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I like to work on cars and buy trucks 🛠🇺🇸
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Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-07-12 17:49:26

12 July 17:49:26
Damn bro I don t know what I m going to do without you in town anymore. It s funny to think that we started out hating each other when we first met and then ended up becoming best friends. Looking back at all the dumb things we did (and there are plenty) and all the parties we went to, I wouldn t change a thing about it. All the memories we made and all the stories that go with them wouldn t of happened with out you. Do big things big dawg! I love you like a brother, I ll see you when you get out of basic! 😈🇺🇸 P.S. me and @travis_hfcb will keep Mark in line while you re gone 😂

Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-06-25 19:15:42

25 June 19:15:42
They say blood makes you related but loyalty makes you kin, so when I call these boys my brothers I mean what I said

Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-06-19 19:16:03

19 June 19:16:03
When stories start with "remember that time", you know you ve got some damn good friends

Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-05-30 19:46:32

30 May 19:46:32
Ride or dies for life 😈

Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-05-28 13:06:02

28 May 13:06:02
I would say that I ll miss high school.. but that would be a damn lie

Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-05-21 18:11:15

21 May 18:11:15
Been raising hell since 8th grade with y all and now it s senior year with plenty more hell to raise 😈

Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-04-29 19:04:24

29 April 19:04:24
You ve been real heavy on my mind lately and I can t help but hope for a text from you saying that you need me to fix your car, when it s just a dead battery. I wish I could have one more "shindig" at my house and watch you dance your way into every room that you entered. I just wish that I would ve gone to prom with you last year when you asked me to. I love you Stormz, fly high! ❤️

Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-04-16 18:18:21

16 April 18:18:21
Happy Easter from us Fender boys! 😤 #heisrisen

Jared Fender (@jared.fender) Instagram photo 2017-04-02 09:24:01

02 April 09:24:01
This just doesn t even seem real right now. And it definitely wasn t news that I wanted to hear when I woke up this morning. R.I.P. Stormy, Jonah, and Brittany! I ve had many good memories with all of y all, fly high... y all are gone but not forgotten... 😪