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Upsidedown is out now!! 🤘🏻 Management - jonathanc@2plus2 Check out the new single -

SHAUN FR∀NK (@shaunfrank) Medias

SHAUN FR∀NK (@shaunfrank) Instagram photo 2017-07-21 18:51:30

21 July 18:51:30
Quick stop in Vegas for my @marqueelv 🏊 🎉 set. Off to Chicago for some night time fun in my fav Windy City.

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20 July 12:36:42
Bringin them Upsidedown vibes to Vegas, Chicago & Houston this weekend. Slide a 🙃 into the comments section and why I should give you some free guestlist!?! And I might oblige.

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17 July 16:08:18
Rooftop Droptop caption for likes and social credibility , but probably 3 weeks ago when that was more relevant.

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16 July 17:32:40
When you realize that Game Of Thrones starts again tonight and everything feels right again in the world 🤓🙌🏼

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14 July 09:40:13
🙃 I ve waited so long to put out a track with my own vocals on it, and that day is finally here! This is Upsidedown, a record I ve been very excited about for a long time. If you dig the sample you can find the link to the full version in my bio. Also big thanks to @dontfeedtheunicorn for the dope artwork on this single!!

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13 July 11:45:24
🙏🏼 my new single Upsidedown drops tommorow!!!! Gimme a 🙃 if you are excited as I am!!!

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13 July 11:44:40
So tired of the real world now Cause without you my feet can t find the ground

SHAUN FR∀NK (@shaunfrank) Instagram photo 2017-07-13 11:44:13

13 July 11:44:13
I m Living in the Upsidedown I m Living in the Upsidedown

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13 July 11:43:04
Hurry up, Hurry Up Put Yourself back together Long enough Long Enough Cause it can t hurt forever

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13 July 11:42:12
Laying in the empty bed Where we used to call your parents when we couldn t pay the rent Tryin to get you out my head But we both know, that I can t cope... 🙃

SHAUN FR∀NK (@shaunfrank) Instagram photo 2017-07-13 11:41:12

13 July 11:41:12
I ve been living in a fishbowl Pizza Boxes by the back door Your Clothes Scattered over my floor We both know that I can t cope 🙃

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11 July 13:48:35
The live video for No Future is out now! I had a blast with my rooftop homie @iamdysonmusic shooting this!!! Link is in the bio comment with a 🤘🏼🤘🏼 when you see it! Directed by @theclayprice