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87 RX7 turbo ii 🚗
Trials unicycler and biker
Drifting is life ❤
Midnight drifter 🕛
Future tech-ed teacher
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Murray Dennis (@murray_dennis) Instagram photo 2016-11-25 17:44:38

25 November 17:44:38
Got my full licence the other week! Unfortunately have to send it back already, I got a letter a couple months ago from icbc (🖕🖕🖕) saying they wanna take my licence away for 4 months and I d have to re-start my N for 2 years again. I said fuck no, and wrote a letter back with the help of my boss to dispute it. Finally received a reply, only loosing it for a month now... I m just so glad I got my full licence before I got a reply!!! Always dispute if you can!! On the bright side I should have lots more time/money to work on the rx7 over the next month, trying to stay positive!

Murray Dennis (@murray_dennis) Instagram photo 2016-10-09 22:47:45

09 October 22:47:45
My new street/track car project, an 87 rx7 turbo ii that s been in my family since it was new. The truck/trailer towed it mint along with a new motor for Theo s car, so glad I bought those things haha 😂 Can t wait to get this thing running and slide the fuck out of it 😄😎 #rx7 #fc3s #rotary #turbo #13b #s4 #boost #boosted #getit #stoked #drift #jdm #touge #tougesociety #nightkids #streeto #streetlove #mazda #fc #firepower #lfl #yaya #bc #yyj