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22 November 11:06:39
*swipe left to see all of the pics* Good Morning Everyone Happy Wednesday I Pray that you All are Well. I m participating in the November 30 Day Scripture Writing Challenge -Day 22 Psalm 9: 1,2, 7-12 Each day, take the time to write out the designated Scripture for the Day, and use the time to really absorb the words, and reflect upon them. I m posting about it, so that we can Encourage, Uplift, and Support one another and have accountability partners 😘 Please feel free to join
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22 November 11:02:45
β€’ R e f l e x o l o g y πŸ‘£ β€’ ~ a therapeutic method of relieving pain & improving health throughout the entire body by stimulating pressure points that are found on the hands & feet. It is a science based on the idea that there are β€œzones” on the hands & feet that correspond with all of the glands, organs, parts & systems found inside or on the body. By applying pressure to these points using specific thumb, finger & hand techniques results in a reduction of stress in the body. This reduction of stress is said to promote many positive physiological changes that can heal a number of ailments. Some of these ailments are said to include diabetes, premenstrual syndrome, cancer, multiple sclerosis, symptomatic idiopathic detrusor over-activity & dementia. (Via theheartysoul.com) πŸ‘£πŸ‘£