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Through the mind only ambition will guide you
You must choose to come into the light and see or envelope the darkness and become something unknown

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06 July 12:57:35
Two brothers Thexan and Arcann Inseparable They tore the galaxy apart to defend one another, their brotherhood was an unbreakable bond that no foe could rival, together they were unstoppable They always had one another s back, Destroying everything in their way they conquered the galaxy Until we meet again I will return Goodbye brother little brother @ransomtim13

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28 June 00:48:53
Above In the night sky the moon watches and watches as the lights of his life slowly disappear The people he loved, they turned into people unknown to him He cherishes the moments of the past and treats the memories of the lost as if they have died He honors them by lighting the dark Sky to lead others away from the path that destroyed him as he gives his final goodbyes to those who have been lost, in hopes that he will find the one just as perfect as his precious galaxy that he will be the guardian to for forever and always of eternity #inspirationalquotes

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03 June 21:34:20
If you live your life 10 seconds at a time You will go a 1/4 mile every step of the way #shiftlife #inspirationalquotes

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10 May 10:13:18
Step one of creating a sharpie motorcycle helmet Named Mr.J Looks insane but it will be bad ass when finished #shiftlife #jokerandharley

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06 May 17:20:08
Lol while everyone is getting ready for prom and I m taking a ride with the only girl I got 😂😂😂😂 #shiftlife

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05 May 10:46:46
Lol bike is love, bike is life

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25 April 11:53:24
My daily routine #shiftlife

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16 April 11:48:24
Bugs+fullface= shit lol #shiftlife

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15 April 15:55:26
Found a literal beer garden 😂

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15 April 14:05:08
Talahina biway One of the best bike roads in the US

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15 April 13:52:59
I need more quarters!!!!