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12 November 00:16:08
Changed my logo background to one of my own paintings! I still need to make some little tweaks but it definitely feels more me. Weeeee. . . .
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12 November 00:13:54
💥 I HAVE BACK/NECK PAIN. WHERE SHOULD I GO? 💥 . Interested in saving healthcare costs? A recent study showed that those with back and neck pain choosing to see a physiotherapist first instead of using traditional medical referral (i.e. family doctor etc.) save BIG on insurance costs💲of care. In fact, they save an average of $1543 a year💰with the EXACT same outcomes. The decision is yours: but if you have direct access to a physiotherapist, I know what I’d do. (Not that I’m biased or anything 😉). . The ironic thing is many insurance companies that support physiotherapy coverage require a doctor’s note/referral in order for claims to be approved. Oh boy…😕 . The lesson: If you’ve got back or neck pain, see a physiotherapist first. We’ve got your back. And neck. And wallet. . Don’t sit still. Make moves. ⛹ . Nick Hannah, PT Registered Physiotherapist
#hannahmoves Reference: Cook et al. The influence of patient choice of first provider on costs and outcomes: analysis from a physical therapy patient registry. JOSPT. 2017 Oct 26:1-26.