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26 September 00:43:28
ABC you literally came in to MY fucking state to look for some racist story on whites who are helping out and called them white supremacist looking for a story but you want to post about how this man who once was a white supremacist is getting better and being better. Yeah that s all lovely and I m proud of that truly... but WHY is it a NEED for you guys to go out and look for RACISM and RACIST stories ONLY? Like I swear I want to fucking know. You mother fuckers thrive off racism of any kind and it s just sickening. If you can t find a horrible racist story to post about, you find a story that deals with a racist person owning their truth and moving out of that part of their life on to better which is cool but ITS STILL ABOUT RACISM! it still has something to do with racism. Like damn... ain t it enough yet? We should be doing all possible to make people just like this man, but we shouldn t have to broadcast each and every racist thing be it someone over coming their racism or some horrible fucking story. I m js.
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