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Hi Folks,

We at Crave Design regard each of our customers as well as followers and hence want to share our persisting experience to notify you all to introspect before spending your hard earned money on what you call an "AUDI".
We ourselves as well as few of our customers have lately been cheated by the Audi service centers. After being flop for several years in India, Audi introduced their models for heavy discounts and false promises of good after sales to surge their sales. However,they have perpetually ditched their customers on after sales services.
They have a strategy to extract maximum possible amount and fool their customers whenever there is some issue in one or the other part of their cars by keeping and using loopholes in their policies. They can give you hundreds of unbelievable reasons to conclude that the earlier promised (false) warranties are voided now and the repair/change requires a hefty amount from your pocket. If some customers argue with Audi India centers, these centers follow an escape strategy of blame game and ask customers to directly contact the German headquarters for further clarifications. Audi Germany doesn't even bother to respond to customer queries of India and the customer in the end is left with nothing but a product which is equivalent to a trash.

To conclude, we want to warn you all to weigh all the parameters and look for other options before shedding a substantial amount on such bogus organizations and products.

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Wht happen

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But why??

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so you means to say i got my a3 from such a stupid idiot company 😢😢😢

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So true

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@cravedesignwheels agreed!! Audi India are worst ppl that i hav encountered with. Least bordered ppl and always ready with a new scheme to snatch customer's money. I had a A6 2years back. Sold it in a year. I was so disappointed with their after sale service. I almost had a fight with the manager. F*ckin useless Audi ppl

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Chalo koi na next ta swift lai langa @nihalsinghshah

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@harryjhajj9 ok

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i bought a 6 and its bumpers fell off

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Please lovers are just satisfied

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Lag gya Pta @sach_7017 😏

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