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2 Questions: This era is supposed to be more advanced than the past era's such as the Great Golden Era; with nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers and everything else all the way from 'advanced' clothing to proteins and state of the art gym equipment.. but how come fighters back then could not only fight toe to toe* for 15 whole rounds, whilst dropping hydrogen bombs in constant combinations.. BUT the recent eras of fighters struggle to throw feints for 5 rounds and thats with another 7 rounds to go (only 5 in some bouts), let alone box or better yet, go toe to toe. Is it because they are not only too big but now too heavy.. Personally I think it is, thats my opinion - what is yours? Second question is how come fighters back then knew exactly how to adapt and fight taller fighters (by dipping low, going to the body, countering and getting inside etc) compared to the smaller fighters of today where somehow they want to fight tall (straight up) which means they are not maximising their full potential and are in more danger (bigger target)? This has plagued me for many years now.. you don't get no Joe Fraziers, Mike Tysons or in this case Earnie Shavers any more.. #DontMakeThemLikeTheyUsedTo

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@muhammadali_goat I think that boxing has become too protective of fighters. The example you gave of how smaller fighters used to dip low like Mike Tyson, this applies to my theory too as it is a risk sucking low because u can easily be smashed by a rising uppercut or a quick hook. It is more dangerous in some cases for fights to go on longer. For example back then you would often get 15 round fights but now a days its 12 pretty much all fights because it those extra three rounds at the end with both fighters exhausted increases the probability of serious injuries. I also agree with ur point about boxers being too heavy I mean Valuev was 328 pounds. At that weight Im sorry but no matter how fit u are u are not going to be able to go for 12 rounds of ducking, dodging, weaving and throwing. This links back to my first point about safety as the ref always says protect yourself at all times but thats impossible if you are having to do on of the most exhausting physical activities carrying around 328 pounds of man!!!

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There's much more money in it for the top 10 or even 20 fighters today,with a concoction of belts to share,so the hunger to be at your best and giving everything in the ring to get closer to the top prize just simply dosnt happen often ,because there's easier options and routes to go and still get tons of cash 4 heavyweights.That I believe is one of the reasons

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Excellent questions, and I would have to say first the weigh in being the day before where fighters are dehydrating themselves and dehydrating, that takes a toll on you and second the coaches these days are awful lol we need the old School trainers back

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@thepuristmagazine heavyweights don't cut anymore though.. they used to!! Maybe this is it. They used to try get down between 200-230 enabling them to have more stamina and be faster

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@muhammadali_goat yeah you might be right about that, wilder weighs want to range doesn't really do road work and still seems fitter than AJ

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Also I believe fighters back then fought for a living. Nowadays these kids get paid tons of money, and they dont want to take any risks and why when their getting millions regardless? Back then, guys were blue collar and came from humble poor beginnings, they fought as if their livelihood depended on it. Look at a guy like Broner who lost his last fight and basically said it doesnt matter because people are going to come see him fight again anyway.

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Nowdays fighter come from gym where they build up muscles before and then they learn how to fight. They have no art they are just pumped up guys looking to whoop someday for a x amount of money.

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Yesterday fighters where fighting for a dream a desire they had style and class

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I always remember what Dempsey said about what kept him standing despite punishment.

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First point is trueee @oretomiwa

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I think they should put a limit on how heavy a heavyweight can go go up to, in the division of heavyweight, some of the guys are too big

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Heavily muscled fighters have always faded late. Like a car engine, more horsepower burns through more fuel... Norton, Weaver, Holyfield, and Young George Foreman had trouble in later rounds... smooth muscled guys like Ali, Frazier, Holmes and Jack Johnson could go all day!

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The moment Ali whooped Steve Harvey

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@haridemos what was it?

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@muhammadali_goat quote: When I was a young fellow I was knocked down plenty. I wanted to stay down, but I couldn't. I had to collect the two dollars for winning or go hungry. I had to get up. I was one of those hungry fighters. You could have hit me on the chin with a sledgehammer for five dollars. When you haven't eaten for two days you'll understand.

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@haridemos wow yes, I know this quote!! That is so true, if you look at todays fighters they say 'they hit harder' but thats a load of rubbish - it looks that way because they have made a decision in their mind not to survive, they have lost before they are even hit.. this can be seen when they go straight down after hardly being hit, or when they stay down/over react and deliberately miss the count because they are dazed.. they just fall soon as you hit them, because they know they gonna get a quick payment off the fight and they can escape less damaged....... back then they would hold up your pay depending on your performance etc

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@muhammadali_goat Exactly so. It's the food, the upbringing, the era. Fighters aren't what they once were. I also think that 15rnds should be put back in effect. All these Best in the game. Lemme c them sign that contract.

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Fighters today are protected. They fight selected opponents until they are considered a contender. At that point they have gotten away with technical flaws due to their strength. When approached with an opponent with equal ability they don't know what to do. They've never faced it before. At that point these flaws are exposed. Bigger stronger yes, better no way.

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@muhammadali_goat In all honesty I truly believe that in this New Era of Boxing we have many Lazy Boxers! Most Boxers nowadays are only training on Bag Work and Strength Training and they completely disregard the Cardiovascular and Abdominal Work. In order to Fight Strong in the Later Rounds Boxers must train alot more Cardio! I believe Running is the Real Fight in Training because Everyday One must Fight within Themselves to Keep Moving Forward and to Keep Pushing Themselves in order to Finish! Muhammad Ali would Run more than any Boxer in the World because He knew He needed His Legs to be Ready for any Fight!

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No, I'm glad that 15 rounders aren't around anymore. Even 12 is a lot. 10 would be better. Not because of laziness or anything like that but for damage done to the brain

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