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15 October 11:36:13
Наш преподаватель по направлению хип-хоп @d.zhamal и команда 💥Wing Beat 💥 участвуют в конкурсе!
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12 October 18:46:52
There is almost always more than one way to do an exercise (with proper form, of course). One thing I try to concentrate on a lot is not just doing an exercise right, but doing it right for me. Your biomechanics make you different, which means that it s crucial you don t just perform a movement, but do so with intention on what you are trying to do (another way bodybuilding is a big ole analogy for life). These single leg RDLs are a good example. I ve tweaked them each time I ve had them this last year. Each time changing things to get better isolation and connection in my hamstring. Here s what s working really well for me right now. (These shots show top and bottom of@exercise). I keep my non-working leg on the ground, but with zero weight on it and slightly out and behind me. I put a large amount of focus in the stretch of the movement and cue myself to push my butt back as I stretch down. From that stretched position I pull from my hamstrings back. This helps me concentrate movement in my hammies and not my back or quads (which some how even want to take over on these 🙄). I don t go all the way back up at the top, this helps keep my hamstring engaged the entire set. I die a little at the end and hyperventilate 😵🤢

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09 October 08:32:22
Вот они, одни из самых запоминающихся выходных в моей жизни 🙈 Я очень долго ждала встречи с этим человеком и вот она произошла, благодаря @funkytownevents Знаете, каждый раз у меня не хватает слов, чтобы выразить вам благодарность за труд и силы которые вы тратите на организацию мероприятий! Спасибо!!!👏💞 Искренне благодарю @ilya_footonfaya за всю ту информацию которой ты с нами поделился, за толковые советы и искренние беседы!💜 И большое спасибо всем тем людям, которые окружали меня эти дни, со многими я общалась впервые, с кем то очень давно дружу, но всех я очень уважаю и мне приятны эти встречи💞 Ну и конечно мои дорогие @mady.almukhamedova и @zhani_kurmanova даже не знаю что бы я без вас делала! Люблю и уже скучаю 😘💕
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05 October 17:18:46
Because deadlifts seem to reflect universal vibrations, these sucked today. Which seems appropriate because the cosmos appear to be out of alignment and everyone has harvest moon fever. Last week I pulled this 225 for eight, smooth as satin. Today it felt like I was trying to pick up a semi. My form was off, my hips were tight, my upper back kept rounding, I let myself get angry at rep five, and I couldn t even pull a sixth rep. One thing this sport has taught me better than anything else I ve done is how to control my brain and keep my thoughts directed where I need them. But it s never a perfect science and some days....some days are like today. BUT my shoulders and triceps look killer. So if I m going to suck, I might as well look good doing it. The end.

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04 October 17:12:35
#tbt (EDIT: Oops, I forgot it was Wednesday 😳 @biggreenpen ) .... five years of chasing a bigger and thicker back, wider lat spread, bigger legs, stronger glutes, and all the inbetween. All of these were taken this same week. 2016 was two months post show, and I think my best yet. I m 16 lbs heavier in this 2017 photo. Cutting down a bit now to discover the many ways I ve beat that 2016 chick!