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so, the grammy nominations were released, and these are my thoughts on the categories i care about. •••••••••••••••••••••• Record of the Year i would love if the story of oj got the grammy, considering it was one of jay z s best songs in the past 10 years. but, it didn t have the popularity that all the other nominations had, so the winner is probably going to either be despacito or humble. Personal Winner: The Story of O.J. Most Likely Winner: Despacito or HUMBLE. - Album of the Year i desperately want damn or 444 to take it, considering that a hip hop album has never won album of the year. also, this year didn t have much mainstream pop releases, which means damn wouldn t have much competition. either damn or 24k magic will win, since both have reached the mainstream with multiple top 10 singles. i also wouldnt mind if gambino or jay take it as well. Personal Winner: DAMN. Most Likely Winner: DAMN. or 24K Magic - Song of the Year logic should win this one for 1-800. although many people in the community dont like logic, i will forever support logic and his music, and i am so proud that he got nominated. i d be happy if 444 or thats what i like wins, as well. Personal Winner: 1-800 Most Likely Winner: 1-800 - Best New Artist i actually really want lil uzi vert to win. a modern trap artist has never been nominated for a grammy before, and if uzi wins, it ll mean that trap rap would be recognized as a serious act in the music world. Personal Winner: Lil Uzi Vert Most Likely Winner: Khalid or SZA - Best R&B Performance i want daniel to win, but mainly so that kali uchis could get a grammy as well. kali is literally one of the most underrated artists of the decade, and even if she wins the grammy for a feature, she ll still be recognized heavily by the grammy audiences. Personal Winner: Get You Most Likely Winner: That s What I Like - Best R&B Song the academy has to give this gambino. not only has donald been making waves in television, but his music has been received critically as well as commercially. if donald doesn t win this, the grammys are fucking up. Personal Winner: Redbone Most Likely Winner: Redbone (continued below)

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I recently listened to this album and it blew me away, I’ve listened to Danny Brown to a bit but fuck this shit is good the lyricism of Danny brown and his ‘metal’ grimy rap style had me amazed and when he got more serious about drug addiction he still provided enough action in the song to make the listeners pay attention to it, if you haven’t listened to this you need to, what other albums should I listen to? Cover art:10/10 Overall:8/10 Top 3 songs: 1.Today 2.Really doe 3.Pneumonia
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