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23 August 05:11:49
Only 4 weeks left!! Get in now before it ends! Every Friday you have the chance to win an incredible prize to help you live the Beach Bum Lifestyle! 👙 To qualify for the draw you need to be living the Beach Bum Lifestyle and be taking the CellSentials daily and enjoying 1+ USANA smoothie a day. *** If you are already a Preferred Customer simply log on to your USANA account or contact your Beach Bum ambassador (Heidi Toews-Cox) *** STEPS TO ENTER 1. Once you have your Beach Bum Essentials (the CellSentials and your Nutrimeal) ✔️ 2. Be sure that you are on Auto Order. Auto Order is the best way to ensure you stay on track and don t run out of your nutritionals. It also gives you access to an additional 10% discount! You can set this up by logging into your USANA account or by asking your Beach Bum ambassador.✔️ 3. COMMENT BELOW with I m worth it ✔️ TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY for a LIVE draw! WEEK #1 🍍 August 11 Win the USANA® Probiotic - Probiotic food supplement Learn more: https://usanacommunicationsedge.com/p/c43d3c5428a00245fc257cbb874065b3/3477005 WEEK #2 🍍 August 18 Win BiOmega™ - High-quality, ultra-pure fish oil supplement. Learn more: https://usanacommunicationsedge.com/p/c551fa7bf234f8a23669efb825dc121d/3477008 WEEK #3 🍍 August 25 Win Rev3 Energy Surge™ 14pk - Revolutionary alternative to crash-and-burn energy drinks in a powdered drink mix. Learn more: https://usanacommunicationsedge.com/p/dfb394ef9406558a7e2d07773a2fb27d/3477012 WEEK #4 🍍 September 1 Win Intensive Hand Therapy - Our favourite soothing hand moisturizer. WEEK #5 🍍 September 8 Win Hepa Plus® - Comprehensive liver-support formula featuring the InCelligence™ Detox-Support Complex Learn more: https://usanacommunicationsedge.com/p/613959ffbcc341bd932f266ffc965784/3477016 WEEK #6 🍍 September 15 Win Digestive Enzymes - Support your body’s natural detoxification processes with USANA’s digestive support supplement. Learn more: http://shop.usana.com/media/Shop/2012Rebrand/CA/PIB-EN/PIB-111-CA-EN-DigestiveEnzyme.pdf All the above products offer the USANA Difference: > Effective > Safe > Science-based > Pharmaceutical Quality GOOD LUCK!!!