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PokémonGO Trainer : Leon Chiro • Team Mystic - Level 36 💠

I had so many adventures with PokémonGO and I think I will probably dedicate a video about my related best stories! What about you?
Write your Name, Team, Level and the best story you had since you started playing! ❤️ I want to read some great stories and know you better :) PS : Yeah! That's my customized logo ahahah
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EmmaEEEmmerich, Team Mystic, lvl 35 and my best PoGo experience happened when my father was visiting. He lives very far away and I don't see him often so wile he was in the city we went on a grand adventure to take down a Tyrannitar right after raids were launched. I like the idea that the game has just brought strangers and friends closer together <3

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Name: EmersedRain / CosimaLunaER Team: Mystic / Instinct Level: 23 / 18. I remember my friends and I sat near a stage at a park to battle this gym. After we beat it before we could put pokemon in it had been taken. So we defeated it again this time two guys came from behind the stage and was like oh hey did you guys? And we were like yeah and found out they were the same team as us who was trying to get the gym. So we landed up joining them to defeat another gym or two near by. It was pretty awesome.

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FabulousGrif, Instinct, and not one, but two Blastoise have ran away while I was attempting to catch them.

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Ppl still play this?

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Name: Sayanume (was my second account when pokemon go started cause trainer club wasn't working) Team: VALOR! Level: 22

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doppselganger, 20ish I think? team instinct all the way!! ⚡ I wish I could play more than I do. :( my current phone doesn't support it well and I miss it so much. I had a fun time playing at the zoo one day with friends last summer--I swear that place had a nest of charmander!! there were so many!

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Name: Lynxicon, level: 21, Team: Mystic!! I think my favorite story was when I kept stealing a gym from two Valor guys and they never figured out it was me even though I was standing maybe 15 feet away from them.

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Name: fleurlepus, level 22, team: mystic ✨✨ my favorite story is striking conversations with someone from my town over twitter!! Its nice to connect with people over the same interests! It feels like pokemon is bringing the world together!!

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Wooo !!! Somos del mismo team \😄

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Xenovia90, lvl 14, team mystic😄 last year in summer me and my colleagues from work played all the time after work if we had late layer. So we finished with work at 2 am and then we go out for play pokemon go. I work at a big vacation park with bungalows at a lake in germany as waitress in a restaurant. And one day after the late layer we saw some guests outside with their mobile phones walking around. Then we asked 'hey are you playing pokemon go' and yes they played pokemon go, so we decided playing together. And this was a really funny night, we were walking around with our guests through the vacation park at 2 am and played pokemon go 😂 because at the vacation park are a lot of pokestops and arenas, around the lake too. So it's a really nice and good place to play. But now nobody else play pokemon go and alone walking around at night is not funny at all 😅 ps: sorry about my english, I hope you can understand me

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Sweet I'm team mystic hoshisama67 lvl 27

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Team Valor, Trainer YoungSoonGi, Level 24. I don't really have any super interesting or funny moments to share. Just lovely memories of walking around the city with my friend right when the game came out, hatching eggs. The most fun story I guess is a hunt for a pikachu - running from a location to a location. My friend and her brother got that yellow mouse while mine ran away 😅. As I said - nothing too exciting 😁

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Team Valor, Trainer Gittoh, Level 32. I guess one of my best stories is that, at the beginning of 2017 I walked about 15-18 km a day to hatch eggs and catch gen 2 pokemons, I walked so much that I got a stress fracture in my shin haha. So I had to pause my walking for about two months, got checked out for various things like bone cancer, could barely walk even with cruthes 😂 I have had many accidents while playing pokemon go, but that one took the crown

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Team instinct!!!!!!! Noooooooooo

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Best team 🤘😎💕

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CopperDragonPK, level 19, started a month ago and I evolved an Eevee into a 1640 CP Vaporeon. Best moment ever. Only to be topped when I get a Snorlax.

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Cioè eri a Parma e io non lo sapevo!!!

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DieLausi, Team Mystic, Level 31. My boyfriend and I once made a hiking trip in Germany and visited a really old medieval castle which happened to be a gym, too. We defeated the gym and placed our strongest Pokemon there. We stayed gym leaders for over a week, which was a loooong time back then. We were so proud to own our own castle😄

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RobbLandi, Team Valor, purtroppo ancora livello 24... Ho l'applicazione da quando uscì l'apk e nonostante questo non ho ancora trovato uno snorlax. Invece, il mio GPS va da schifo ma questo mi ha aiutato a ottenere Pokémon e pokéstop anche a centinaia di metri da me totalmente a caso, mentre i miei amici rosicano e non se la spiegano 😂

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TruePokefan. Team Valor. Level 26. As a pokemon fan for 16 years it was a childhood dream come true when lots of companies advertised with Pokémon. Everywhere I went, there was Pokémon. I got my Pokeball tattoo just before Pokémon GO unexpectedly came out too early and there were actually people telling me very upsetted how on earth I could get a tattoo of something that just existed 😂😂 I made lots of new friends while hunting and make longer walks with my dog now :)

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PokémonGo trainer geekyemokun, team instinct, level 38 a funny story is i live in a country where u can rarely c water pokemon, not kuwait next to it, however i was driving and saw horsea on my pokerader stopped the car heard ppl shouting kept walking until i cought it, the funny part it was a military base and they were shocked how i get in was almost put in jail until i convince them i was playing pokemkngo, tgey searched the whole phone and stuff, after signed paper not to come around this area

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Nitsumi, Valor, Level 34. Running around with my colleagues from work is already quite an adventure. This monday I went to one of the event cities with my colleague after work to get Incognito and Kangama. We often play together after work... sometimes when we have the time we take a break and go to a raid near our office xD' especially when the legendary birds arrived.

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Egnisa, Team Mystic, livello 24. Il momento più bello è stato quando magikarp si è finalmente evoluto in gyarados dopo aver percorso insieme chilometri su chilometri

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@geekyemokun haha that is the most crazy story!!

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Team Mystic 💙✨

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Ma eri a Parma? 😱😱

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Mystic 💙

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Fighissima la maglia

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Wow your smile gave me life !!💔😢

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Nice shot!

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#TeamMystic 💙

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BombshellAngel, Team Mystic, Level 31! I think my best story from the game so far is finally being able to catch a Lugia! It gave me so much joy when I finally caught one, along with being able to team up with other trainers to battle the legendaries and get the chance to catch them!

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Team Valor, level 34 from Singapore! The most number of gyms I've ever held at one point of time was 4 gyms in Australia! I'm so happy to have completed my 4 legendary birds collection! 😄

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You're talking about Pokémon and the only thing I saw in this picture really was your AC necklace 😂. I see where my loyalties lie!

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Great Pic ❤

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