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Skincare by Dr. Cat @beautybydrcat
Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Cruelty-free
MD GLAM™ is made in the USA 🇺🇸
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17 June 18:09:03
Working on our gift set design. Coming this fall 💖 #mdglam

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12 June 09:20:39
Happy Monday #mdglam

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10 June 23:05:48
Weekends like this ❤️ #mdglam

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05 June 17:33:51
Reppst @beautybydrcat Vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant and is naturally found in the skin to protect it. Exposure to harmful UV rays and toxins in the environment creates free radicals that damage collagen as well as other components of skin. Antioxidants like Vitamin C neutralize free radicals and protect the skin. There have been many scientific research studies that have shown that Vitamin C increases collagen in the skin, improves skin texture, fine wrinkling, pigmentation, roughness, and skin elasticity. However not all Vitamin C formulations are the same - only certain molecules of Vitamin C absorb into the skin, maintain stability in a moisturizer, and are effective for anti-aging. Vitamin C, which combined with Vitamin E is more effective, is one of the key ingredients in the @mdglam NIGHT moisturizer. Extensive testing and research and development went into MD GLAM products for maximal efficacy and results. @mdglam mdglam #skincare #vitaminc

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04 June 02:02:28
A lot of people ask me if my products are safe. As a mom first and a medical doctor second I d never stand behind any product that I wouldn t feel comfortable having my family use. In fact safety was one of my priorities when I was formulating my products in addition to efficacy. My daughter @l4layla uses MD GLAM occasionally, not because she needs to or should but simply because she loves copying mommy and because she loves the way they smell and feel. MD GLAM products are paraben free, sulfate free, petrochemical free, dye free, and manufactured in the US. As far as my skincare products go I feel proud to say that they are 100% safe. - Dr. Cat @beautybydrcat

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03 June 23:35:44
Saturday vibes 😍 #mdglam

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31 May 15:05:28
My mission with MD GLAM is to provide the best possible skin care products that I can stand behind 100%. - Dr. Cat. #mdglam @beautybydrcat

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29 May 05:40:33
Don t neglect to make time for yourself or take care of your needs it s much easier to fail with every other role we have. Have a good night everyone 🌹 #mdglam

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28 May 18:34:00
It s Sunday and time to reflect upon our life. 🙃 #mdglam

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28 May 07:01:43
Saturday nights like this 😍 #mdglam

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23 May 05:08:57
#Repost @joyhyip888 ・・・ I LOVE LOVE my new skincare regiment! My face feels so soft and deep clean! Been using it since March and I love it! Best part it s Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Dye-Free, Alcohol-Free, Petroleum-Free, Petrochemical-Free and Animal Cruelty Free! As I ve gotten older my skin reacts to products and so when I find one I like I stick to it! I love the Doctor who created it @beautybydrcat and NO I don t sell it, just click on their profile to order your own at @mdglam Never thought I would be so excited about skincare! 😁 #MDGlam #BeautyByDrCat #Skincare #SoFreshSoClean #LoveIt❤️ #MommyApprove #JoyYipSellsHomes