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Through the mind only ambition will guide you
You must choose to come into the light and see or envelope the darkness and become something greater

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12 January 09:20:21
Battle scars never fade Whether it was a physical battle or a battle in the heart The battles you face will either be in person or in the heart Whether its war of love, anger, hatred, suffering War will always exist Ive lost so many battles But no matter what Never let yourself fall Stand up and rise to the challenge and battle until you achieve victory and claim the battlefield as your own #inspirationalquotes

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09 January 11:30:38
Peace is a lie War will always live through us We fight to survive whether its in on the battlefield or in our minds We fight for what we believe in The greatest war is in your mind It makes you who you are Whether the dark triumphs over the good Or the good conquers the dark The choice is yours But no matter the choice A war will be wagered and there will be scars from the endless battles

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08 January 02:17:18
I can forgive but can never forget I can fight but I will never surrender I can let go but I cannot stop feeling #inspirationalquotes

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07 January 08:45:35
The darkest night is always before dawn And if you cant survive it You will never be able to survive the day #inspirationalquotes

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12 December 23:09:09
Shout out to my sweet baby girl who j love so so so so so much You are my moon and stars baby girl You make me so happy and I can t wait to spend every waking moment being yours My love has no bounds for you and I am eternally yours Always ❤❤❤

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05 November 22:36:11
In the darkness only ambition and passion will guide you to the light so you can see what you are and what you can become But once darkness devours you You will face it alone And you will either die facing it or you will rise to destroy all who oppose you It is your choice Run to the light and live Or give yourself to the darkness and come out reborn more powerful than you can imagine #inspirationalquotes

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27 October 10:29:25
I can t explain how happy you have made me baby thank you for everything you ve done for me I love you with all of my heart and nothing will ever change that ❤❤❤ @bronco2017

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25 October 23:35:07
This is my get away place My sanctuary and my place of thought My get away from the world when I need it Driving is the one of the best stress relievers out there

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10 October 23:49:07
Tribute to the best weekend of my life with the best girl on this planet ❤❤❤ love you baby @bronco2017

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10 October 23:07:56
Another perfect day with the perfect girl My precious moon jade ❤❤❤ @bronco2017

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06 October 23:37:07
The perfect day thanks to my beautiful girl ❤@bronco2017

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05 October 20:58:05
She creates love, life, and happiness in my life Her beauty knows no barriers and she is the everylasting light of my night sky She is mine And I am hers My precious moon #relationshipgoals @bronco2017