and Medialar

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29 November 20:59:42
I am not so good. I know it, but my imperfections are my advantages. I am not so skinny like other girls but i still love myself. My arabian skin is maybe (sometimes) my handicap but i am still proud of who i am. My lips doesn t looks like model s lips of some famous cosmetic brand. They are not full of botox but i still love them. Okay, sometimes i am saying ,,i want to be better, i want to be more skinny, white, nice, etc. But inside my heart i know i like myself. Maybe little reason of that is meeting someone who loves every little thing on me... Yes there are some things, which i don t so love but i know they are part of real me. Wear mask for reason i don t like myself i think it is for kids. Don t be kid please. Be yourself. Don t talk about your mistakes like about mistakes, but talk about them like about you advantages. Like about something what makes from you different person. If i must tell true in will say i love i am really different. I love i am only person who i know who really likes surrealism and neveu art. I like all these weird things, which are reason why people are talking about me. Love yourself. Support yourself... . .
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