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is it like ocean? is it like the nirvana? this is my own world where i can live how i want forever. that's my paradise💫

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07 February 13:31:01
Aknur,happy birthday! I still remember that i have met you the first time. I think this is the luckiest time of my lifetime. Because i have met my best friend. These moments will be in my mind forever💜👍 #hope #memory #foreveryoung I have dreamed and thought to have a travel with you to Korea* you promised after the first course* We will buy many clothes,cosmetics,eat tokkopokki... We will go to the cinema every time where new interesting popular movies will be available😉 #intouch

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04 February 09:08:23

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10 January 15:25:36
#happybirthday🎂 #mysweet @salimbaeva01

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10 January 15:15:49
@salimbaeva01 туылған күніңмен! Саған əлемдегі бар жақсылықта тілеймін! Жүзіңнен күлкі кетпесін! Ата-анаңның үмітін ақтай бер! Өмірден өз орныңды табуға тілектеспін! Осы уақытқа дейін менімен бірге болғаныңа МЫҢ АЛҒЫС❤👍😻💋 Достығымыз мəңгілік болсын💕 Жаным ешқашан ауырма!💪👭👭💖💖💖💖 Happy birthday,my honey🍭 I wish you all goodness and happiness! I am looking forward to having my lifetime with you💞 I wouldn t know what to do if you weren t💋 #mybrilliant #mylife #myhappiness #mysmile