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When you pick up the phone to call a client and make a sale, do you feel nervous, insecure, and scared? Or do you feel comfortable, confident, and capable of closing the sale & making your customer happy? If sales are scary for you, you’re not alone. In fact, I actually hated the idea of being a salesman when I was young, even though I was good at it. I learned later in life that I was good at sales because I was good with PEOPLE. Not because I paid $5k to go to a seminar or memorized some crazy aggressive scripts. Sadly, there isn’t much material out there focused on an approach to selling that revolves around psychology, around people, and around doing the right thing for your clients (someone actually requested a refund because at one point in the course I encourage people NOT to force products on people who can’t afford them… he’s going places). Now, you can improve your sales skills immeasurably by taking my #Sales101 course, or you can keep spinning your wheels wondering why your numbers aren’t where they want you to be. If you choose Sales 101, click the link in my bio to get access for $99. @secretentourage ============ #sales #learnsales #salespros #salesskills #learntosell #selllikeaboss (@secretentourage) Instagram photo 2017-08-16 20:00:44

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My "Symbols of Truth" chapter in #Sales101 is one of the most popular, and for good reason. This is where we start the psychological deep dive into how and why people behave the way they do, and using that knowledge to identify things like trust, price sensitivity, overall interest in your product, and more. Get access to Sales 101 NOW for just $99 at the link in my @secretentourage bio! ========== #sales #learnsales #salespros #salesskills #learntosell #selllikeaboss (@secretentourage) Instagram photo 2017-08-16 19:48:38

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Don t start by asking how am I going to make money, start by asking what would I like to do for the rest of my life ⠀ Wouldn t you rather spend your time applying your passion to the things you love to do, Think how amazing life would be to continuously explore and pursue the ideas that excite you instead of being stuck in a job or situation that keeps you from pursuing them ⠀ Why is this actually a viable path? Because whatever path you decide to take in life the same struggles will be there to greet you, the easy path doesn t really exist, so don t short change yourself by only pursuing money because ultimately you will measure your wealth through how much you have grown, how happy you are, and how many of your goals you ve been able to achieve (and when you do it right the money will be there) ⠀ If you know that you want a life (and a career) that inspires you, that generates more passion in you to pursue more of your ideas, and creates a life on your terms then start thinking about how to design a work/life path around the things you actually want to be doing ⠀ Remember tho you still need the skills to make this happen, even more so because when you set out on your own no one will hold your hand and soon the need for money will come knocking, and if you don t know the first thing about being able to sell your idea then you ll struggle more than you have to Selling is about understanding people, emotions and your own fears, when you overcome these things and understand the symbols of truth around sales you can and will forever change the opportunities in your life . repost from @navid1x . See the link in the bio and use the potential you have in Selling your ideas . #secretentourage #entrepreneurship (@secretentourage) Instagram photo 2017-08-16 11:08:15

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Who s in #Miami this weekend? We re teaming up with the @entrprnrco Networking Event / Pop-Up Shop hosted by @FTSLDRS (FootSoldiers) in the Art District of Miami (Wynwood) this Sunday, August 20th from 3-8pm.⠀ -⠀ Special ENTRPRNR guests include:⠀ @icreatemillionaires Pejman Ghadimi, CEO/Founder Secret Academy/Serial Entrepreneur⠀ .⠀ @m4miami Christian Gabor Gal, Serial Entrepreneur⠀ .⠀ @tacomabeast Mateo Ianotti, CEO/Founder Tacomabeast⠀ .⠀ @tankovitz Andrea Tankovitz, CEO/Founder Tankovitz⠀ .⠀ @damianceo Damian Otero, Serial Entrepreneur⠀ And many more...⠀ -⠀ Come meet us, we ll see you there! (PS - click the link in @entrprnrco s bio to RSVP your spot at the event!) (@secretentourage) Instagram photo 2017-08-14 23:01:14

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Trouble coming up with ideas? Try these. If you need more, there are thousands of free articles at (@secretentourage) Instagram photo 2017-08-14 17:01:00

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Here s some #mondaymotivation to get you to #dowork and #stopbeinglazy I was not born rich so to get here it took a tremendous amount of work, failures, trials, and errors on my way to #success I never a #mentor or community to help me when I was coming up in the world so I vowed that when I became successful I would create the community I never had with self-made millionaire mentors inside helping young #entrepreneurs win. If you want 10 free business lessons from the #SecretAcademy DM me and I will send you the link. [BONUS] If you promise to #workhard and use it for your own benefit I will PayPal one random commenter below $200 USD on Friday. To enter just tag 3 friends who need to follow @secretentourage. (@secretentourage) Instagram photo 2017-08-14 14:05:07

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Bitching about how much you hate #Monday isn t going to help you get to a place where your Mondays are better. If you want to live a #goodlife and #lovemondays it takes time but it s not impossible. So stop complaining and start working. Click the link in my bio if you need help becoming an #entrepreneur (@secretentourage) Instagram photo 2017-08-14 11:13:28

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Are you building trust with your potential customers? If your interests aren t aligned, you re going to have a rough time. Short clip from my #sales101 course - available today at (@secretentourage) Instagram photo 2017-08-13 23:00:50

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The moral of this story is that it doesn t really matter what other people think of your idea. Frankly, your "idea" doesn t have much value anyway. But when you put in the work to make that vision come to life, that s when you have something of value and that s what you know what it s really made of and if people will buy it. Fuck the naysayers, do you!⠀