendship aside and judge things using a moral compass that derives its energy from their own values as humans. Sadly, too many of us do not live by any firm values, constantly oscillating with events based primarily on the convenience for us at the time. Social media is replete with such tendencies. Slavishness. Asslicking of Golathian proportions. The perpetual quest to be in the good books of the people we adore. The sad consequence being the loss of our own minds, our own identities, our own essences as individuals. I find this obsequiousness really irritating and many times I say a prayer for adults who relegate themselves to the lowly depths of licking ass here for their sustenance. Sometimes I empathize, because not all of us are fortunate to have gotten a decent length from the cloth of self esteem, so I must pause my contempt for such characters sometimes and empathize...and then pity instead. You re the locus of your existence. Pandering is slavish and uncool. Stop being a dog. And "celebrities" the day you think and act like you re beyond reproach is the day you start subconsciously shoving the spade into the earth ahead of your own requiem. #ibadankiniso #ibadan #itodo

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22 November 16:04:47
MIDWK-MOTIVATIONAL : BE YOURSELF, NEVER GIVE UP Peter Dinklage (pictured) was born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. He was the only family member with this abnormality, both his parents and his older brother, Jonathan, having the right heights. Despite being just 4 feet 5 inches (135 cm), he has established himself as an amazing actor who inspires thousands all over the world. As a child, he and his brother performed puppet musicals for the people in their neighbourhood in Brookside, New Jersey. His audience saw his exceptional potential as an actor and their encouragement increased his confidence in himself. He moved to New York to start up a theater company with his friend Ian Bell. They became tenants as an apartment but were incapable of paying the rent and moved out. Dinklage then had to work at a data processing company for two years to earn a living. There was a time when he had no place to stay. He slept on couches in his friends’ houses and had to do odd jobs such as dusting pianos. Dinklage had to go through a lot of struggle initially because he did not accept roles offered to him because of his physical condition. He wasn’t ready to act as “elves or leprechauns” only, but wanted to do quality work, playing characters with strong voices and personalities. It was because he knew his capability and did not see himself as inferior for any reason. His first big success was the movie, The Station Agent, in which he played the strong character of Finbar McBride. After this, a variety of offers kept coming his way and he gave his best to all of them. But, most of you know him as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, a character that has the hugest number of fan following and has been called the “most quotable” of all. Had he been disappointed by his failures and struggles, he wouldn’t have been where he is today. It was his courage and his faith in his own potential that made him a household name. Since 2011, Dinklage has portrayed Tyrion Lannister in the HBO series Game of Thrones, which has earned him the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2011 and 2015, as well as receiving consecutive Emmy nominations from 2011

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22 November 14:06:13
Tag/Mention a Dancer Can you dance? We appreciate our homegrown talents and so during this year s countdown, we wanna celebrate dancers! Yes! All you need do is enter the IBCF dance competition and post a 1minute video freestyle of yourself or group. Make sure you tag @ibadancountdownfestival and dance judges @the_xpandables and @thecymbalsdancecrew .. Use the hashtag #IBCF2017DanceChallenge Competition starts from now till 20th of December! This year you stand a chance to win major cash prizes and lots of gifts! Grand finale will be at a special concert for you all at the palms mall, Ibadan! Start NOW! Best entries, likes will be selected with no bias! Show your talent! This December will be lit! #ibtotheworld #steadywerise we see all dancers making the city proud! #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 November 14:03:22
JAMB 2018 REGISTRATION STARTS TODAY ( 22 NOV 2017)... As of today 22nd of november 2017,the unified tertiatiary matriculation examination registration has started,the registration portal was enabled today s night by 12 am .. the form can be paid for with an online generated remita reference pin and through a scratch card as well,But before proceeding for the below process,you must have created a jamb profile,if you have not,click HERE to create one for yourself now HOW TO REGISTER FOR THE 2018 JAMB UTME EXAM USING REMITA PIN Interested candidates should go to any cyber cafe near to them and generate the remita pin with the sum of #500 naira ( some collects 200) after generating the pin,the candidate should proceed to any bank of his/her choice with the sum of 5000 naira which will be paid to the board s account,after the payment at the bank,go back to the cyber cafe again then give them your payment bank teller (printout given to you by bank).this is what the cyber cafe operator will use to register you,some cyber collects 1000 for the service while some collects more than depending on your state and area,you are adviced to be close to the cyber operator while registering you so as to avoid mistakes which you will use money to correct.after the registration,you will be given the jamb novel IN DEPENDENCE which you will be tested upon and brochure. NOTE: YOU ARE TO INDICATE WHETHER YOU WILL WRITE THE MOCK EXAM OR NOT as it is optional HOW TO REGISTER FOR JAMB 2018 WITH SCRATCH CARD This method is one of the simplest and most adopted method by students.to register with scratch card,simply go to the cyber cafe and tell them that you want to register for jamb 2018,they might ask you whether you have paid to bank or not which your answer will be NO, #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 November 13:52:05
Why are some people desperate for miracle ? #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 November 13:50:31
This one weak me #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 November 12:58:30
Which tribe/town dey kiss like dis??? This is man s inhumanity to woman. #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 November 12:51:53
Yay or Nay? #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 November 12:50:36
33 days to go. We are celebrating 15 years of #LAFUPLIVE in the city of Ibadan. If you haven t experienced a Comedy Show in a carnival-like, make sure you don t miss December 26th, 2017 at Jogor Centre. Get ready to #getmarked2 @lafupcfr @lafuptv #ibadankiniso #ibadan

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22 November 12:48:52
Bola Ahmed Tinubu s campaign poster as a senator under SDP in 1993 #ibadankiniso #ibadan