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Hello people pls read this caption pretty pls thank (it’s about the slides) Okay so I just found out about this today and I really wanted to share this with you, because a (then) kid (not really he was 18 but that’s still fucking young) created this, starting it as a school project kinda and it’s fucking amazing. He, and a view more people, actually created such a big solve for the ocean pollution problem. I can’t explain it properly without making a mistake so please read the slides. If you can / want to donate, join his team or want to know more about it, the links are in my bio (it’s in the linktree). I’m kinda disappointed that I only heard about this today, cause it’s really important and I’m hoping this spreads even a little bit of awareness ~also yeah he’s Dutch which yes brings up my Dutch pride k bye now

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One of the world’s “big four” accountancy firms has been targeted by a sophisticated hack that compromised the confidential emails and plans of some of its blue-chip clients, the Guardian can reveal. Deloitte, which is registered in London and has its global headquarters in New York, was the victim of a cybersecurity attack that went unnoticed for months. One of the largest private firms in the US, which reported a record $37bn (£27.3bn) revenue last year, Deloitte provides auditing, tax consultancy and high-end cybersecurity advice to some of the world’s biggest banks, multinational companies, media enterprises, pharmaceutical firms and government agencies.
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Banks are grappling with the issue that the way we manage digital identity is ‘antiquated’ – the same old username/password/security question combo that has been around for 20yrs. Isn’t it time for a single federated digital identity using cryptographic tokens (like QR code) or digital certificates? VeroGuard Systems has developed a product that may hold the key to unlocking how we manage identity in the future, moving from organisation-bound ID to enabling the “people economy”. Find out how. #cyber
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Straight from 3017 s Neo Tokyo, Future Music is here! Aliens, share it with the rest of the world! (WATCH “YOROSHIKU” OFFICIAL VIDEO, LINK IN BIO) Pic by @spazio46fotografia Clothes: @cyberdogofficial Directed by @jamierobert Models: @conigliettorosa / @soshy_d Make up: @anastassiayad
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