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obi say: wiki SGT Stubby

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pup obi kenobi (@justinklahn) Instagram photo 2017-05-16 06:20:24

16 May 06:20:24
sometimes you re the #bullet & sometimes you re the #gun :: but in this case, 8mth old Duke here was the #target --- but just of a scuffle #Sunday nite with his 8mth old brother Jack.. Jack dug a tooth deep into Dukes shoulder. But happy to report, Duke s Mom & G Ma have plenty of experience mending injured animals on the farm --- so Duke was patched then maxing & relaxing w/Obi. #live and #learn #goldenretriever #goldensofinstagram

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07 May 03:48:53
i kno... after 2 posts w/out Obi- here s the #maestro #frenchbulldog #bostonterrier w/@lucyrhall