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I write songs and play them for people 🤘🏻 Management - jonathanc@2plus2 My new single NO FUTURE ft. Dyson is out now! Listen here -

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28 March 22:38:37
Been working on something very cool for No drops tomorrow 🤘🏼

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25 March 21:17:17
New looks from @leo.current 🤘🏼 🎥- @mrfurbzz

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25 March 15:50:30
No Future ft. Dyson dropped yesterday. 🙏🏼 you guys so much for all the love on this record already. Unbelievable!! My first single to debut in the iTunes top 100 on day one! Link is in the bio to hear the full version, enjoy!! ☝🏻

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24 March 16:22:24
Look guys!! 👀 NO FUTURE is on the internet!!! Link is in the bio ☝🏻

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22 March 21:21:53

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22 March 01:07:40
Rainy Afternoon Things ☔️ photo by @iamthibault

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20 March 18:57:50
Which show am I gonna see you at???? With the release of my new single NO FUTURE on March 24th, I m pumped to also announce THE NO FUTURE tour. More dates are being added. Get your tickets now! Ticket link in the bio. 🎥- @theclayprice

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17 March 17:15:41
Rooftop...Hot pot...ya ll gonna shit... when NO|FUTURE drop...photographed by @theclayprice

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16 March 21:24:34
Frank Family, don t think that I have forgotten about you! I ve been spending day & night in the studio, and I m so pumped about all this new music. Next week I m gonna drop my first record of 2017 🙌🏼 | No Future marks the beginning of a tonne of new Shaun Frank sounds, and I couldn t be more pumped to have written and recorded this song with @iamdysononline . Look out for the preview on my @diplo & friends mix, and grab the official version on March 24th!! And huge thanks to @dontfeedtheunicorn for this dope cover art design...this girl is seriously talented!!!

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12 March 22:50:40
12 Days ...

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11 March 22:41:32
Gimme my phone back 👅- @delaney.jane

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08 March 21:01:43
Big massive thanks to this guy @strongstyles . A lot of time the people behind the scenes don t get enough credit, but because of the Homie, Adrian, my record Let You Get Away has been top 20 in 🇨🇦 for the past 2 weeks! Thanks for all your hard work dude..and thanks to everyone that believes in me!!! 🎥- @visualbass