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•2011 Wrx hatch Jr tuned🔥🌽
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Nate Bomben (@natebomben) Instagram photo 2017-04-21 16:04:09

21 April 16:04:09
So far day 3 without my car, and I don t feel good.. But she ll be back soon. Ordered some parts last night 😈😈😈 #subaru #wrx #broken #rip #501hp #goals #letsbuild #braap

Nate Bomben (@natebomben) Instagram photo 2017-04-20 01:13:33

20 April 01:13:33
So I ve made the conscious decision, it wasn t easy, but I m going to put her away until I have my life figured out. I don t want to spend the money on an oem longblock because I m building a motor anyways. She ll be resting in a storage unite for the mean time. Being young I have a lot ahead of me, finishing college, getting my dream job, starting my life with @v.arelll, I have so much on my mind. I don t want to do this but it s not goodbye. While she s away I ll be building an IAG stage2 short block, rotated most likely. Having this car out of my life gives me more time to focus on everything else, and once I have that figured out, and my motor is finished I ll bring her back and drop in my new motor. I know this doesn t make sense to most but not having this car will honestly free up my life, and let me focus more on what s most important. I m not getting rid of her, just putting her away for a while. Motor is out, and she ll be waiting for the 600hp built motor👌🏽 #subaru #wrx #jrtuned #hardchoices #lifesucks #shitty #onelove #iag #stage2 #rotated #perrin #soon #built #missyou #braap

Nate Bomben (@natebomben) Instagram photo 2017-04-18 20:33:05

18 April 20:33:05
I guess today was her day and she finally gave in. I had a leaky oil feed to my turbo that I had not seen, and my motor was ran dry. I changed the oil, car runs but vibrates horribly and is burning a ton of oil. Turbo probably went out first and then the motor. Rip to my baby you will be greatly missed, but we re on to bigger and better things. I m going to miss this car, and motor. Car only made 340 to the wheels but we spanked plenty of m5s, 500hp civics, built evos,c5 vettes, speed 3s and 400hp STI s. This car was a miracle as it made such little power yet always put up a nasty ass fight. I love you baby I swear I ll have you back on the road soon and we ll be built and wont have to worry about a thing. I love you and I promise we will be back soon, with more power, knowledge, and will be better kept. I am so emotionally attached to this car, I ve put thousands of hours of work into it, blood swear tears and it all payed off on he streets. This kills me but I gotta work my ass off and make this build happen. Not rotated but you guys will see. #subaru #wrx #blown #blownmotor #badday #builtsoon #wagonmafia #jrtuned #dailydriven #onelove #youwillbemissed #soon #buildtime #braap

Nate Bomben (@natebomben) Instagram photo 2017-04-15 16:03:00

15 April 16:03:00
Could not be happier with @vmsracing these parts are absolutely gorgeous and I m so excited to finally have my car coming together. #ThatsWhatILike #subaru #wrx #vms #teamvms #vmsracing #killinit #cosmisracing #xt206r #provad #dunlop #dirtycar #wagonmafia #runthestreets #braap

Nate Bomben (@natebomben) Instagram photo 2017-04-15 04:48:11

15 April 04:48:11
So excited, been waiting for a long long time for this ProvaD wheel to come in. It s soft as fuck and feels so good. Can t wait to run it. #provad #damd #subaru #wrx #boostin #hype #newparts #wagonmafia #runthestreets #braap