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03 November 02:10:45
Last night 160 donors and community members gathered to hear 4x incredible Impact100 Fremantle finalists pitch for a game-changing $100,000 grant to support Aboriginal health and well being in the greater Fremantle area.β € β € Congratulations to Mervyn Eades and Aaron Baker from Ngalla Maya: Aboriginal Employment Access who received the $100,000 grant.β € β € Ngalla Maya provide training and employment opportunities for ex-offenders breaking the cycle of recidivism.β € β € And our 3x wonderful runners-up Fremantle PCYC, Koora Wadi Supported Playgroup and MyKy each received a $5,000 grant.β € β € We look forward to continuing to support and sharing updates with you of all 4x organisations. πŸ“· @jp_horre_photographer

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06 September 10:29:30
I was in Fremantle today buying books for Indigenous Literacy Day, and I finally got a photo in front of the Aboriginal Flag mural on Elder Place. Indigenous Literacy Day is a national celebration of Indigenous culture, stories, language and literacy. The day draws our attention to the disadvantages experienced in remote communities and encourages the rest of Australia to raise funds and advocate for more equal access to literacy resources for remote communities. Simply put, kids in remote communities need books to read. Foundation patron and author @dranitaheiss says that literacy is essential to Aboriginal people s self-determination. If we cannot read we cannot make the decisions that inevitably impact on our lives. Donate a book or funds via their website: www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au

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18 August 06:32:54
Site Visit
#2 was hosted by @yirra_yaakin Artistic Director Kyle J Morrison and Partnership Manage Fleur Allen. We were treated to a #moorditj performance of Shakespeare s Sonnet 127 in Noongar from Kyle (stay tuned for the video)!

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24 July 13:38:28
Tonight some of our Impact100 Fremantle donors gathered to have a Yarn with Aggie and Anna from @icea_foundation. Yarn is exactly that - a yarn! A safe space to have courageous conversations about race, racism and reconciliation. Through open discussion and interactive learning, Yarn works to eliminate ignorance and challenge some of the inherited attitudes and biases that prevent reconciliation from moving forward. We recommend you check out some of ICEA s upcoming community yarns and experience it for yourself! http://www.iceafoundation.com.au/icea-calendar