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19 November 14:41:16
When I look at this picture of my booth set up I see every hour spent on each of these garments and I’m overwhelmed with satisfaction.  I started showing at markets in August 2017, so I’m still a newbie and have so much to learn; however this process is forcing me to step way out of my comfort zone and is also fulfilling something that I can’t get from my main hustle as a speech therapist.  I love that I get to be in control of how detailed (or not) I want to be.  I really like meeting new people and hearing their responses to my work.  The part that terrifies me every time I show up to market is having to talk about myself, compliment myself, and telling people “no” because I don’t have something in their size or because they want me to make something that doesn’t go with my brand.  I spend a lot of time on each garment.  I debate over fabrics, I research and try new and better techniques for sewing, and I do my very best at making my garments with precision.  My hope is that you are overwhelmed with my work when you see it.  It’s all made with love.

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24 October 20:38:14
A balance between prints and solids in my world often doesn’t exist, but somehow when I picked up scraps in my studio I picked up exactly 3 prints and 3 solids 🤔. I LOVE printed fabric for so many reasons, but solids are necessary too and can be just as fun when adding details to a garment and accessorizing. People often ask me how I choose fabrics for my makes. Well, it’s a LONG process for me. I mostly order fabric online now (I don’t have many in store options where I live) and I’ve become really good at choosing high quality fabrics and knowing what they will look like in person based on computer image. I will leave fabrics in my cart for days and look back at it when I’m in different moods: when it’s daylight, and then when it’s night time, when I’m inspired, when I’m uninspired. I’ve learned that if I keep saying “yes” after all of these check-ins then I should use it. Other times I know exactly what color or print I’m looking for, it’s available and I purchase right away. The design process may be the funnest part of this whole thing for me. I’ve never been a “fashionista” or someone that followed trends per say. What motivates my fashion is this question “Will people find it interesting AND attractive?” Lady Gaga wears some interesting things, but they aren’t always attractive (meat dress). My goal is for my clothes to start a conversation and inspire others to express themselves too.

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30 September 18:27:24
#sewphotohop days 28, 29 and 30 because I m way behind! Day 28 - print or solid - definitely print, I usually dress like an oversized child so the wilder the print, the better :) Day 29 - zippers or buttons - despite having 3 trillion buttons I much prefer zips, especially invisible zips :) Day 30 - what s next? - I m going to make a pair of @wardrobebyme01 haute curvy trousers and a @grainlinestudio Morris blazer. Both are things that I d buy rtw but I ve never made :) Thanks to @houseofpinheiro for organising this challenge, it s been good fun and found lots of great people to follow :) #sewphotohop
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15 September 18:07:30
#GreatBritishQuilter topic today is print or solid fabric? Mine is definitely print. I know that I need to use solids more but when I do, it tends to have some shade on shade in it or it s variegated. I m currently doing some scrap project floor cushions with fabric leftover from my daughter s uni quilt and it demonstrates that fact clearly. __________________ #printorsolid #maggiesuniquilt #floorcushion #uniflat

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07 September 15:46:56
Arghhh I went away on holiday and now I m massively behind on #SewPhotoHop so I m gonna play catch up.... This one covers the 3 days I missed....
#SignatureLook is always basic shapes for me at the moment. Even when I buy RTW I prefer to keep my shapes basic. For #PrintorSolid I have to say that when it comes to sewing I m definitely a solids person. I ain t ready by any stretch of the imagination to be trying to pattern match yet... and finally my #EssentialKit for sewing always always ALWAYS includes a glass of wine! @houseofpinheiro @namedclothing @vhaberdashery

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06 September 21:37:47
#day05 #printorsolid It appears from my wardrobe that I m a print person... But I constantly find myself wishing I had more plain staple items to go with all the different prints! This is one of my favourite #memade items because of the limited fabric and the success of the placement I ended up choosing. I still haven t worn it, and I have no idea why! @vhaberdashery @houseofpinheiro #print #plain #wardrobe