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30 September 13:27:24
#sewphotohop days 28, 29 and 30 because I m way behind! Day 28 - print or solid - definitely print, I usually dress like an oversized child so the wilder the print, the better :) Day 29 - zippers or buttons - despite having 3 trillion buttons I much prefer zips, especially invisible zips :) Day 30 - what s next? - I m going to make a pair of @wardrobebyme01 haute curvy trousers and a @grainlinestudio Morris blazer. Both are things that I d buy rtw but I ve never made :) Thanks to @houseofpinheiro for organising this challenge, it s been good fun and found lots of great people to follow :) #sewphotohop
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15 September 13:07:30
#GreatBritishQuilter topic today is print or solid fabric? Mine is definitely print. I know that I need to use solids more but when I do, it tends to have some shade on shade in it or it s variegated. I m currently doing some scrap project floor cushions with fabric leftover from my daughter s uni quilt and it demonstrates that fact clearly. __________________ #printorsolid #maggiesuniquilt #floorcushion #uniflat