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Blackboards Blackboards from both local and refugee students are displayed on a classroom floor in Diffa, Niger. The school welcomes around 30 refugees, who fled their country because of Boko Haram. Schools in Diffa teach students from the local host communities and Nigerian refugees. Classes are taught in French, meaning that Nigerian children who speak only their local language and English (Nigeria’s national language) must learn a new language. Around the world, more than 128 million people are trapped in crises and struggling to survive—a number not seen since the Second World War. Due to conflict and violence, a record-breaking 65 million people have fled their homes to seek safety and assistance. Many of them left with little more than the clothes on their backs. In partnership with the UN Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs (@un_ocha) and @United_photo, I travelled to one of the world’s worst emergency to shed light on what it means to live through a crisis. Who do you turn to when you cannot go home? What do you hope for when you have lost everything? The series What We Share delves into the themes of displacement and solidarity. Photographed in Diffa, Niger, What We Share tells the stories of people who fled violence and conflict across the border in north-eastern Nigeria, and of the local communities who have taken them in. By exploring the relationship between refugees and host families, we bear witness to the powerful ties that bind humans and motivate people to share their belongings and homes with strangers, even when they themselves have very little. What We Share is currently exhibited along with my other project One Day I Will (@1day1will) at T3 photo festival in Tokyo, Japan, until the end of the month. Come and have a look if you are around, it is at Ueno Park. We can also meet up, as I am in Tokyo at the moment !

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