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💯EPicFact💯 Consistency is the 🔑 to your success. When asked by parents or athletes if they can get results in a month, or if they come once a week our answer is usually if not always no. Why? Because there are no quick fixes in the performance world. Yeah, we can change a little detail here or there & see a difference, but that detail worked over time produces much greater results. As performance coaches we get fired up when we get athletes in our facility consistently because we know the time we spend on them is time well spent! We know our investment will have a return on it because we are that confident we WILL get them great results. Parents & athletes should want the same return for their investment! So, if you want to see the greatest results you better have the greatest attendance & consistently put in the work! Your success is earned in life & on the field. There are no participation trophies given here!
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#ICYMI Our first edition of Mobility Monday came out yesterday. We introduced a T-spine mobilization that is excellent for pretty much all athletes, especially overhead throwers. Go follow @fsq_sports for a lot of great content in the weeks to come!! Check out our IG story daily to see what goes on in our facility!! - #Repost @fsq_sports (@get_repost) ・・・ #MobilityMonday is a new segment that we are starting on here to bring forth some of the mobility issues we commonly see with our athletes and several of our methods to increase (or in some cases decrease) their range of motion in those areas. Please note that every athlete is different and these methods do not guarantee improvements for everyone, nor are these the only avenues to reach the end result. Just small pieces to a much larger puzzle. - Our first installation features jiu-jitsu fighter Mike Tropiano. As part of our dynamic warm-up, we utilize a lateral lunge with an overhead reach. The picture on the LEFT was from Trop s first session with us. At a quick glance, we notice he is lacking thoracic extension as well as overhead mobility (shoulder flexion). The picture on the RIGHT was taken about 2 weeks after the other. You ll notice a much more neutral spine as well as increased shoulder flexion. As you #SwipeLeft you’ll see a video featuring the Bench T-Spine Mobilization we used (along with numerous other exercises) to correct this. Sound on for some of our coaching cues. - PROGRAMMING ADVICE: Use this as part of your warm-up or post-training mobilization. It can also serve as a filler exercise between your main exercises. Shoot for 3 sets of 4-6 reps. - #Mobility #SportsPerformance #TSpineMobility #SportsTraining #CorrectiveExercises #StrengthTraining #OverheadMobility #StrengthAndConditioning #FSQ #FSQfamily

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My young hitta @zeusflexn_ been working hard and it’s been showing all season‼️‼️‼️💰💰💰 If you play Green Run believe me he has the right side on 🔒 🔒 🔒🔒🔒 ✈️ ❌❌ @sklz @spri @kbandstraining @zoid_fitness @NavyFB
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