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Never give up attitude. #NASCARPlayoffs

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Better watch that 24..

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Toyota 👍🏻🏁

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Happy for you MTJ

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Literally put him in any other manufacturers car he won't win a single race in a season

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@wab608 yeah like when he drove Chevy and never won a race

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@wab608 oh wait... 2007 Dover for DEI and 2015 Pocono for FRR.

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@darrell_andes_jr you again 😂😂😂 you're too funny dude. He has won as many races this year as he has in all of his seasons not in a toyota. Just gtfo

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@wab608 get a clue

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@wab608 he had his best season in a Chevy in 2015 until this year. He and FRR have been getting constiently better and better every season. It's no fluke.

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@darrell_andes_jr no no. They haven't. They've consistently gotten better because now they run the joe Gibbs engine in toyotas. Once again another ignorant Toyota fan you are. And no he didn't have a good season in 2015 he won like two races. Plus you completely dodged the fact that I said that he's won as many races this year as races not in a Toyota. Get a clue

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@wab608 Jeff Gordon matched his previous career total in 1996 with 10 wins. Tony Stewart doubled his total in 2000 with 6 wins. Ryan Newman blew his previous number out the water in 2003 with 8 wins. Joey Logano doubled his previous total in 2014 with 5 wins AFTER SWITCHING FROM JGR TOYOTAS TO PENSKE. That stuff happens all the time. Dale Jarrett won 4 races in over 10 years before going to Yates in 1995 and the rest is history.

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2015 Truex had 1 win, 8 top 5s, and 22 top 10s. Tied Richard Petty with most top 10s to start a season. Finished 4th in points. All while driving a RCR affiliated Chevy. That was his best season, until this year. FRR has gotten CONSISTENTLY better each season. Toyota domination aside, their numbers are better every year. Get. A. Clue.

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