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Pepperone🍕 (@riley_pierrard) Instagram photo 2017-03-24 19:25:04

24 March 19:25:04
Think it s coming along nice!

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19 March 03:57:45

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19 March 00:17:34

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17 March 16:15:10
Morning to everyone who loves this gorgeous friday🤗

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04 March 06:58:37
It seems like yesterday we found Shep. Maggie and him got along all the time, they were in love. It just seems like he knows she passed away. The look he gave me today was as if he lost his lover. Maggie was our dog since 2005, just a little shit😫 it s hard but Rest well Maggie, I m sorry I don t have any photos of her. Maybe @caitlin_pierrard will post something.

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27 February 19:16:19
~ You can not help someone who does not want any help. It isn t called giving up, it s not wasting your time~