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22 September 01:12:57
А знаете, в аккредитации университета ведь есть и свои плюсы, по крайней мере, для нас, студентов. Со многих пар отпускают только так, всем не до нас 🙌 Вот так и сегодня, вместо четырёх пар, было две, но ито, можно сказать, одна 😻
#мой4курс #студентка #444 В дополнение ко всему очень радуюсь погоде, ну лето летом, всё как я люблю 💛

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22 September 00:53:41
Each of our beings have a powerful frequency residing in the spirits mission awaiting to be activated through DNA coding. It is when we tune into ourselves during this journey that we find what uniquely calls to our being. Each of us have our own purpose, our own destiny, our own resonance with the universe. Social media has become a vast doorway to connecting with your tribe, fellow teachers, and students of the cosmos. It has been extremely impactful in a positive way for the collective to have a platform where we are able to connect and share our own journey to inspire our earth. I can also say though that many beings are blinded by social media, meaning many will inspire to be like one because of what their posts are but, in all reality, that person acts on very little of what they share or they have harnessed another s energy to exhibit information they are not even truly aware of themselves. This is where the new age trend plays an issue in our reality. It creates a paradigm of more falsity by continuing the habits of self denial and following what others are doing. The spiritual journey is not always roses and dandelions, sometimes it s facing your deepest darkest rooted issues. Remember, we are all on this journey living and experiencing each day. We should not be consumed to act upon what we aren t being in the present moment of now or lie to ourselves of where we stand internally, that only manifests a physical bounce-back onto your own souls path. Instead, allow growth, allow change, allow transcendental healing to connect you into your number one priority of self care and being honest with yourself. Life is not meant to be lived playing an act but, lived discovering who you actually are, not what another made you to be, not what an environment conditioned you to be. I will for say be cautious of whom you connect with on here as well. Don t become caught up with what a being may post and not realize you should channel in on what your intuitive force feels about them firsthand. 👁🌐🙇‍♀️
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