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23 June 01:52:30
Looking for pics for Syd聽today, found this & thought...WHY TF have I not shared this!? (dopest shot ever @lindskope) This pic signifies so much to me & is one of my biggest/happiest achievements/times of my life. Growing up my family seriously gave me everything they could & there were tons of times I wanted things we couldn t afford & the first thing my mom was always quick to tell me was you better get a job then (she didn t play around). Her saying that was as good as it was bad & that鈥檚 where my hunger for money started. I still remember typing up lawn care business cards on a typewriter when I was 8 years old & putting them on doors in the trailer park we lived in. It wasn t that I wanted to brag on the money I made. It was that I saw what money could bring: vacations, better food, clothes, etc., but the bad part of this was that I started to chase money & set my passions aside. My whole life I loved drawing & if there was one thing my mom & family wanted, it was for me to draw or do anything artistic, but I didn鈥檛 think artists made any money. A few years ago I bought a camera on a Black聽Friday聽so I could resell it for double & pay down some student loans, but everyone told me to keep it. I never saw myself as a photographer so the camera sat in my closet for about 3 years til I decided to propose to a special lady & found out how much photographers cost. That鈥檚 when my cheap self pulled the camera out & researched every spare minute I had to learn how to use it. After taking the pics, I told her maybe I could help her take pics for her business. Within 3 weeks, I had my first freelance job from a multimillion dollar company & from those days forward, my path has fortunately continued. I still remember people joking & saying 鈥渂efore you know it you鈥檒l be filming with Michael Jordan鈥. About 3 months later, I got a phone call to do just that. But this pic signifies so much more for me - that I am getting back into art & doing something I love & I got to create & work with a company I鈥檝e been obsessed with my whole life. This was a day I鈥檒l never forget & thank you for the opportunity
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23 June 01:51:59
Whether you re on the road to riches, better health or a better body, the solution is the same. Take it one step at a time. Success is not a secret. It s a habit. You may slip. You may fall, but don t trip. Get up. The finishline is closer than you think. . . . . . . . . .
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