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Kirill Yuzh (@lunaroyster) Instagram photo 2017-04-28 20:00:58

28 April 20:00:58
Tired of the black; Maaco said they got me covered 😳

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27 April 16:59:47
Personally, I think the rose gold modern ck2998 with brown subs and bezel is a far more attractive watch than the blue steel version 🤷🏻‍♂️ #omega #ck2998 #reedition #speedmaster #rosegold #watchoftheday

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21 April 19:13:24
90 degrees and humid calls for rubber strap watch and jet skis #yachtmaster #rolex #116655 #watchoftheday

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21 April 02:38:17
One more uncommon guy: Aside from more "traditional" Rivet and Jubilee bracelets, the 1675/8 was also offered on a "President" link bracelet which used "54" end-links for GMT opposed to the "55" end-links used for Day-Date models reference 1803. This 1968 Root Beer also has a glossy dial which later changes to a matte finish dial. Check out the ad on my website for more info and pics! #LunarOyster