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I used to be cool. Attempting to be somebody I can be proud to be. 💁🏻

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24 May 05:22:29
So Vegas was super cool. #vegas

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21 April 02:10:35
I will swear by @infiniti from this day on. Although I might not be able to own another anytime soon. The quality and safety of this car and company saved my life today, with some help of luck. I managed to roll the G off a mountain road and somehow survived without a single scratch. Honestly blessed to be alive. #infiniti #g37 #g37s #g37coupe #youwillbemissed #RIP #bae #vq37 #vqlife P.s - I wasn t driving recklessly at all but sometimes things happen.

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15 April 17:12:18
Got nominated for a b&w from @jmanj30. Don t really know anybody else to do so yeah.. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #blackandwhitechallenge #g37coupe #g37s #infiniti

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10 April 18:47:31
Since it s #nationalsiblingday here s a killer pic of my beautiful lil sis @terafaie . Who really needs to stop growing up, you re making me feel old. 👴🏼

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09 April 21:03:50
My main bitch. 🐶 Beware of dog, she will lick you to death #pitbull #pitpuppy

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24 March 03:45:36
Throw back about a month. Skiing @whistlerblackcomb with pops & co. I need to ski more 😪