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Gi❤️️ since 11/11/16 || Fire Science Major at CSM || INO #257, L6 || Thrill Seeker and Athlete

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17 May 20:07:16

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29 April 05:06:27
What a magical night. Cool ass magic show in the city with the family. Good nights guys. 🎲♠️♥️♣️♦️

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16 April 08:09:22
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful young adult in the world! I ve seen this girl transform from a cute associate not knowing how to work the fryers to the love of my life and the person I want to hold dear and close for a long time. Thank you Gianna for an amazing life changing experience, meeting you and helping you become the wonderful lady you are today. I can t thank you enough. I love you and happy 18th baby girl 💛 #legal #18 #giantsgame

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11 April 11:20:03
And to top the weekend off, I finally threw my first actual elevated backflip and nailed it first try. Even my fam was hyped to see me go for it. Glad I started the weekend with a good foot forward and not a broken one. Life on the edge is a fun ass lifestyle. Break your comfort zone and blow your expectations outta the water. You got this, Let s get it!

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11 April 11:09:37
While In Monterey for the weekend getting my international scuba license. Some nice finds near the water I found out.

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11 April 10:59:26
To the girl who stayed true to what she wanted, what she knew was the right thing to do, the girl who kept her word and proved her actions to have gravity and meaning and life. This girl is my rock and my blessing. She has helped me through tough times and to see life in a different perspective and I don t see myself getting tried of this view. The world is our oyster and I can t wait to explore it with you beautiful. For five great months of happiness, hope and heartfelt messages and to many many more experiences, memories and life in all it s motion and excitement. I m beyond glad you landed in my life and I can t thank you enough for you effort, love and passion towards me, my family and friends and my heart hopes and dreams. Thank you so much Gianna. You ve become such a important part of my life and we re just scratching the surface of the possibilities we have together. So Cheers to gratitude and love and the humbled human I am now because of the change Gianna gave me. I appreciate it baby girl. I hope her unselfish heart and great attitude is seen and shared by many in this world cause she knows what s up. Happy Five months babe.❤️#almost18 #love #giants

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10 April 06:14:07
B-5 Blue Hellcat spotted at the dive site in Monterey. Dude was there both days so he was definitely a diver. It s Stick and had a mean takeoff to make a great day of open ocean scuba diving. My dream car parked right in front of me. Priceless. 👌🔵

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10 March 16:53:27
Happy Birthday Sean! Thanks for everything and I hope your 19th is as sick as you are Bro. Attaboy! 💯#Stang

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03 March 01:52:26
My Baby Girl ❤️😍

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15 February 02:42:27
My baby girl and I took another historic trip to the City by the Bay. Saw the Golden Gate from both sides of the peninsula and had a great time walking around, eating, and jamming out to some tunes. Another amazing date with my Girl. Another memory to treasure forever. Love you honey 🍯❤️😍😘

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15 February 02:36:22
This Girl right here has changed my life and how I see the world. She has opened up my eyes to new sights and brought me to make new friends and everlasting memories. We ve hit three months now and I have to say I ve never been happier with my life and I can t wait for the next adventure with this angel. I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day from Me and Gi❤️

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17 January 16:19:06
In memory of our fist date, we took another trip to the city by the bay for a great day of sight seeing and discovering how cool this place this that s right next door to us. Furthermore it gave us time to see how amazing it is to has someone beside you and to be connected and completely committed to that person, you have their back and they have yours. Love can make people do some crazy things. I m beyond glad that I have someone this special in my life and I can t wait for the next adventure. By the way, she s an artist too. PC: @photobygi Love you Babe❤️️