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Life hasn't been easy but it's been good. It won't get any easier but it WILL get better. I've got an amazing woman, a great son and an awesome GOD!

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14 December 20:08:47

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14 December 12:09:21
My 8yr old Brayden, bringing home our Christmas tree, machete in hand.

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13 December 23:21:22
I d never heard of it so I looked it up.

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13 December 22:20:52
Trying to resurrect an old 3 1/2lb true temper axe head.

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11 December 04:09:07
When you re trying to keep your hands as clean as you re money. (They never will be)

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11 December 04:04:45
Something I actually slapped together about six years ago with random crap I found in my step dad s she d with his rag tag assortment of odd tools. I actually broke the guard trying to throw it I m going to put the finishing touches on it this summer probably. With all the right tools!

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11 December 03:57:47
And in the dark

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11 December 03:56:05
It s not one of the neatly manicured trees from a farm but a gentleman was kind enough to let us cut it off his property for free and it our first live tree ever!

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10 December 14:00:31
Blue tells media he was sexually assaulted by @prattprattpratt and Vincent "donut freidos" while vince Vaughan chanted from the background "you re my boy blue"

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10 December 01:02:20
Remember the guy from blended? I wonder if those necklaces are props from home alone 2 when he was selling them at a table in new York. Ha ha! I bet you ll Google that immediately.

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07 December 18:59:25
This poor guy again. I swear he lives in a perpetual Monday.

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07 December 02:52:22
Kitty needed a massage