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02 March 15:02:12

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26 February 03:44:47
#westtexasoilfield #oilfieldtrash #friends #bros taking my buddy art out for his birthday big #25thbirthday

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11 January 02:21:37
Thanks #maxmusclemidland and #iconmeals for helping with food prep. When u live at work and have little time to cook ur meats go to Max muscle and they will help you with any meal u want #westtexas #gym #max_muscle

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03 January 22:28:37
November 2016 at 195lbs unhappy eating everything not working out on the right Jan 1 2017 205lbs eating right n lifting right feeling great n happy @swollempire_apparel @gymrat @westtexas @fitlife a lot more work ahead of me npc 2018

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01 January 21:17:22
Nothing like BBQ ­čŹŚ with ur adopted family on New Year s Day and having a #boxer snoring on u while u watch some football

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30 December 03:36:32
When you have an artist not just an artist but your cuz as the artist and u get a painting that is spot on love my xmas gift I will be contacting you for some more painting cuz love it @msaunders_art #oilfieldtrash #shell #puertorico #westtexasoilfield #art #famil