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Through the mind only ambition will guide you
You must choose to come into the light and see or envelope the darkness and become something greater

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17 March 03:16:01

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06 February 04:59:51
My first bike 😊 And first addition to my garage More to come hopefully soon ;)

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26 January 06:20:15
No matter how many times you cage your hatred No matter how many times you think you get rid of it The cage will always rot away and it will control you for a time until you can lock it away again When it takes control It digs for you deepest and most painful memories and turns them in to hatred to fuel it s strength Do what you must to control it But do know Eventually....all of our darkness escapes and tears you to Pieces #inspirationalquotes

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12 January 15:20:21
Battle scars never fade Whether it was a physical battle or a battle in the heart The battles you face will either be in person or in the heart Whether its war of love, anger, hatred, suffering War will always exist Ive lost so many battles But no matter what Never let yourself fall Stand up and rise to the challenge and battle until you achieve victory and claim the battlefield as your own #inspirationalquotes

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09 January 17:30:38
Peace is a lie War will always live through us We fight to survive whether its in on the battlefield or in our minds We fight for what we believe in The greatest war is in your mind It makes you who you are Whether the dark triumphs over the good Or the good conquers the dark The choice is yours But no matter the choice A war will be wagered and there will be scars from the endless battles

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08 January 08:17:18
I can forgive but can never forget I can fight but I will never surrender I can let go but I cannot stop feeling #inspirationalquotes

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07 January 14:45:35
The darkest night is always before dawn And if you cant survive it You will never be able to survive the day #inspirationalquotes

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06 November 03:36:11
In the darkness only ambition and passion will guide you to the light so you can see what you are and what you can become But once darkness devours you You will face it alone And you will either die facing it or you will rise to destroy all who oppose you It is your choice Run to the light and live Or give yourself to the darkness and come out reborn more powerful than you can imagine #inspirationalquotes

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28 September 14:45:58
When your day is on of the worst and you draw better than you ever have

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27 September 20:14:31
On the road of self destruction you see things differently you see all the mistakes you ve made, all of the pain youve caused, that you did it to yourself You did this all to yourself to feel wanted, cared for, loved You realize that only your true friends will be there with you on that road because they truly know how it feels to walk the path They want the same thing you want Forgiveness, an end to the suffering, but never forget that the friend that walks with you Will always back you up and be there for you through hell and back Don t destroy yourself Absourb that anger, all that hate, all of that pain And use it to make yourself stronger, lay waste to those who oppose you and let nothing stand in your way any longer on that dark path #darkquotes

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23 September 13:14:48
Interesting morning for JJ 😂😂😂 Geat way to start the day