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I Z A (@izajewelry) Medias

I Z A (@izajewelry) Instagram photo 2017-09-16 18:16:12

16 September 18:16:12
The HEX RING has been getting some mega love lately. It s been the one design I ve personally worn every day since launching @izajewelry, so I m beyond blushed. Thank you @gypsy_geo for including it in your last Bali photoshoot with mega babe @komorebi.o. 🎀💕 #izajewelry #ring #hexring #jewelry #jewelrydesigner #jewellery #bali #fashionblogger

I Z A (@izajewelry) Instagram photo 2017-09-13 23:01:28

13 September 23:01:28
ONE DAY... 🙌🏼 @onedaybridal

I Z A (@izajewelry) Instagram photo 2017-08-22 00:23:47

22 August 00:23:47
Really obsessed with everything lunar lately. 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 Can t wait to reveal the new collection... @stellamariabaer 🙌🏼 #moon #eclipse

I Z A (@izajewelry) Instagram photo 2017-08-21 17:43:39

21 August 17:43:39
"I have late night conversations with the moon, he tells me about the sun and I tell him about you." // Today s solar eclipse was pure magic. To feel that unified and small and one with nature, was something I ll forever remember. Feeling extra thankful for all of you that have supported my jewelry line since day 1 and take beautiful pictures like this. Thank you for this lovely snap @newfound of your beauty @tdelacollins wearing my fave, the HEX RING. 🌘 #izajewelry #solareclipse #moon #sunworshiper #jewelrydesigner

I Z A (@izajewelry) Instagram photo 2017-08-12 03:51:06

12 August 03:51:06
O B S E S S E D 🙌🏼 @penabranca #gold

I Z A (@izajewelry) Instagram photo 2017-08-08 23:29:53

08 August 23:29:53
This Colombian beauty, wearing the limited edition Metallic Dreams Choker in Jerusalem is everything. 📸 @lucidography 🐉🙌🏼 #izajewelry #jewelry #choker #shisha #dragon #fashionphotography #jewelrydesigner #necklace