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Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-12 17:08:56

12 May 17:08:56
Comfy, casual, cool - the vibe for every holiday wardrobe. T-Shirt 🔎s2648170 Denim Shorts 🔎s2641279 Boat Shoes 🔎s2652003

Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-12 09:36:19

12 May 09:36:19
It s all about the accessories and @stylelobster has got it spot on! Tasseled Playsuit 🔎s2648372 Double Platform Sandals 🔎s2650788 Beach Bag 🔎s2644215 Stripe Floppy Hat 🔎s2647835 Cateye Sunglasses 🔎s2650062

Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-11 11:08:04

11 May 11:08:04
Comfy chic - our floral co-ord as seen on #TheShow is great for work, rest or play! Floral Print Blouse 🔎s2651556 Floral Print Crepe Trousers 🔎s2651699 Tassel Loafer 🔎s2644243

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11 May 09:07:16
@aleshaofficial reveals the one clothing staple she cannot live without! What s yours? #TheShow Casual Shirt 🔎s2643528

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10 May 17:03:55
Pink tailoring is the hottest shade to be seen in! @katgotthecream has dressed her s down for an effortlessly smart-casual look. Suit Jacket 🔎s2649443

Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-10 10:12:14

10 May 10:12:14
Super healthy, mummy-to-be @madeleine_shaw_ knows the importance of a tasty yet nutritious meal. If you re a fajita fanatic - here s how you can enjoy your favourite dish on your lunch break.

Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-09 17:02:31

09 May 17:02:31
Metallics are a huge trend this season and the girls from @thetravelhack always have them packed for an adventure! Metallic Espadrilles 🔎s2650083 Chambray Espadrilles 🔎s2650084

Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-09 10:07:14

09 May 10:07:14
Make your bathroom the epitome of relaxation with these fresh new additions from our new Riviera collection. Pom Pom Bath Mat 🔎s2643771 Aztec Bath Mat 🔎s2648466 Stripe Hand Towel 🔎s2651628 Tassel Hand Towel 🔎s2651373

Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-08 17:06:29

08 May 17:06:29
Pink is no longer just for Wednesday s! The lovely girls over at @belleandbunty show us how you can wear pink for any occasion. Pink Suedette Jacket 🔎s2652881 Embroidered Dress 🔎s2653387 Tassel Across Body Bag 🔎s2644042

Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-08 10:05:05

08 May 10:05:05
Pretty in pink! Dressed up or dressed down, white skinny jeans top our summer wish-list! Get the look worn by @andreamclean1 in the latest episode of #TheShow online now. Fluted Sleeve Blouse 🔎s2653988 Cropped Twill Jeans 🔎s2640480

Matalan (@shopmatalan) Instagram photo 2017-05-07 09:41:41

07 May 09:41:41
Hawaiian prints are for all the family, and this shirt has holiday written all over it! Leaf Print Shirt 🔎s2652374