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Red Austin Power Costume for rent RM150. Security deposit RM150 (REFUNDABLE). Includes jacket,pants,armlet,jabot,wig & glasses. For any inquiry can call us now: 0321643698/01115713651 (KL BRANCH) 0377311886/01115713652 (PJ BRANCH)
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Anyone who thought the latest entries in the
#007 franchise were a little too gritty, grounded & (whisper it) serious would have found a great deal to enjoy in the first entry to the #kingsman franchise back in 2014, a film which managed to balance a great sense of fun while marking itself out as more than just another early-Bond pastiche, a real spy movie in its own right that even had something serious to say about class and โ€œchav-cultureโ€โ€ฆthat was until the filmโ€™s final furlong whereby we descended into something more akin to #austinpowers meets #tarantino with OTT exploding heads & unnecessarily crude gags that werenโ€™t so much shocking as smacking of trying too hard to be edgy, failing spectacularly! So to the inevitable sequel, #kingsmanthegoldencircle, for this is a franchise that could feasibly run & run, screenwriter #janegoldman again returns alongside director #matthewvaughn (who once showed promise as an edgier director who wasnโ€™t trying so hard with #layercake ). This time around they have a blank canvas upon which to paint, having utilised the plot of the source materialโ€™s graphic novel first time around, this simply serves to prove neither had any interest at a subtext, the order of business is the last films weakest parts upped to the max! Now this is not to say there isnโ€™t a fair bit to be enjoyed within the unnecessarily long running time but given the first instalment had some brains behind the brawn itโ€™s a real disappointment that the same concepts couldnโ€™tโ€™ have been explored a little more, if only to give the film some sorely needed emotional draw. There are ultimately three trump cards that the film has, firstly Vaughan knows how to shoot an action scene, fluid camera movements emulate one shot takes seamlessly & make for some great spectacle, the opening sequence alone is worth the big-screen admission, second is the casting of #pedropascal best known as #gameofthrones Viper), he oozes charisma & is the only new cast member afforded enough screen time to make a mark & thirdly is, I canโ€™t believe Iโ€™m saying this, #eltonjohn, stunt casting seldom works (look at #daidbeckham in #kingsrthur) but Elton manages to convey his wonderful