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19 September 14:30:07
Workflow but can t forget my #carnivorprotein or my @maxmusclemidlandodessa shaker cup.

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11 September 16:29:37
Looking for good remix while working out check my homeboy @dj_rico22 #dvjrico SoundCloud #biloxi remix in point

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08 September 12:05:36
@maxmusclemidlandodessa if your looking for a great place for supplements and people that are going to take care of you and help you with your fitness goals stop by #maxmuscle They have two locations one here in #midland right behind heros gym off 250 loop and the other in #Odessa next to heros gym. The Odessa max muscle has a smoothie bar. Great for after work outs.

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08 August 20:03:11
People ask why I work out so much I tell the one I m and ugly mofo an second it s my therapy. I love seeing my body grow. Beside all my friends and family pushing me but also my coach @bonnypriest.ifbbpro telling let s go and keep going. #musclegrowth #texasphysique #vasscular #mindovermatters