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The Triple OG Boosting Bob aka B-Bob. One of the best to ever do it and early was early off the porch with it! A pioneer of technique and pure savagery whenever he got into the spot. This guy right here was taking whole kids Polo sections back in 87. His Lo collection was on Polo Mansion status when dudes didn t even know what Lo was. B-Bob seen here rock a Polo by Ralph Lauren Red Line Goose and Polo by Ralph Lauren American Flag Cap. Photo Circa.1991 New York,NY #polo #boosting #shoplifting #crime #fashion #wwd #esquire #gq #vintagepolo #vintagefashion #redzone #newyork #brooklyn #lolifes #loheads #bookcomingsoon

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I am excited to share this blog post. It s been a work in progress for a few weeks and I had some creative flow find its way into my mind and body this afternoon. The timing was right and the words made their way through my fingers. This topic of Surrender has been very much on my mind as I get my book ready to be published, grow my business, strengthen the bonds of relationships, and allow myself to continually be a student in all areas of my life. Each day brings in new lessons and gifts, and I am continually humbled and inspired to be on the path that I m on. Enjoy this Sunday evening read as you explore what surrender looks like, feels like, and why it s worth pursuing. *link in bio
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I never told you that I needed you. To feel again. To know what love meant. To look you in the eyes for you to feel everything I ll always feel for you till time ends. I never told you that I d get on my knees Pray beg and plead for you to never leave don t promise me you ll stay Those are broken to easily Cross your heart and hope to die with a kiss to god you ll be my side @raven_s.c the book is coming soon watch for it • • • •
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Inside Outsiders Part 1 of 2 The less the people know about you the better they say, But what about the ones that spend time with you everyday, Heres a familiar tale about Mike, Eric and Kyle , Three homeboys that came up together some may not agree with their lifestyle, Started out hustling everything from candy, clothing and eventually drugs, The problem was they only wanted fast money neither of them were real thugs, Sure they carried gun or two in case they had to flex or stand their ground, But that was mainly for show nothing ever popped off in their small town, Eric was the smartest he was the brains of the operation, Kyle was the muscle and Mike handled the transportation, Business was doing great but Kyle and Mike wanted more, But Eric was reserve and conservative he never forgot how he came up poor, Kyle and Mike told Eric they had a plan to expand their distribution, Eric wasn t feeling it the Feds were always watching he said they needed another solution, But neither wanted to listen to Eric they said told him he wasn t the Boss, He tried to explain his position and told them the price at stake wasn t worth the cost, Kyle and Mikes greed overcame their loyalty to a childhood friend, They knew the only way to remove Eric from the game was to bring his life to an end, So they hired some shooters from out of town to keep their hands clean, Erics movements were predictable he rarely switched his routine, Right on schedule Eric left the spot to see his mother, Never would he imagined he d be set up by his own brothers, The shooters did their part he took three shots to his leg and one to his head, But the miracle was he survived their cowardly attempt and word spreaded fast that he wasn t dead, Mike and Kyle heard the news went to the hospital they promised to avenge their squad, But Eric knew something was off but he didn t attempt to pull either of their cards...
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Lust Trapper Chris was the son of a preacher man that was single and never ordained, Behind the scenes his father was a womanizer so his view of christianity was stained, He watched his dad use his position as a means to prey on women not pray for their souls, He never understood how a man that led a Holy congregation could be so downright cold, But like they say the apple doesn t fall to far from the tree, Chris was always popular with females they enjoyed his company, The old folks would say he had a silver tongue in other words the gift of persuasion, No matter the weather, time or circumstance he could talk his way in and out of any occasion, Monogamy was never instilled in him so like a quarterback he played the field, Being chivalrous was nothing to him so he was rarely told to stop and to barely even yield, It was never about finding someone special and investing solely in her, He was disconnected from his spirit so most nights with women were usually a blur, Until he met Candace a young woman that changed his whole perspective, She was educated, outspoken and had displayed the passion to accomplish all her objectives, Chris cut off all the women that he felt didn t help him grow as man, He was ready to turn in his player card and actually take a real stand, Little did he know Candace was the male version of him before they met, However she wasn t ready for anything serious or a boyfriend just yet, That night after they connected for drinks they laid together and he told her how he felt, She thought Chris was cute and all but she felt he was just another notch on her belt, Candace told him she was sorry but she didn t want to commit what they had wasn t real, Now Chris is sitting up while she went back to sleep understanding how he made others feel...
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Seven years ago today. I remember this photo w my leg up so well bc it helped ease my broken tailbone from giving birth by standing on one leg. After studying and practicing many styles of yoga since I was 18, this was the time I literally dove back into Ashtanga and returned to my roots - which literally healed my tailbone and created root stability better than any other style I was practicing. That said, now seven years later, my practice has changed a lot - I m gentler, kinder, and more ease oriented w my body than ever - less concerned w doing this pose or that, completing this level of series or that, and even labeling myself as an ashtangi. I am however, interested in a smart, sustainable, strength building, heart fueling, and fun (yes fun) practice that I can do way into my 90 s. I treat my practice like a wonderful yogic pizza - using the traditional time-tested foundation of proper breath, bandas, alignment, and drishti, but allow the form to be whatever I need for the day - creating and cultivating not just greater freedom in my body but palpable freedom in my mind and heart - carrying over into everything I do. Once you understand and master the tools, make your own rules.
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