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29 April 16:45:15
Mornings like this ❤️ #mdglam @beautybydrcat

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28 April 15:31:39
Facial cleansers are one of the most overlooked part of a skincare regimen but one of the most important components. Cleaners are essential to remove dirt, makeup, and toxins from the skin. Using them provides a clean surface for moisturizers to be applied on for maximal efficacy. One of problems I had with most cleansers is that they contained harsh soaps or alcohols that over-stripped the skin of essential protective oils. When patients tell me they have sensitive skin or can t use makeup or different moisturizers, I always ask them about their cleanser since it is usually the source of the problem. I personally have sensitive skin as well as large pores which is why I developed the MDGLAM deep pore cleanser to be effective yet hydrating. I also added antioxidants to neutralize toxins as well as many hydrating agents so that the skin feels clean and soft after use. If you have trouble with your pores or skin sensitivity I highly recommend you try my MDGLAM deep pore foaming cleanser with the rest of the MDGLAM line. #mdglam

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26 April 02:36:02
Good morning sunshine. I opened some wonderful gifts this morning. They were my eyes and my MDGLAM products😍. Don t forget to wash and moisturize your beautiful face ❤️

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25 April 10:18:55

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25 April 04:10:07
Whatever you plan on doing today, make sure to be fabulous and take care of your face ❤️ #mdglam #bliss

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22 April 21:58:03
“I have put the same love and passion into taking care of my patients and their surgeries as I have put into every step of creating this skincare line that I am so proud and excited about…” Dr. Cat @beautybydrcat

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21 April 15:26:02
The perfect date night 😍 #mdglam

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20 April 19:45:40
Did you know that we ship to over 200 countries and we process & ship all orders within 1-2 business days. You can purchase our products strictly and exclusively on ❤️ #mdglam

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19 April 22:05:38
And this is why I need Botox 🤣

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18 April 20:15:16
This is well needed after my 17h flight. It s wonderful spending our warm vacation days at the pool but take these special precautions to keep the pool from ruining your skin and hair. Chlorine from the pool can dry out your skin and hair and for some people, cause irritation. To protect your hair, wet your hair first or treat it with a little bit of conditioner, coconut oil, baby oil, or any oil based serums before getting in the pool. For you skin and hair, rinse off immediately and thoroughly after you finish swimming to remove all the chlorine. If you are particularly sensitive to chlorine there are swimmers soaps and shampoos that can neutralize the chlorine. After rinsing, moisturize your skin well with heavy moisturizers with antioxidants like vitamin C, A, and E. Dr. Cat #mdglam #dubai #skincare @beautybydrcat

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17 April 21:36:16
MD GLAM is all packed and ready for Dubai 😍✈️

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13 April 17:52:27
Your health is what makes you beautiful. Look after it! Here is what your face says about your health. #mdglam