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A vertically challenged lover of African wax and COLOUR. I sew a lot and write a little here:

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Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-10-10 08:27:26

10 October 08:27:26
I only had two meters of this amazing print so I had to work really hard to get the pattern placement right. I wanted to keep the centre front/back orange and yellow, but play with the front bodice panels and side pieces by making them blue (to flatter the autumnal nesting!). I dithered on the leaf placement on the bodice and sleeves and the pattern matching on the back seam made it the longest cutting process to date! Those logo repeats near the selvedges are largely to blame! Overall I am super smitten and I am visually assaulting my work colleagues with Autumn as we speak (leaf bouquet not included) 🍁swipe to see front and back 👉🏻 #autumn #changingseasons #africanwaxprint #isew @colettepatterns #ruedress

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-10-09 01:41:17

09 October 01:41:17
Opps I made another #annadress ☺️This time with an half circle skirt with side seam pockets. You may have seen me drafting this on my stories last week. This pattern was made for #africanwaxprint @byhandlondon

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-10-08 15:07:57

08 October 15:07:57
Juggling leaves in my Changing seasons dress 🍁🍁🍁A @colettepatterns #ruedress #autumn

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-10-08 12:45:37

08 October 12:45:37
🍁🍁 Autumnal nesting 🍁🍁

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-10-08 07:53:34

08 October 07:53:34
Spot the zip! 🍁🍁

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-09-27 15:14:42

27 September 15:14:42
There is plenty of storage in my new sewing space (before you ask, yes it is an IKEA desk!). I gained a new addition yesterday - a lovely colleague gave me her mother s sewing box 😍It needs a little love but it has definitely come to the right place ❤️❤️#sewphotohop @brave_fabrics @houseofpinheiro

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-09-27 15:07:34

27 September 15:07:34
Isn t it all a labour of love? We wouldn t do it if we didn t love it, right?! Making my best friend s bridesmaids dresses filled me with love and pride. Now I am planning on lovingly labouring on some hand embroidery to make it just that little bit more me . I was inspired by this beautiful bird design gifted to me by a lovely lady at work 🌈#sewphotohop @houseofpinheiro @pretty_mercerie

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-09-27 13:42:17

27 September 13:42:17
#sewphotohop I d swap closets with... I couldn t/wouldn t! I m an extremely emotional individual at the best of times (I m pretty much a one or a 10 on the emotional scale) but I have had such happy moments of peace creating each item of clothing in this wardrobe l couldn t possibly part with one piece! Each and every garment has a story or a memory associated with it, and I form deep emotional bonds easily (I m not kidding). Inspired by you guys, yes. Tempted to copy you guys, yes. But to swap, no way. This, soon to be stained, open storage unit sits against the back wall of our bedroom and I love waking up to all my dresses every morning 🤗

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-09-27 07:32:53

27 September 07:32:53
Call me fickle but nothing makes me happy like a freshly sewn dress. The first wear is always the most special and no one in the world has one like it! I also love the shift in seasons and I am particularly partial to Autumn 🍂So this dress is a make me happy double whammy - The changing Seasons Dress. See my stories for action shots 🍁#sewphotohop #makesmehappy

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-09-27 04:52:01

27 September 04:52:01
My new linen basket is made from old Saris and it is totally beautiful. It is from the @oxfamgb fair trade range. I definitely need to repurpose my African wax scraps 😍#sewphotohop #stillbehind

Vicki Wright (@sewvee) Instagram photo 2017-09-26 01:47:32

26 September 01:47:32
I keep catching up on #sewphotohop then getting left behind again... busy days. These are a few of my favourite trims from my modest collection. All from a trip to Brighton in the spring. You may recognise the pink trim from my @simplesewuk culottes. The zip and flower trim are still to find garments ☺️