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Sometimes I just like going to the campus museum just because. As I was walking though the galleries I stopped and really looked at this painting. What surprised me most about this painting was the title, Venus Rising From the Sea by Violet Oakley. Most of the time when Venus, the Roman god of Love, is portrayed she is wearing less clothes. Oakley clothes her were she looks not only beautiful but respectable and able to take command. I think is what modesty does for us today. It calls attention for the need for respect and shows the beauty God created. Modesty is not just applied to clothes and not only for women but for men as well. Our actions and our words are also outward signs of the respect we have for the gift of ourselves that we have been given. Things such as swearing may not be the best thing, because it was takes the power of speech and sees it in a way that is not uplifting to God. This is just my opinion, please feel free to disagree. I think that the way we learn from each other is through disagreement, it either secures or changes our beliefs. ...
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Unity Between Parents Is Necessary—Husband & wife are to be closely united in their work in the home school... be very tender and guarded in their speech, lest they open a door of temptation through which Satan will enter to obtain victory after victory...be kind & courteous to each other, acting in such a way that they can respect one another. Each is to help the other to bring into the home a pleasant, wholesome atmosphere. They should not differ in the presence of their children. Christian dignity is ever to be preserved. CG 24.2
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What is stopping you from leaving that job you hate? What is stopping you from walking away from that toxic friendship? What is stopping you from changing your eating habits and workout regimen? One thought I keep coming back to is our fear of what if. What if I leave finally, and then, bam everything gets better, everyone gets raises and that jerk in accounting finally leaves. What if, I leave this friendship and then never make a single friend ever again. What if, I make this change with my health and absolutely nothing happens and it was all a waste of time. The fear of what will happen when we leave our current situation is so paralyizing it makes us afraid to make positive changes. It makes us afraid to live. We have got to stop letting these false ideations of life control our steps. Break the chains of fear and do something you want for yourself today!

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At the Southern Conference on Homelessness and Affordable Housing this week and so honored to hear the brave story of D aisa Monet @daisamonet -a warrior soul and
#advocate for homeless services. Not once did she talk about coordinated entry systems, data collection, or use complicated acronyms to describe the services she received. She spoke about her struggles and success, her purpose and her grateful heart for the services she received. As we grapple with how to create systems, data and efficiencies to solve the big issues of #homelessness, she s a great reminder that it s all about the individual person and how we provide services with #dignity through relationship building. #HHWeek #DVHousing