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12 November 19:38:01
Cocktail of the Day by Steve Zachariasz POLAND . 40 ml Johnnie Walker Golde Label - 35 ml Kumala Cape Classics White - 60 ml Rooibos tea cordial* - 5 ml Campari - 8 pc. dried kaffir leaves - 1 pc. orange peel . * 鈥淩ooibos鈥 tea cordial ingridients & preparation: 1 l water 8gr lime peel 16 gr 鈥淩ooibos鈥 tea 16 citric acid 600 gr caster sugar . Combine all ingredients except for the citric acid into a vac pac bag. Cook it at 60oC for 5 minutes. Strain it through a super bag and add the acid. Stored in a bottle and kept refrigerated . All ingredients pour into the chilled siphon. Use 2 x CO2 cartridges. Then, energetically shake all ingredients together. Unscrew the siphon and pour everything through the double strain to the vessel. Crush the ice and fill up the cocktail. Complete the cocktail with the following garnish: The metal bombilla straw Fresh sage leaves 24 Karat Edible Gold Leaf Dried grapefruit Violet powder .
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