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#climatechange poses a big security threat for all nations #Repost @racingextinction (@get_repost) ・・・ #Repost @leonardodicaprio ・・・ The Earth’s climate is changing at a rate that has exceeded most scientific forecasts. Some families and communities have already started to suffer from disasters and the consequences of climate change, forced to leave their homes in search of a new beginning. . For the UN refugee agency UNHCR, the consequences of climate change are enormous. Scarce natural resources such as drinking water are likely to become even more limited. Many crops and some livestock are unlikely to survive in certain locations if conditions become too hot and dry, or too cold and wet. Food security, already a concern, will become even more challenging. . Climate change will fuel forced migration. We all need to prepare, in a coordinated way, and to protect the most vulnerable. Via @unfccc #ParisAgreement #UNHCR #UN #climatechange #climateaction #UNFCCC #environment #migration #refugeeswelcome

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( NEW ) ❤️ الرابط بالبايو ❤️ غناء والحان : عيسى المرزوق كلمات : عذبي الدبيس توزيع : EM & DJ PM 💥 شكر خاص ل اخوي : محمد السويد
#الجيش_العيساوي #عيسى_المرزوق #روح_الطرب #سفير_الاخلاق_والتواضع #essa_almarzoug @essa_almarzoug @essa_almarzoug @essa_almarzoug @essa_almarzoug @essa_almarzoug @essa_almarzoug #Repost @essa_almarzoug with • • •

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#Repost @djjuancuba (@get_repost) ・・・ Ready Para los partys de este Verano !! - J.20/07 : Matreshka Plaza - France (Soustons) - J.27/07 : Matreshka Plaza - France (Soustons) - V.28/07 : Xoxo Club - Switzerland (Lausanne) - S.29/07 : France (Colmar) - L.31/07 : Xoxo Club - Switzerland (Lausanne) - J.03/08 : Matreshka Plaza - France (Soustons) - V.04/08 : PRIVILEGE IBIZA - Spain (Ibiza)
#IMARICHBITCH - S.05/08 : Havana Saarbrücken - Germany (Saarbrucken) - J.10/08 : Matreshka Plaza - France (Soustons) - J.17/08 : Matreshka Plaza - France (Soustons) - V.18/08 : PRIVILEGE IBIZA - Spain (Ibiza) #IMARICHBITCH - J.24/08 : Matreshka Plaza - France (Soustons) - V.25/08 : PRIVILEGE IBIZA - Spain (Ibiza) #IMARICHBITCH + Todas las noches a las 9PM en #RougeFM (Switzerland) , la unica emisora Latina en FM del pais ^^ #DJLife #DJJuanCuba #ReadyPaRomper