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MD GLAM got its own plates πŸ’™πŸ’› @beautybydrcat

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If you could call your past self what would the message be? πŸ˜€ #mdglam

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Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can also cause your skin to age faster. I know that all of us are super busy and it may be difficult to get as much sleep as we would like, but it is important to try. One study conducted by University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center showed that sleep deprived women often suffered from premature skin aging, as well as a decreased ability to recover from sun damage and exposure to environmental toxins. The women in the study who were deprived of sleep had more problems with fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced elasticity than those who slept well. Although individual sleep needs may vary, most experts recommend getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, ideally in a cool, dark room. Dr. Cat #mdglam

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Every MD GLAM order is packed with love and extreme attention to detail. Quality and excellence every step of the way.

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When it comes to skincare, consistency is key. I never skip a day cleansing my skin and applying my night moisturizer. I never skip a day applying my day moisturizer and sunsceeen and I exfoliate consistently twice a week with my scrub. Just like you brush your teeth every day, take a shower, caring for your skin with consistent maintenance is just as important! That is why I have created a complete and easy to follow essentials kit that every woman can use. There is a DAY and NIGHT moisturizer, daily cleanser, and scrub for extra exfoliation. I also know that if products are sticky, greasy, or smelly it s hard to force yourself to use them. That is why MD GLAM products absorb quickly, are non greasy, smell fresh, and feel amazing! You will look forward to applying them and really feel like you are pampering yourself. Some of you have asked me if I use my own MD GLAM skincare line. Of course!! That s primarily why I created it. I was tired of trying different products that didn t work or that I didn t like. Also, patients and friends always asked me what products they should use and I could never recommend anything because I needed to believe in them 100% and know that they were effective. Since I am a scientist with a background in molecular biology, I care about the actual scientific data. I always wanted to know the exact ingredients since little details like the pH, ingredients stability, chemical formula, and ingredient particle size matter. I m sure by know you know how picky and OCD I am about all the details!! I m absolutely obsessed and in love with my products and I want to thank all of you who have expressed the same enthusiasm in your reviews and positive feedback! - Dr. Cat @beautybydrcat

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Your problem isn’t the problem, it’s your attitude about the problem. πŸ˜‚ #mdglam

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So true πŸ˜€ #mdglam

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Why do wrinkles form? As people age, they inevitably develop wrinkles, lines, and creases in their skin. Aging is a natural process but still something of a mystery. While the exact mechanisms behind the aging process are still under study, the scientific community has learned how wrinkles occur and identified a few environmental factors that can lead to more rapid skin aging.  While wrinkles are inevitable, there are options for slowing the process or making them less visible. Applying moisturizers and decreasing exposure to environmental factors such as the sun and smoking will keep the skin from aging as rapidly. More active means for smoothing out wrinkles include topical medications, injectable medications like Botox, skin-resurfacing techniques like lasers, fillers, and plastic surgery. Obviously these are more invasive procedures so I tell everyone that every day maintenance with a good skin health regimine is something that everyone can do and should do. Aging is a natural process, but many of us would like to delay the process (myself included). Understanding how the skin ages and what contributes to wrinkles can help guide us in taking steps to slow aging of the skin. However, I just wanted to remind everyone that whether you flaunt your laugh lines or take steps to erase them, there is beauty at all ages and we should all be happy in our own skin. #mdglam #antiaging #skincare

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This is so me πŸ˜‚ #mdglam

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Happy New Year. Don t forget your night time moisturizer. Never skip a night, not even tonight ❀ #mdglam #2017

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Still thinking about my awesome MD GLAM inspired birthday cake πŸ˜πŸŽ‚ @beautybydrcat #mdglam #tbt