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21 August 18:29:15
ANNNNND I m back to posting! Don t say I ain t warn ya but I think we got something GOOD! I wanna take a second to really thank @_girl_on_the_run_ for sticking around and hanging in there with my imagination, my endless indecisiveness, my nutty rants, and for not being impatient. There s a special place for everyone one that can bare witness to me and still wanna be my friend 😂😂😫 and although we ve known each other a short time I think what we re doing is gonna impact our lives FOREVA! (Cardi B Voice and Hustle) Here s to the hustle and really grinding to get our voice pass all the nonsense and to the people who need to feel normal because their just as weird. You da real MVP SHAWTY! Now stop reading and go watch! 😂