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Rachel Devine (@rdevineskincare) Instagram photo 2017-07-26 11:44:04

26 July 11:44:04
Packing up a freshly made opening order for our newest spa partner, @imogen.skincare, in Corte Madera, California

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26 July 08:20:15
My new vegan cookbook from @ohsheglows and some yummy home-grown veggies from @world_balance_blog. Healthy eating helps you Glow from within #ohsheglows

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25 July 14:26:26
Client Love Notes :: "Magic Balm is right! This stuff is amazing for all ages and stages… I live with eczema and contact dermatitis and let me tell you… nothing, I mean nothing, not prescription or over the counter has helped to manage those nasties better than this! I use it on cuts and insect bites for my whole family, too. This is a must have item!!" #SacredHealer

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23 July 19:32:09
Weekends are for eating #fruit and playing family games!

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20 July 18:46:28
💜💛💜 #Repost @facialsbypearl (@get_repost) ・・・ Oil Cleansing @rdevineskincare is one of the best changes I ve made this year. It might seem odd at first but it s addicting. I have seen it do wonders for many of my clients skin- giving them supple, acne free, healthy skin- even changing skin tones, texture and swelling that they thought was a part of the aging process. When you stimulate your lymphatic with the herbal infused cleanser, magic is happening not only on the surface but where real changes start, internally and in the deeper levels of your skin. Thank you Rachel! #plantbased #plantmedicine #skincare #esthetician #beauty #cupertino

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19 July 09:07:45
Changes in weather often result in skin changes. In winter months, the skin is much drier and dehydration almost always occurs. In summer months, those with oilier skin will notice an increase in oil production and breakouts may occur more frequently. Because of these changes, making tweaks in your skin routine might be necessary. Sacred Balance has been formulated with astringent, non-clogging oils that are infused with nourishing, healing herbs, helping to Balance oils, heal acne breakouts and provide you with healthier, clearer skin.

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18 July 18:56:56
Starting up an evening fire to make some s mores before the kids go to bed 🔥#HamOnt

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18 July 09:29:46
I often talk about all of the oils in the #rdevineskincare line but I don t give enough attention to Bright Soul Hydrating Eye Serum. This potent little oil speaks for itself. Once everyone tries this Oil, they can t live without it. Rosehip Seed oil plumps the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. Argan oil moisturizes and hydrates. This beauty is also infused with Hibiscus (hello natural alpha hydroxy Acids), Marshmallow Root (for it hyaluronic acid) and 4 other organic herbs to nourish and brighten the skin, reducing dark circles. One tiny drop takes care of both eyes, making this little bottle last about 6 months when used twice daily!

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16 July 19:30:49
#HamOnt has had some pretty beautiful sunsets lately! ☀️

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15 July 08:13:32
Every summer our next door neighbour has our kids go over and pick her raspberries for her. This is the 3rd batch they have brought home in the past week. Raspberries are so much tastier when they are freshly picked! #growyourownfood #HamOnt

Rachel Devine (@rdevineskincare) Instagram photo 2017-07-14 09:46:46

14 July 09:46:46
@hamiltonhippie wrote a really beautiful review about #rdevineskincare on her blog. Please click the link in her bio to read all about her experience using R Devine for one full week 💜

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13 July 19:56:52
Another pretty #rdevineskincare basket. This one is to help @mysticfloat celebrate their one year anniversary. Every time you float this month, you can fill out a ballot to win this basket, a 90 minute facial with me, or some other awesome prizes from some local #HamOnt businesses.