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22 August 07:51:40
Introducing our Cherry Slice Cocktail 🍒 . If you love the Long Island Cocktail but are fed up of it and would like something equally strong and delicious... Our
#CherrySlice Cocktail is exactly what you need.. 😍 😋 . We served this at #ChiAmanda17 last Saturday and I particularly remember a guest who had a taste and dropped his glass of whisky for it 😂😂 . Our Cocktails are amazing!!! And I absolutely LOVE the Cherry garnish on the top 🍒😉 . But don t take my word for it.. . Book us for your next event and find us what all the hype is about. . Remember, our #buyonegetonefree Promo is still on for the month of August. . So if you order cocktails, you ll get a Fruit Tree for free and if you order a Fruit Tree, you ll get cocktails for free. . 0% deposit required for booking. . #cocktailsinabuja #abujacocktails #cocktailsthatdiffer #exquisitecocktails #fruitsandtailspromo